Twisted or Rolled Ankle Sprain Treatment: FASTER Home Recovery Time!

My name is Tom Biernacki and I’m gonna show you why you’re angry at spring and how to stop it from getting sprained and the Absolute fastest ways to stop it from spraining and meaning better so that you can get back to playing some words These are your ankle ligaments so you have three right here, this is your fibula This is the bone and then these three ligaments one two three connect to your Bones in your foot. So you have one right here. This is your most important one called your ETF fell so anterior talofibular ligament Then you have your cfl your calcaneofibular ligament and then your PT FL your posterior tibial fibula their ligament So here’s why these are important number one. This is the most damaged and the most important ligament This guy right here prevents this motion down and forward so when you sprain like this Which is 95% of all ankle sprains this guy gets damaged right here you’re eighty FL if your foot turns in sideways like this that also includes right here your CFL right here So if you do both in and down it in you could damage both this guy right here is rarely damaged That’s if your foots planted up and then you turn it so your foot has to be up like this. That’s very rare So there’s three grades or stages The bottom line is there’s a hundred different classification systems and this confuses people but some of them include multiple injured ligaments some of them include severity the most popular system is the severity So a grade 1 or stage 1 is a tweak Stage 2 is a pretty good tweak stage 3 is basically a tear so there’s some good rules stage 1 Basically what happens for stage 1 is it heals pretty quickly and like a week or two you want to ice for a couple days Take it easy for a couple days and great – what happens is it’s really tweaked and damaged What what this means normally is that you want to give it at least? Three four or five days of ice and rest and then probably two to four weeks of protecting it Now you get to the grade three This is where your ankles black and blue really injured the ligaments possibly torn You might have even damaged all three or at least the front two right here 95% chance that it’s this one This is where you really got to take it easy for like two Four sometimes six weeks with a brace taking it easy. You want to ice it and protect it for a good seven days So right here seven days right there protect those ligaments The whole treatment guide consists of proven scientifically reliable tips and tricks so number one You’ve got to consider at which stage you have if it’s stage one just a light little tweak You want to do one to two days of? Icing and resting. That’s the bare minimum Stage two you want to go about four or five days of resting and icing and if it’s a great three or stage three you want to do at least one to two weeks of icing and mobilizing this thing how do you know it’s a grade three usually when it’s black when it’s swollen when it looks Really messed up, but it’s not quite a break yet grade one. That’s when it’s all tweaked It’s all that sore, but you’re still walking on it. You’re not really concerned that something’s really damaged. So this always makes sense. You cannot Skip this inflammation stage. I Re-emphasize that this is where the biggest mistakes show up online people Trying to get you moving right away or some type of massage The human body does not work like that If you have a broken ball putting some cream on it and massaging it will not fix it Same thing with a torn or damaged ligament So great one rested for a few days to rest it for almost a week three one to two weeks immobilize rest ice compression elevation The one medication that does make sense is anti-inflammatories tylenol helps with your brain to decrease feeling of the site, but anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen These actually cool down the swelling and the Inflammation this lets you start getting better a little bit Earlier on an immobilized foot a little bit less pain. It does not necessarily speed up healing time The bottom line is in the body even with medications takes a little bit of time to still heal up You want to get the right brace so what’s the right brace the right brace is an ankle support Orthosis, so this is something with laces and straps I’ve got news for you that 90% of the stuff sold online is a little gel sleeves Compression sleeves compression socks. These will not fix a damaged ligament You want something bulky and supportive that prevents your ankle from twisting out the brace Simply has to prevent you from bending in like this. It doesn’t matter the swelling The swelling is just one component of pain You actually want to be able to walk around and function with your life without this being reactivated That’s where tall and cold boots come in that can support your ankle If you do have to get to work or an ankle support orthosis It’s great one you want to wear that for maybe a week in grade 3? So going to the other end of the spectrum you want to wear that for up to six weeks This lace-up brace is the single most important thing to speed up your healing because preventing re injury is the quickest thing These two is Getting your strength back. So after between two to six weeks have gone by so a great one. That’s about two weeks two grades Three that’s about up to six weeks. You want to be using your lace-up. Ankle brace, then you want to start working on your rehabilitation This is going up and down on your toes twisting in and out drawing the off alphabet with your big toe But the bottom line is on a practical level. This is something that gets a lot of hype but is not that practical It’s really immobilizing it. That’s the key when you go online. You’re gonna read 8,000 different things. These are the tricks. These are the massages Everybody shows some type of cream to put on there This is all – the bottom line is that we may need to be protected once it heals You’re good to go. You can do anything you want stretching and massaging does not help a Torn ligament heal. I cannot emphasize that you know, everybody’s looking for training but the bottom line is just like a broken bone in a certain time a heal it torn for the image limit just needs to Be protected and will heal


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