Using Food as Medicine in Healthcare Practice – Mel outlines what’s coming up in April/May 2020

MELISSA ADAMSKI: Hi everyone, I’m Melissa Adamski and I’m
from the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food at Monash
University, Australia. And we’re proud to offer
a suite of courses around Food as Medicine
for health care professionals. We have a range of courses
starting in April and May. We have ‘Food and our Genome,’
‘Food, Exercise and the Gut’
or ‘Talking About Weight,’ starting in April, and ‘Food, Fertility and Pregnancy’
and ‘Food and Inflammation’
starting in May. So if you’re a health care
professional from anywhere around the world
come and join us. Our courses are fully online, flexible to fit the needs
of busy healthcare professionals and also
fully mentored. So if you’d like to learn more, come and check out our suite
of ‘Food as Medicine’ courses and start
the conversation around nutrition with your
patients today.


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