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  • If you don’t have adderall I would suggest a monster, Red Bull, or any type of energy drink it has basically the same effect

  • What's a good natural version of adderall? I have ADHD, and I don't wanna rely on pharmaceuticals… Fish oils helped me, but not entirely

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  • as someone with adhd and has taken adderall dont take it, it doesnt just “help you focus” it like? twists your mind 🙁


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  • Exams are a pump and dump way to learn anyway. Have there been any studies on whether or not Adderall actually helps in overall learning to aquire knowledge and not just cram a large amount of information into your brain for a short time?

  • I used it for years, stopped and now I feel the exact opposite of what it did for me (obviously) which are less confident no energy or motivation. I feel dead inside and I wish I never touched this stuff.

  • Jrøx SøutHxrxUxitxdRaza says:

    i have ADHD and was prescribed adderall, worst experience of my life, before i would smoke weed to keep me calm myself but i got probation for using weed, and i was seeking help and they gave me adderall XR 10mg for my first time and i stayed up for 30hours with out sleeping or eating, i told my doctor i dont want these and that i feel better when i dont take them

  • All I’m saying is, the abuse of adderall by non-ADHD people is ruining it for everyone who actually need them. I’ve never had to increase my dose over 7 years. And it saved my life. Yet getting your script every month and going to pharmacies trying to find it is maddening. They’re always out of stock, give you shit for accidentally trying to fill a day early, or just talk to you like you’re a drug abuser. I think it’s good to make people aware of abusing adhd meds, but sometimes stricter laws make it even harder on those who have trouble doing ordinary daily tasks. Oh and honestly, it’s not a smart drug jeeezzzz. When I take adderall, I gain a sense of calmness; similar to taking a sedative but not as strong. This calmness is what helps me think more clearly and focus better. It’s never reduced my appetite. The “it’s just speed” crap you hear all of the time is because of people who take it who don’t have adhd. If you do have adhd, you’d understand it.

  • There are more than a few drugs that are similar to methamphetamine. Saying "it's so close to meth" is stigmatizing drug users a lot of them seeking help, stop hurting people.

  • Christian Lavictoire says:

    Yikes… If it were to initiate the fight or flight response can you explain why in the world the body would send your blood to your major organs??? it sends the blood to your muscles so you can fight or flight…

    I use to enjoy ASAP science but now I'm not so sure I trust what your channel reports…

  • Very misleading video.
    I spent too long avoiding treatment for my ADHD thanks to misinformation like this.
    Methamphetamine is a methlyated version of dextroamphetamine, making it lipid soluble. This makes it pass your blood brain barrier very quickly, and stay in your body longer. D-amphetamine also has a greater affinity to bind with dopamine receptors, while N-Methylamphetamine has a greater affinity for serotonin receptor sites.
    Those who stick to therapeutic amphetamine doses are unlikely to develop tolerances. And what little neurotoxicity is created from these doses is easily remedied with simple supplements like Magnesium, Vitamin C, and anti-oxidants.
    Shame on this stigma reinforcing channel.

  • I get it for adhd. Lol, I should sell it lol make money. 20 a pill my bottle is like $100 for like a 30-40 pills. Boom! Stonks

  • Gezz my adderal is effecting me. I’m needing more and more the dope stuff is getting less and less so I get bigger does…..

  • Wow a 32 person study!?

    The drug makes you able to focus on unrewarding tasks for much longer.

    There's a difference between a short task in a controlled environment, with no distractions and having to study incredibly boring material for hours. Of course it can help people get better grades, that's why so many college students abuse it.

  • Not defending it or anything but for a proper study I thought it needed to be at least a double blind study and performed more than once. I’m sure there are more requirements for a reliable study but in this video you only specified “test” and 32 people. Not sure that’s enough evidence to back your claim.

  • "with an hour ingestion" bruh bruh sometimes it takes literally 4 hours before it kicks in. and I have adhd so it isnt that i have a quirky brain not for this drug

  • For anybody wondering. No, adderall and meth are not necessarily the same thing. while they are both comprised of the same types of amphetamines (Dextro and Levo). Adderall is 75/25 while Meth is 50/50. Meth is also made up of pure dextro and levo amphetamine while adderall is made up of amphetamine salts making the effect on your body much different. another very notable thing to think about is that adderall is made in sterile conditions, since meth has no medicinal use the only way to get it is through some dude’s sketchy trailer park house.

  • It doesn't make you smarter it makes you work harder and faster I am on adder all rn and in college and I have finished 3 papers today and it is only 4 and then I was wondering hey what the hell even is this shit so I looked it. up on you tube and watched this video so now I know what adderall does to your brain its pretty dope and makes sense however it is addictive so my advice is only use it during finals so that you can study very well and also use it while you're drinking because it makes you drink a lot more and get a lot more drunk without losing any consciousness I often remember entire nights of drinking when on adderrall its awesome and also you cannot get addicted to things while you're drunk so hit up my buddy mike he'll give it to you for free if you're his buddy also its a lot better when you snort it thanks for listening have a good day everyone

  • I abused adderall and vyvanse for years , developed into a coke a meth addiction. After ten years of stimulant addiction I celebrated one year sober last month. Still waiting for my brain to feel normal. It gets better over time it does. So happy to be free 🥰

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    Adderall is safe for health because it doesn’t have any added preservatives. Adderall is free from artificial colors and harmful toxins. It doesn’t lead to cause you any problem if you are using guidelines and directions.

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