UTIs Can Be Safely And Naturally Treated Without Harmful Antibiotics Or Dr. Visits.

Hi. Dr. Minkoff here. One of the problems with regular medicine is that there’s always a drug for the solution. Now, what did people do for all of human history before the late 1940’s, when sulfa antibiotics were invented, when they had a urinary tract infection? What did they do? They didn’t die. They had solutions for this and they figured it out. Right now, if you go to your doctor with a urinary tract infection, you are gonna get prescribed an antibiotic. 100% of the time. And while it may sometimes be necessary, many times it’s not necessary and there are natural ways to handle it. Now, about 95% of urinary tract infections are caused by a bacteria called E. coli. The E. coli is a normal part of the colon flora and since usually urinary tract infections are most common in females, the distance between the rectum and the vagina and the urethra is very close and depending on how a person’s habits are when they wipe themselves after they go to the bathroom, you can contaminate the opening of the vagina and thus the urethra, with E. coli. The distance from the tip of the urethra to the bladder is very short. It’s probably, maybe an inch. So, these bacteria can travel, the membrane is what they can travel, up into the urinary tract and they can cause infection. Now, a really simple way to handle this, especially if you catch it early, actually, let me back up. Your mom probably told you, when you wipe yourself after you have a bowel movement, is wipe from front to back. Okay? Don’t go back to front because the chances of you pulling some of the contaminated paper close to your vagina, is higher. So, it’s one wipe and down. Okay? Front to back. Drop it, get a new piece of paper if you need more. Okay? Now, if you start to feel the feelings of you’re getting an urgency to go. You’re having to go more often. You feel pressure in your bladder. As soon as you get those, you want to increase your fluid intake by a lot because we want lots of urine flow to wash this out. Now, what the E.coli do when they get in the bladder is in order to cause an infection, they have to bind to the inner lining of your bladder cell and if they attach there, they cause the infection So, if you have lots of urine flow, the bacteria get washed out more and then there is a simple supplement called D-mannose. You can buy it in the health food store. It’s an over-the-counter product and D-mannose, on its surface, it’s a sugar, it’s a non-nutritive sugar and it can be cut. You could take it as capsules or you could take it as powder but if there’s a lot of D-mannose in the bladder when the E.coli are there, they will bind to the D-mannose and not to your bladder. And then when you drink a lot they get eliminated. So, if you get it early, you start taking D-mannose. You can buy this in the health food store. A gram and a half, probably 3 times a day. Right away, lots of fluid. If you take some apple cider vinegar along with it, you will acidify your urine. That helps. And if you do this for a few days, you’ll find that the symptoms go away. I like to continue the D-mannose until you have no symptoms for 3 days, then you could stop. Now, if you take too much D-mannose, you could get loose stools. So, while a gram and a half is the usual amount, your body may be able to take only a gram. The idea is though, is get it in your bladder. I wouldn’t take it in the middle of a big meal. The capsules usually come 500 milligram. Take 3 of these capsules, big glass of water, wait 15 or 20 minutes, then if you’re gonna have a meal, eat. Do it 3 times a day. If your symptoms go away and you feel good, you’re probably fine. Now if you start getting fever, back pain, real sickness, now you have to go to the doctor. You may need an antibiotic. So, we’re trying to treat this naturally. Probably 75% of the time, you’re gonna duck it. You’re gonna miss it. It’s not gonna happen. And if you do that, you can bypass taking an antibiotic because we want to take as few antibiotics as we can because it will disturb a lot of other stuff. Okay? So, first signs of a urinary tract infection. Lots of water. D-mannose as I described. Wipe front to back and let’s avoid taking antibiotics. Okay? Hope this helps.


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