Why There Can Never be a “Cure” for Cancer – Bill Henderson

Why There Can Never be a “Cure” for Cancer – Bill Henderson

Ty Bollinger: What was the name of your first book?
Bill Henderson: The first book was called “Cure Your Cancer.” I discovered somewhat later that that is really not a very good concept, simply because you can’t cure cancer, there’s no way. We’ll talk about
that later if you like. But the cancer cure is never going to happen. Cancer is us. Every day
we have cancer cells in our bodies, all of us that have no
cancer diagnosis. And I finally learned that and I decided, well, what
you want to help people do is get cancer under control. That’s the concept. Get this cancer
under control. It has gotten out of control in your body, temporarily.
And it’s not that difficult as it turns out. Ty Bollinger: So, control the cancer is a better term. Bill Henderson: Absolutely, yeah, absolutely. It’s much better. Ty Bollinger: Because, you mentioned just now that we all produce cancer cells every day. Bill Henderson: Every single day, yeah, probably hundreds of thousands. Nobody know the count, millions it could be. But think about it. We have 75 trillion cells in our body, Ty, and about 300 billion of those divide every single day. The cancer cells are a very, very small
portion of that. And if it’s like 3/10,000 of 1% of cancer cells, of
those dividing cells, that’s a million cells every day. Well, it could easily be that many, and the body takes care of these. The immune system with 130 different types of immune cells and about 14 trillion of them
approximately is about 20% of our cells, it is taking care of these things that are non-self
cells. Cancer cells just basically get controlled by the immune
system until it can’t do it anymore. And then we get a cancer
diagnosis, because the cells have exceeded our immune system’s ability to handle them
and they form something, usually a tumor. Ninety percent
of the time, it’s some kind of swelling in an organ somewhere. The
other 10%, it’s not a tumor. It’s melanoma on the skin or it’s lymphoma, leukemia. But,
it’s all the same thing in my experience, Ty, and I think you agree. Cancer is cancer. It’s all the same thing, it’s an imbalance in our
bodies where the immune system has been overwhelmed temporarily. We can restore that almost entirely
with almost any kind of cancer. But, we have to be aware of what this is in order to deal
with it. And, unfortunately, the medical system does
not teach us that. It teaches us that this is some kind of enemy that’s invaded our body. It’s the medical model of cancer the doctors are trained in,
as you know. It’s simply that this enemy has to be attacked
with all of the armament at their disposal. Poison it with
chemotherapy, burn it with radiation, cut it out of your body and dispose of parts of
your body to get rid of this enemy. Well, that’s completely ridiculous,
okay? And the entire medical treatment system of cancer is based
on that model of what cancer is. What is it? Well, I will tell you what I believe, see
if you agree. I think cancer is simply a symptom of an imbalance. It’s
sort of like diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis. It’s a chronic, degenerative condition in our body caused by an imbalance. And that imbalance, once
you understand that that’s what it is, you realize that this
is not random; something randomly that happened to you. It’s happened for a reason. Something has gone wrong in your body that has caused this cancer
tumor to appear, or in whatever other form. And once you correct
that reason, the cause of the imbalance, it goes away. The
body is very capable of shrinking cancer tumors.


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  • His perspective is very similar to describing an illness like type 2 diabetes.  What we do or don't do contributes to the imbalances.  Awareness is the key.

  • Vegetableand honey says:

    A carpenter, who is a master at his profession, can take a hammer and with the first hit, start the nail, then with the second one, completely embed the nail. It's what is called "hitting the nail on the head", fore if you don't, the nail will bend or not go in with one blow. Bill Henderson is a "Master Carpenter", with his explanation of cancer.

  • A loved one with cancer? I'm sorry for that but you can't do anything but you can let them beat the first round but then it comes back when it happens you are too weak to fight back so you die that's it cancer is nothing but a death sentence

  • Very well explained. I do exactly what he's talking about–I keep the cancer under control as best as possible. The simple fact is just what was said by Bill; that everyone has a certain amount of cancer cells in them at any given time, so "curing cancer" is a misnomer. Deficiencies are a big part of the imbalance he spoke of. It's one of the main causes for cancer proliferation (toxins, pathogens, and hormonal issues are the others–with all or most of them happening at the same time at such a rate that the body can no longer function properly).

    Most of my own personal treatments are geared at fixing the deficiencies I had–namely iodine, vitamin D, selenium, vitamin C, sulfur (in the form of MSM), and glutathione (which needs produced by our bodies with the help of other substances). I was even deficient in sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Taking care of that entire deficiency issue has helped to keep the cancer under control to where I don't feel that it's getting worse or spreading.

    I do also take a number of immune-supportive supplements like medicinal mushrooms–which I highly recommend to anyone treating cancer, either conventional or "alternative". I also use an organic "greens" powder supplement along with moringa. Other things include cayenne, ginger, chlorella, spirulina, whey protein, krill oil, probiotics, therapeutic and digestive enzymes, pathogen fighters like wild oregano and rosemary and noni, astaxanthin, CoQ10, resveratrol or pterostilbenes, salt brine made with Himalayan salt (added to my RO water), potassium-based mineral drops (AlkaZone), magnesium chloride and mag glycinate (two different times of the day), zinc, plant calcium, bee pollen, whole-foods vitamin B complex and multivitamins, and of course all the other minerals I already mentioned at the beginning. I also take R-lipoic acid, L-ornithine, and L-tyrosine sometimes.

    To be honest, these past few years have been kind of exhausting because I was doing all of the above so diligently and on a very tight budget. However, this summer was a really bad one for me and I wasn't able to stay on my strict schedule–yet I feel like I still haven't gotten worse as far as cancer goes. I do think that the two to three years I spent pumping all this nutrition and herbs into my body is what helped to sustain me through this very stressful summer and autumn. I had built up enough reserves to keep me going when I wasn't able to take all those things (though I still stayed on certain supplements).

  • The perfect explanation of the process called cancer that everyone of these pro-big-pharma geeks calling themselfs so educated (in reality: brainwashed by the popular misinforformation and hype) who are anti everything what's natural, good and wise in the field of human health and who dismiss natural methods up front with use of catchy, devaluatory phrases like 'an oil made of a reptile' (I deliberately don't use the key phrase) and so on. You see too much of them on electronics/pop-science/etc channels… 😉

  • Stuart Wakefield says:

    cancer is a response to the way we live. If we eat a lot of processed food, sugar and GMO type diet then the body will get sick and cancer is one of the illnesses. Live a healthy life with a good diet and keep fit is the best way to avoid illness. I am told that if you avoid sugar the cancer will die as it feeds of sugar.

  • He attacks the medical industry for hiding the "truth" about cancer so that they can make more money, when he himself does the SAME THING by claiming to have the "cure" for cancer, but you need to buy his hundred dollar DVD first. What a hypocrite!

  • Mick Gerkinsquirter says:

    If cancer could be cured without surgery and chemo etc, the medical industry globally would collapse. When you count all the Dr visits, surgical consults, medical imaging with a single cancer patient now and remove all that across most cancer patients. THAT is why cancer can not be cure. They are not hiding it, but they are not looking for it, it is better business to offer small incremental advancements.

  • The cure for cancer is already here. Immunotherapy, that is! The problem is, they are not going to allow the cure to be available to the masses.

  • I think the only real way to STOP cancer will be by providing more power to the immune system by a pill or medicine (if made) it may be effective by stoping cancer cells from exceeding the immune systems power. this is just an idea

  • Abu Bakar Bin Khalid Khalid says:

    Not only cancer we control/ they is no surch thing as cancer / the root cause is healthy cells or unhealthy cells

  • Kevin Worldsavior says:

    Relax! – Any Cancers and Any Other Diseases can be Wiped Out in less than a month along with Big Pharma, FDA and the medical establishment, we will become Infinitely Healthy and by that – Immortal, for Infinite Health = Immortality (8,500 years guaranteed) – By doing just an exercise for a minute a day, that Cures and Prevents any Diseases, known on Earth [any Cancers, Diabetes, Infections (HIV/AIDS, HPV, Hepatitis, Colds, Flues, Malaria, Ebola, Cholera, etc.), Polio, TB, Cardiovascular, Cerebrovascular, Genetic, Allergic, Chronic, Autoimmune (Lupus, MS, etc.)], even Aging and Radiation Disease, for every cell of our bodies is shielded 100% from any external/internal (genetic) detrimental impact (any Viruses and any other Pathogens are killed the moment they touch us) – Doing this exercise for just a minute a day, in less than a month everybody will become Infinitely Healthy, Radiation-Proof (fit for deep space missions) and Immortal – Like the Gods who created us humans – I will describe my Discovery to everyone, who sends me an E-check for One Thousand Dollars – Not much to pay to live An Endless Life Without Cancer, Heart, Brain and Any Other Diseases and being able to Fly Safely To The Moon, Mars and Beyond.

  • Ancient Science says:

    Cancer is curable. What most people like to believe is that medicine has to be something which is taken orally in form of medicines, injected in form of fluids,etc. We people fancy calling some external material going inside our bodies as medicine. What we don't realise (or rather don't find it "logical enough") is that medicine is a broad spectrum word which is much much more than those injections or pills we are used to. A helping hand in times of suffering is a medicine. A good advice to a confused mind is also a medicine. Above all, chanting Lord's name in form of 'Beej mantras' is the biggest medicine.
    People laugh when they hear such things, and they have every right to do so. Because it's insane to think that chanting of mantras can cure anything which modern medicine can't. Many people have even tried their hands at it, but didn't see the results so they gave up.
    No medicinal pill works properly unless we take it from a qualified professional and consume it as per his instructions. On the same note, no mantras will ever work unless we take it from a Spiritual Master. We are extremely blessed to actually have the presence of such a Spiritual Master in this era, who has unleashed the potential of these sacred Beej Mantras, which can cure anything and bless you with what ever you desire
    Google search 'Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swami Ji' and you will get to know about them.

  • Everyone can cure everything by themselve. You have to be in your selflove and trust yourself then you cant stop the healing progess. With every year it will be easier cause the energy of the earth is changing that support the selfhealing.

  • The only way to cure cancer, is to cure the malignant state of America’s medical field from the corporate financial fascism controlling it.
    Does any one really thinks America’s current medicinal dictators, along with big pharma, and big insurance would ever allow a cancer cure that would ultimately cure them of billions of dollars to be had with all of their nice repetitive treatments options.
    These sucks do not want you to be completely healthy because the money, lies within the treatment, not a once and for all cure.
    A complete medicinal business capitalizing on illness, suffering, and disease is about the most unethical act of business in existence.
    A true disease upon mankind that needs to be cured.
    Two places the wealthy retarded never belong are, medicine and government.

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