Transcending ADHD: Medication or Transcendental Meditation?

Transcending ADHD: Medication or Transcendental Meditation?

Part of what we’re doing is we’re going to
teach kids who have ADD to meditate, and see how it helps. And so I want to get a sense
of how ADD affects you. You have ADD? Yes. You know you got it? Yes. Okay. How can you
tell? Well, when I get frustrated, I get overly frustrated sometimes. When I can’t do my work
I shut down too easily, and I…I sometimes just have problems overall working and, um,
just keeping my anger under control. I can’t…sit straight, like, sit there for a while, and
not fidget. And I can’t concentrate for a long time. Like and I…I can get distracted
easily. It…sometimes it’s harder for me to read and pay attention in class. Okay.
And is that true at home too, or when you’re trying to do homework? Yeah, trying to do
homework is kind of tough too. Let me ask you about…do you know what stress is? Yes.
Do you feel stressed, pressured, or tense? I have
a lot. I always have a lot. A lot of stress?
Yeah… Um, tell me about that…When do you feel stressed? How do you feel stressed? Well,
it’s mostly when I’m doing homework. Like I said when I do something wrong I’m just…
I could say I’m a lean, mean stress machine. It’s helped me with my schoolwork,
not getting as frustrated with my friends, and just not getting so angry with my parents, doing my homework better,
not getting into so much fights at school, not getting people angry, and stuff like that.
It’s kind of easier for me to focus and concentrate my energy on one thing. Then…like, going
in…be trying to work on one thing and then fidgeting, and trying to stop that, and then
listen to the teacher at the same time. I’m much more calmer now, than I used to be, and
less hyper, and, uh, much more mature than I was. And um, now they want, all my friends
want me to come over to their house. Well, I don’t stress as much anymore, unless it’s
like with my friends or whatever, but I don’t stress that much anymore. So I’m basically…what
it’s doing is it’s making me be able to focus, so I’m not on, like, under stress.
It makes me a lot more confident in myself, because there I know that if I can’t get one, like,
a few things, I don’t need to get stressed out about it. I just need to take a little
time, go do something else, and then come back to it, and work on it.
It’s working. It’s improving their lives. It’s improving their sense of self. It’s empowering them…I
mean, I can say that over and over again, but I really do see it making a big difference.
And I think that they’re futures are gonna be so much brighter because of it.


24 thoughts on “Transcending ADHD: Medication or Transcendental Meditation?”

  • Meditation, yes. Absolutely. I've been an adult for a very long time… ADD has destroyed parts of my life I worked very hard to save, and meditation has allowed me to cut drugs that were the only help. But it my options were TM or back to the drugs while I do the research again, drugs please.

  • fattyboy123456 says:

    We should have this in our schools everywhere! This would be not only good for this kids but also good for the parents wallets. I'd love to see a child who is no on meds practice this kinda of thing and over a great amount of time to be weened off of the medication.

  • David Tremblay says:

    Good day everyone, I thought I would share something I found for my educational psychology research paper. I'm researching how teaching meditation to students can help students improve concentration, memory, behavior and reduce stress. I'm also looking for someone to interview that has experience teaching this or has had this taught to them.

  • @meditationchannel when i see the boy in orange shirt in the beginning of this video, i see my self, its like a mirror.
    the only thing is that im 35 now and have the same problem! i just cant focus on things. my life is a mess like always!

  • these are THE tamest kids with adhd i have ever seen. it honestly looks as tho none of them are hyperactive at all, they look sluggish more than anything. most of the people with adhd that i know would not be able to calm down enough to meditate. im not saying this isnt a viable way to help, but it seems highly unlikely. and how the hell did you get a classroom full of kids with adhd to pay attention to you AND meditate? this is seeming more and more unrealistic.

  • too bad there is no science behind any of this meditation. therefore it is dangerous to reccomend it as a treatment. by the way, medication has been shown to be safe and effective since the 1930s

  • @threadysparrow medication safe yeah right what about the children who have died from taking add adhd meds its not safe not ever

  • Can't say that any symptoms that these boys list off are abnormal at all! I believe we are too quick as a society to label someone with ADHD. Fidgeting and not being able to concentrate in the typical american class room is what boys do best! Thank god that we're looking at meditation and not medication! But when it comes to diagnosis of ADD, we really need to be looking at the environment these kids are in, and question how it is aiding them in learning and growing.

  • I can say from personal experience that whether they have ADHD or not, most people have what is referred to as the "monkey mind", which is the inability to calm the mind and focus it. most peoples thought process is all over the place. what meditation does is calm the mind and dis-identifies yourself with it. you realize you have a mind but you are NOT your mind. you can slow or even stop your thoughts at will and just BE, your ability to focus increases dramatically. you have inner peace 🙂

  • Hmm, most of the time there was something to their gaze that reminded me of one of my recent teachers with ADHD. For a long time I thought he was disinterested or pessimistic because of his eyes and some of his body posture, but I learned a very different story as the quarter went on (he became my favorite teacher!)

  • medication for ADD and ADHD was not around in the 1930's, 40's 50's 60's 0r 70's so your argument is spurious. There is a LOT of science behind these claims, try some research before you post.

  • It's unfortunate just how many people do not discover that ADHD medications in fact are actually (meth)amphetamines. This is the reason I'm proudly sharing with you my short video on healing ADHD at the center through a scientifically proven application.

    My little sons awareness tremendously increased by simply exercising the working memory, and so I hope it will certainly be of help to you and others!

    All the very best,
    Robert Smith

  • fabulousphoenix says:

    Hey everybody! I wrote about the child medication debate on my blog, check it out!

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