Vitamin D Cured my Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR Reflux/ Silent Reflux)

Vitamin D Cured my Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR Reflux/ Silent Reflux)

Hey guys how are you my name is Gus and this is my first YouTube video, or Vlog, or whatever you want to call it Alright, let’s get to the point…
If you have LPR I highly suggest that you go to your doctor, do some blood work, and
see where you stand with your vitamins. Especially Vitamin D.
I have been suffering with LPR for a little over six months now. I went to every doctor there is, every specialist
there is, I did a lot of tests from MRI’s to Cat-scans to Swallow tests… just about
everything Y’know doctors just kept giving PPI’s, Antihistamines
and none of it helped I mean it didn’t help me completely, I was
still having chronic throat issues, chronic throat clearing, coughing, excess mucus in
the back of the throat I’m sure if you’re watching this video you
have LPR and you already know what the symptoms are it’s shitty to be honest and I don’t wish
it to my worst enemy, that’s how I feel. It sucks, it sucks, it sucks but… Anywho, after did my blood work it turned out
that I was Vitamin D deficient and my doctor gave me a prescription for Vitamin D, 50,000
IU, I think that stands for international units or something like that. I am not exactly sure what it means, it’s
not milligrams, I don’t know but that how I they measure vitamins i suppose. But anywho, they gave me four pills. Four pills
I’m supposed to take one every week, yesterday was my second dose and I honestly say I’m, i think I’m
90% cured. I don’t have the symptoms anymore, I don’t
clear my throat every fucking second, I don’t cough, I don’t wake up in the middle of
the night gasping for air, I don’t have mucus or post nasal drip in the back of my
throat, I just feel great and my face started to clear up, I have been suffering with acne
all my life and helped a little bit, I have been more energy in the morning, I have been
waking up more refreshed, but nonetheless, if you have LPR please go to your doctor and
give it a shot y’know… do some blood work and ask your doctor and see where you stand
with your Vitamin D. It helped me even though it’s too soon to
tell but yeah, I haven’t felt this good in a long long time and I don’t think it’s the
Omeprazole I’m taking, I’m pretty sure, I’m confident that it’s the Vitamin D and
I did my research online and a lot of people had success with Vitamin D and Vitamin D3
to treat their LPR. Supposedly it strengthens the muscles in your
system. I am not exactly sure what it does but it
works, it really does! even though you can get Vitamin D3 or Vitamin D over the counter,
I suggest going to your doctor and see where you stand with numbers because I think it
does more harm than good if you just take Vitamin D without consulting your doctor because
if you have a sufficient amount of Vitamin D in your system I don’t think taking more
is going to help you at all. So anyway, I hope this video helps. if you have any questions or you want to know
anything else please DM me, find me on Facebook, or comment below. Again, LPR sucks and don’t lose hope. It goes away even though at night you… the
carnival starts kicking in and you start thinking it’s something you’re going to be having for
the rest of your life. Just don’t lose hope, don’t get discouraged. It goes away eventually if you keep trying
different things, seeing different doctors. A second opinion always helps, that’s something
I’ve learned the hard way. But anyway, feel better and thank you for


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  • My vitamin D report shown 28.4 and insufficient range is 20-30 .only 0. 6 is less in my body is it will cause silent acid reflux in me pleas tell me some one

  • I was told I have vitamin D deficiency on my blood tests, I was hospitalised for a week because I couldn't swallow not even liquid. I have been struggling to swallow almost all foods since. All I eat now is Mashed potatoe, soup and bread. I have a sore throat constantly and I really hope that some vitamin D will help me. Could I discuss my symptoms with other people who suffer?

    – cold feeling shooting up chest
    – thick white mucous and spit
    – trouble swallowing
    – feeling like there's liquid in my ears
    – lots of burping
    – never any burnt hearburn
    – dizziness after eating

  • have always had bad heartburn but 2 nights ago felt like i had a lump in my throat, voice is hoarse and mucus in my throat. convinced i have LPR and searching for answers, just took 2 vitamin D3 i think 2,000 IU each. Praying this works, thank you for this video bro

  • I have lpr and chronic throat clearing as well. But vitamin d didn’t help me at all. It even make the things worse because i got a horrible tachycardia from it. This is one of side effects of vitamin d. I took 4000ui per day. My LRP is still severe. It seems that it’s impossible to cure.

  • Thanks for this video Gus, i havent been diagnosed with LPR ,but the last month has been awful. Im having the same symptoms along with this stomach bacteria but turns out my Vitamin D was a 19. It should be in the range of 30 to 100 max is what my Doctor said. Im also on my 2nd week of dosing. Im staying positive and trying not to let this consume me. Ihope things have gotten better for you and that Low vitamin d was the cause.

  • Hi Gus, I was wondering if you also had a bad foul taste in your mouth? It's super annoying among the tons of other symptoms, On prilosec for 2 1/2 weeks thus far, my throat is getting better, also drinking Essentia and taking slippery elm lozenges, Thank you in advance 😉

  • If you have LPR you may be dealing with a parasite, candida or Sibo. Try this, buy the probiotic Saccharomyces Boulardii, the supplement Berberine, the supplements black walnut and wormwood and finally a supplement called Atrantil . On top of taking all of these supplements take Apple Cider Vinegar with Digestive Enzymes with every meal. This should stop or reduce your LPR.

  • Hey Gus, I have a dry throat and sometimes it feels like someone is piercing pins in my throat. I feel my throat is tight . Doctor told that i have lpr. None of the antacids helped. But after I left my antacid after 2 months it is becoming worse. I feel something sour coming up to my throat after I eat. I got my vitamin D checked and it was very low i.e 11 . So i have started taking vitamin D supplement 60000 IU once a week . I dont take any other medicene. Will it help me to get rid of my LPR ? Please reply what shud I do .

  • My wife has silent acid reflux and the symptoms worsen in winter. This was a real mystery to us and we had attributed it to the dry air or cold. Now I'm thinking could the fact that she gets so little sunshine on skin and hence vitamin D be the real reason for the worsening of symptoms in the dark months of winter? Anyone else experience this?

  • Gloria Rodriguez says:

    Wow that is crazy I’ve been having these same symptoms with constant needing to clear my throat and my throat gets super tight and I feel like I can’t breath it will last a few hours & even at night sometimes I wake up gasping for air. I just went to the dr and they also have me 50,000 vitamin d but I had never put 2 together till I watched this video. I also hadn’t taken the vitamin d because I was reading of all the side effects like heart palpitations that can happen and I was freaked out but now I will start taking it hopefully it works !

  • It didn't work for me. Bought 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 after watching this and I still have the same symptoms of lots of mucus in my throat, constant coughing and throat clearing etc. one month after taking this. And it gave me really bad insomnia.

  • Elizabeth Rigby says:

    So so shitty.. Been about 10 years and they said it was asthma. I'll be trying more d just because it's good too. Not much sun these days

  • Guys i have this shortness of breath now for almost 2 weeks, i have gastritis/esophagitis and GERD. Though i have this constant very small lump and mucus/saliva in my throat that does not come out. Could this be LPR now? By the way the culprit was h.pylori.

  • I’m clearing my throat EVERY second. I’m miserable. I’m going to try this and pray that low vitamin D is my problem. Anything to stop the throat clearing.

  • Did anyone else get awful insomnia taking Vitamin D3 supplements? It kept me awake the whole night every night for over a month even weeks after I stopped taking it. And my LPR symptoms did not get better.

  • I have read antihistamines and antidepressants can weaken LES muscle among other meds. So be careful, and of course get sunshine whenever possible.

  • I have been having sore throat for the past three months and it sucks my throat is allways hurting and my doctor said its lpr

  • For me, inclining the bed worked. 2 years without now, after 1 whole year living (sanding alive, acttualy) with this hell.

  • I was just diagnosed and the Zantac and diet change has had zero changes with the lump in my throat feeling. My last physical May 2018 was told I was vit D deficient and given the daily regimen and never took it. I will now. Thank you!!!! I will come back and post my experience. God bless you for sharing bc this is annoying, frustrating and irritating.

  • I hope you guys read my comment, I was suffering from Gerd since around 2 years and nobody could imagine how bad I felt.

    My symptoms I want to mention before I come with a solution!

    – Asthma (because the acid evaporates and goes to your lungs, the acid also goes up your throat when you lay in the bed or on the couch)
    Solution: Put a big piece of wood (15x15cm ) under your slat frame!

    -Heart burn
    -Slimy throat
    -Bad voice ( the acid attacks your vocal chords)
    -Acid in your esophagus after a meal

    Immediate Solutions to improve your condition:

    1) Put a piece of wood under your slat frame as mentioned above. This will avoid the acid comes up!!
    2) Sleep always on the left side, this will reduce pressure on your stomach and reduces the chance acid can flow through the weak muscle.
    3) Don't eat anything late anymore and avoid food that cause a higher acid production, especially in the evening. Your last meal should be at 18:00, the earlier the better!!!
    4) Avoid alcohol, nicotine and junk food at all costs!

    Solution to get rid of Gerd:

    1) Check your Vitamin D3 level. 90% worldwide have a deficiency, so the chance is very high that you will have a low D3 level as well. There is a very high chance that D3 can help to heal Gerd. Your value should be around 60ng/ml, the chance that you are below 30 is high. Make sure to intake a sufficient amount of IU according to your body weight! (70kg = 4000IU a day). If you have a deficiency and below 20-30, take 10.000-20.000IU a day for 4 weeks! The sun can produce 20.000IU a day, don't be afraid of an overdose. Ask a good doc if you have doubts. (a good doc!!)

    My level was 13. An increase of your vitamin D3 will make you feel so much better, I still hard to believe how much it helped me and Gerd was not the only thing I had. Problems with skin, colon issues, always sick, depressions and more, all is gone just because I did the D3 supplementation!

    2) Move your lazy ass and go to the gym!!!
    Reduce your body fat as fast as possible and try to achieve a normal body weight(24 is still too fat! Try to get down to 22 if possible)!
    A high BMI increases the chance to get Gerd dramatically. If you have a BMI >25 I have good news for your. Its irreversible, that means you can can get rid of Gerd if you suffer on Gerd now and have much body fat, especially much tummy fat. This fact puts more pressure on the tummy and on the muscle that connects your stomach and esophagus!

    3) Avoid negative stress as good as you can!

    If you follow this advice you have a high chance that you can get rid of Gerd. In my case it helped and I was thinking on an operation before.
    I hope I could help. Don't give up guys! You propably don't need an operation! Help yourself, stay strong, stay healthy!

    (DM are welcome)

  • Thank you for sharing this. But I must say from what I know the effects of vitamin D3 won't happen until 2 months later so although I'm very happy that you felt better so soon but am very surprised due to the effects take 2 months to work thro the system.

  • I have improved by about 90% since taking regular vitamin d supplements! I cough for awhile right after I eat, but it dissipates within an hour. The constant throat clearing has stopped and I no longer have that feeling of having something in my throat.
    I used to get heartburn almost every night, that has also stopped. I was also having excessive night sweats, that has since stopped as well.
    Along with the vit D, I also take Omega 3s and a probiotic.
    Thank you for this video, I was becoming more depressed as the symptoms got worse. THIS video, randomly discovered at 2am one night in desperation, has changed my life. THANK YOU!

  • The problem seems to be due to a malfunctioning esophogeal sphincter. So what is causing this problem in so many people.

  • Hi
    I m suffering from this from a month
    Having cough, cough which is not clear, lump in the troad and regurgitation.
    I even cant eat my food thats why i skiiped moat of the time…. Consult physicians they cant fixed it
    Dont know what is the exactly problem is…
    Plz help me

  • How long I have to take vitamin D before I see a change? Over the past few years my doctor mentioned I have very low vitamin D levels. I'm starting to take some vitamin D supplements as its cold this time of the year (barely any sun).

  • I have the same problem since june 2017 allmost 2 years, it all started with h pylori bacteria.
    The bacteria went away after 2 cycles of antibiotics but the burping and thight choking feeling in my throat never went away only if i stop alcohol and eat clean. Did you allso have the choking thight feeling at the top of the esophagus? Sorry for my English i live in Belgium. I'm sick of this problem i can't eat or drink anything i want since 2017 june

  • Georgina Sandnes says:

    For me natural sunlight has helped a lot, I read about the Newgate prisoners in England who lived in darkness for years, stomach acid ate them up because the body couldnt distinguish between night and day
    Suddenly it dawned on me I have lived in darkness for 12 years with that bloody sunscreen 50,,, and I live in Norway!
    SAD is a huge problem here

  • Parvinder Singh says:

    thanks for sharing bro. Looks like you have gone through the adverse effects of chronic lpr. God bless you

  • I have a lot of gass in stomach,IT comming up to my throat AS grugling….lump feeling in throat.I belching all day and night.Someone has same symptoms?My d vit was 33 in march

  • Vitamin D boosts calcium uptake significantly, which may counteract magnesium absorption. YOU NEED magnesium for proper LES function and digestion. Consider supplementing with either magnesium glycinate (very pronounced relaxation effect, it's what I take) or malate (energizing effect, haven't taken it but I've heard good things). Both forms ive stated shouldn't cause excessive laxative effect like magnesium citrate (everybody buys it cus it's cheap, but it's an extremely powerful laxative it will cause diahrea taken long term), however I still recommend starting slow, if you have poor digestion enough magnesium from glycinate or malste could still get to your colon unabsorbed and cause diahrea. I've tapered up from 75mg a day too 300mg and seen no negative effect on my bowel movements but tons of improvement in my LPR. Give it a shot!!

  • Hey so does any of you guys have an issue with swallowing foos sometimes?like food getting stuck in your throat (not esophagus but throat high up)

  • I said I'd come back and report how taking vitamin D3 would effect my LPR symtoms and I've come back to tell everyone please don't wait!!! GO GET YOURSELF SOME VITAMIN D3!! my symtoms have reversed and I'm able to eat again. And I'm not constantly feeling like deaths around the corner!!! It's only been one week and my life has changed drastically. Please go get some for yourself if your suffering. If anyone needs any help or has questions regarding diet etc. Please don't hesitate to ask me!! Best luck to everyone who suffers, I wish you all the best and God bless

  • I think he meant 5,000IU and not 50,000IU. I have NEVER given 50,000 D3 to anyone and would not start now.
    Methyl B12, magnesium and zinc should all be used when doing this to make sure that you are processing it properly.

  • Sridhar Rayappagari says:

    @Gus D Hey Gus, Do you still Vitamin take Vitamin D ? Did it cured you 100% ? Would like to know, because i'm Vit-D deficient too. Thanks.

  • REALITY ruined my LIFE says:

    Thank you for this video… I am suffering from lpr now for more than 3 months. I‘ve been looking for reasons and solutions every day but nothing helped. I am gonna follow your advice and hope that it will help. If it helps me I will let you know. Thank you very much.

  • Ninja Fan 123 says:

    I suffered from acid reflux for 5 years I'm 18 now and I'm starting to get this problem of silent reflux if any one can help please let me know

  • I will be trying out this tomorrow on!. I cried today because I'm so tired of it, I'm not bothered by the diet change even though I'm very upset I can't do exercise overall abs workouts, but it is the not being able to sleep at night, waking every two hours because I'm choking or losing breath, the apnea is terrible and not being able to eat certain foods with textures, also I'm afraid of eating rice or small things like that because of aspiration which can lead to pneumonia.
    I had GERD which is practically almost gone thanks to the strict diet I'm doing for 1 week now, I've been dealing with this for about 2 weeks and a half but it feels like a whole year!. The LPR lead me to have GERD but the LPR while it got better with diet it keeps staying, post nasal drip mostly at night, the lump in the throat that comes and goes even though is almost gone, the feeling like someone was sanding my throat, my voice cracks, I can't sing and I feel exhausted when I talk, my talking becomes sluggish and I feel my throat and tongue fatigued.
    I'm so tired of this.
    I truly hope this is the answer as what triggered all this mess was a panic attack/hyperventilation, excessive workouts even after eating and a dietetic late product that seems to have given me an overeating effect. I'm at a healthy weight and such, I just wanted to tone muscles and the irony… now I can't exercise lol. Oh well…
    I'll update when I start taking it to see if it works for me.

    Thanks you from the bottom of my heart!!!

  • I feel like I'm at the end of this, it's affecting me mentally. Mine is a lump in my throat and ear ache do you think this will solve it?

  • The World of Izzy says:

    I've had this issue for 10-15 years and am currently taking 9 Nexium per day as the only way to breathe normally and live normally. So I've taken vitamin D 50,000 DU for a few months due to deficiency, but I don't think it did anything for my LRD. I didn't even know it was a supposed "cure" for it… I'll take any advice please.. Of course, I am going to go to a specialist very soon, don't ask why I only went twice before…..

  • I’m a 15 year old guy and I’ve been suffering from LPR for almost a year now. I used to experience sore throat and coughing and I used to have a bad breath almost every month or two months but then I took PPIs and antacids and my symptoms improved 40%. But Now when I wake up my throat burns and my tongue is covered In white, I have to drink a whole cup of water to sooth the burning but when I eat something the burning goes but I always have a white tongue. Thank my LPR isn’t too severe and I’m really thank for my condition cuz at least I can live normally even though sometimes I get sore throat and stomach discomfort. I just want this to end I’m sick of these medications and this strict diet, I just want to live normally. I’m gonna try taking vitamin-D3 supplements and 3 mg of melatonin every day, I heard that melatonin strengthens the LES. So hopefully I’ll get treated. I just want you guys to know you’re not alone, we are all experiencing the same problems but one day they’ll be over with a healthy diet and a healthy life style and with a small help from medications we all can get rid of this nasty disease that is gives us anxiety and depression

  • Hi, I know this video is a little old but I was wondering. Did you only notice the change after your second dose? Or did you notice a difference a few days after the first dose? I have been suffering a lot with the same issues. It is awful. My Vitamin D is low. I took my first dose yesterday.

  • Kathy Castrission says:

    Thank you for your video, I hope this helps many people. I think it is important for people to also educate themselves on the effects of taking too much Vitamin D, if embarking down this route. Good luck 👍🏻

  • Dude, thank you SO MUCH for posting this. This is not an avenue that had occurred to me. Getting vitamin levels checked this week. Thank you for saving my fucking life!!

  • So glad I found this, out of the blue, I was just diagnosed this from Ears, nose, n throat dr. N I have seen all kinds of dr. ‘S n tests as well just like you, so I go to see my family dr. This week n will have her do the testing, worst part for me is morning n evening n I hate waking up n not being able to breath n not sure what to eat, thank u sooooo much, praying that I am now heading in right direction n going to get answers finally! 😊❤️⭐️

  • thank you a lot bro! every bit of information helps when you have LPR it really sucks I am suffering from it sometimes killing my self seems the option

  • Do I have LPR?
    Been coughing for years.been slowly getting worse, used to be bad in the morning and affected when I showered.
    Feel like my nose is running,
    Wake up with a funny taste.
    Feel tired too

  • Did you have a feeling like food was stuck in your throat after eating ? Idk what to do anymore …I've lost so much weight because of it and I'm skinny as it is

  • Hey I need help. I think I’m having the same symptoms. And constant burping and I always feel like I’m chocking and my throat hurts.

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