Windows 8.1 – Antivirus recomendado para Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 – Antivirus recomendado para Windows 8.1

What’s up people ?. Welcome a new videotutorial this time This tutorial is intended for people who are looking for an antivirus for Windows 8.1 but to know Windows 8.1 is coming
with an antivirus and generally, I recommend
because I’ve used Windows 7 even though it is free good we go to the Windows icon And We, the antivirus is called Defender We can do the following we open but as you can see, disappears so we will create a shortcut again proceed to search we write Defender and anchored to top with this will appear on the Tiles but if we have it on the desktop return to defend we open file location send it to the desk With that we would have access to our antivirus say good run the first time
give uestedes click update to update data base viruses and just having the antivirus our usb memory, let
personalized now examine our disk
have in C: if they Usb with the letter A
relevant for analysis we click to accept and begin to implement the
analysis that would be it, you know if you liked the video Dale like and subscribe to my channel


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