10 Kooky Conspiracy Theories About Mainstream
Medicine 10. Chemotherapy is a Conspiracy to Make People
Sicker Hearing that you have cancer easily ranks
among the worst news any person can get. Despite gobs of research dollars that have
been spent, we’re not much closer to actually curing it. Part of this is because there are many, many
different kinds of cancer that behave in different ways. You may find a solid cure for a few, but it
likely won’t work on many other types at all. Because it kills so many people and is so
hard to beat, it’s become the target of conspiracy theorists. Some of these people are touting alternative
medicine that they’re selling, so it’s easy to see why they may not believe their
own story. However, there are many lay people who have
been taken in by these conspiracies. These people will tell you in ALL CAPS that
chemotherapy is poison. It’s designed to take your money while making
you sicker, knowing it’s a nonsense “cure” that will never go anywhere. Some of these people will claim that no one
has ever been cured of cancer by chemotherapy, ever. Some will say it actually makes everyone who
uses it even worse than before. While scientists who debunk these claims are
very clear that chemotherapy can indeed be helpful, it’s only effective for certain
types of cancer and in certain situations. As we mentioned earlier, there’s no one
magic bullet for all types of cancer. There’s a chance there may never be. Fighting cancer is something that has to be
taken piece by piece, one step at a time. Chemotherapy is just one of many legitimate
treatments that has been found to have some efficacy for certain situations. 9. Secret Governmental or Medical Powers That
Be are Hiding the Cure to AIDS When AIDS first started proliferating, the
US government pretended nothing was happening for years. The Reagan administration wouldn’t talk
about the issue, and when they finally did it was derisively. Some people even referred to it as the “gay
plague.” Because the government stood aside so callously
and allowed it to run wild initially, it spread much quicker than it may have. This distrust has spawned countless conspiracy
theories. Some suggest that it was created by the government
either as a biological weapons test, to punish particular minority groups, or both. However, at this point most people accept
that the evil that was done is past and we are now in a more enlightened place. On the other hand, some conspiracy theorists
haven’t let things go. They’re certain that there’s something
underhanded afoot. It’s their belief that the US, or other
powers that be, are conspiring to hide the cure for AIDS. “They” want to depopulate the earth. As far as these elites are concerned, AIDS
is a tool for ridding the world of a lot of citizens. So, they’d prefer it to stick around. Some theorists also believe that AIDS is so
prevalent in parts of Africa because the US chose it as a testing ground. Many also believe that AIDS is a man-made
disease, designed to inflict genocide on gay men and blacks. Many conspiracy theorists operate on a principle
where their theories make them feel better about a scary world. It probably makes them feel better to think
that there really is a cure for such terrible diseases. They want to believe evil people are just
covering it up, instead of accepting that there are many things humanity has trouble
controlling, that can wipe out large amounts of us in a short time. 8. Western Doctors Were Helping Spread Ebola
in West Africa as a Test Run Not long ago, the Ebola Virus swept through
West Africa, killing thousands. People around the world worried about quarantines
and possible travel restrictions, as well as what they may have to do should the very
worst happen. Some infected people ended up in the United
States and the media frenzy went completely wild. Before long, theorists were suggesting that
Obama was bringing the virus to America in order to unleash it on groups of people he
didn’t like. However, most people have heard much tell
of the Western conspiracy theories about Ebola, which usually involve the government trying
to sicken their own citizens. In West Africa, where people were actually
dying from the disease on a regular basis, no one really was sure what to believe. There were foreign doctors swarming the area
trying to tell them how to change their habits to avoid getting sick. This sometimes conflicted with the deeply
held customs of people in more rural areas. And despite the Western doctors’ outside
intervention, people still continued to die in large numbers. Before long, many were certain that the foreigners
were just there to infect them, make them sicker, or even worse. Some people believe that the United States
has had biological warfare labs in West Africa for years, and that this was the result of
either something that became uncontained, or a major experiment in warfare using the
people of Western Africa as unwitting test subjects. The second example is obviously much more
callous and evil, but both suggest that the US government is a shadowy entity doing their
best to circumvent international law and come up with terrifying new agents of biological
warfare. 7. Doctors and Hospitals Make People Sicker on
Purpose for Repeat Business Most people accept that the purpose of a doctor
is to heal people. Those who go into the medical profession are
putting a ton of time and effort into schooling because they’re passionate about what they
do. Doctors are usually paid very well because
they have an insane amount of education, and work hideously long hours. Most people understand this, but some conspiracy
theorists are convinced that none of it adds up at all. They’ll tell you that doctors have chosen
a career and are cynically in it for the money. As far as these theorists are concerned, curing
or fixing your issue is not something a doctor would want to do. Then you no longer need to see him, and he
doesn’t make any more money. Therefore, they say, it would make more sense
for your doctors to keep you sick on purpose, so they can keep getting money out of you
again and again. The conspiracy theorists claim that the proof
is in drugs. They claim that doctors aren’t interested
in curing or fixing any problems, only in “treating” you with drugs and other such
things that allow them to keep selling you products and making you come back for review
longterm. This is, of course, an incredibly cynical
line of thinking, to believe that doctors have no interest in truly helping you find
a cure. The problem is that not everything can be
cured, and some conspiracy theorists do not wish to accept this. 6. Pharmaceutical Agencies and Government are
Pacifying You with Antidepressants In some parts of the world, especially the
US, anti-depressant usage is incredibly common and accepted by medical professionals. Doctors prescribe them at rates that some
feel are incredibly ridiculous, often for things that seemingly don’t make much sense
in terms of their usage. Most people believe that the reason for this
is that doctors are often overworked, and don’t have time to run all kinds of fancy
tests and figure out the exact problem going on with their patient. Especially if they don’t specialize in psychiatry,
as most don’t. So, many doctors will supply people with antidepressants
because their patient really wants something. They know it will make the person feel somewhat
better if they have a chronic problem. However, some conspiracy theorists see this
issue completely differently. They’re convinced that something very evil
is going on. They believe that while antidepressants can
work for some people who truly need them, for most they are only a bandaid on deeper
problems. Doctors know this, and are doing it to keep
the population dumb and zombified. As far as they’re concerned, the mass usage
of antidepressants was orchestrated by the US government in order to control the masses,
and also provide a certain amount of population control, as some antidepressants can cause
suicidal feelings in those who use them. 5. Chemtrails are Making Us Sick to Give Doctors
Something to “Treat” There are many popular theories about chemtrails. They control the population through mind control. They’re used to destroy the population by
killing us off slowly, without us realizing it. But this one is a bit over the top in comparison. Some people believe that, while it may be
the big bad government creating the chemtrails, and that they are indeed toxic, they’re
actually there for a much different purpose than most theorists imagined. These alleged chemtrails — which no conspiracy
theorist has been able to satisfactorily prove as the dangerous spraying they claim — are
alleged to be used in order to make the population just sick enough that they have to go to the
doctor a lot more. This allows doctors to make a lot more money,
because people will be coming in for sinus issues, or coughing, or other chronic things
caused by the chemtrails that will never truly go away. Doctors can keep treating people in perpetuity,
and make boatloads of steady cash doing so. As far as the theorists are concerned, this
whole thing makes perfect sense, and isn’t at all like something out of a bad sci-fi
movie. Doctors tend to have more than enough patients
that they are actually overworked in pretty much every country in the world. No doctor would want or need to make their
patients sicker in order to have enough clients. In fact, most doctors would probably love
the decreased workload and still make more than enough money without any worry. Those who distrust any major organization
will choose to remain distrustful and unconvinced. 4. The ADA is a Fraud Designed to Harm People For those who don’t know, the ADA is the
American Dental Association. They’re the licensing board that makes sure
that dentists are properly trained to do their jobs. They ensure that patients deal with the least
pain possible and come out of the situation with their teeth in better working order. However, as far as some conspiracy theorists
are concerned, the ADA is nothing but a huge pack of lies meant to harm the American people. They’re quick to point out that the actual
dentists are likely just fine people. They were only trained to believe what the
evil ADA wants them to believe. They’re convinced, though, that because
of the ADA’s complicity in giving people flouride and using it regularly, that the
organization is in league with the government on a massive betrayal of the common people. Aside from just flouride, they believe that
even suggesting a root canal is wrong in every situation. The ADA often recommends them, despite them
being so horribly dangerous. Clearly, there’s something nefarious at
play there. They’re also worked up that the ADA allows
fillings that have small amounts of metals like mercury in them, worried that it will
somehow poison the person who has it in their mouth. Such policies, as far as the theorists are
concerned, cannot be tolerated and prove that the official world of dentistry cannot be
trusted at all. 3. SARS was a Biological Attack Test Run Against
the Chinese by the USA When the SARS epidemic started in China, it
was a similar but not quite as frenzied hype as that of the Ebola Virus outbreak. It was already starting to kill, and people
were worrying about it spreading quickly through China and then the globe, but it had not come
close to causing the kind of damage Ebola had yet. However, being a deadly disease that had the
potential for extreme danger, it wasn’t long before the conspiracy theories began
in earnest. Some people in China were convinced that their
government was going to declare martial law and start quarantining or shutting down entire
cities. Others claimed the government planned to help
immunize people by spraying the cities using low flying planes. The most damaging and dangerous theory, though,
suggested that the entire thing was orchestrated by the US government. Those who pushed this theory believed that
it was biological warfare against the Chinese people. The virus was especially designed to take
out the Chinese. Two Russian scientists put fuel on the fire
by claiming to the media that SARS must be man-made, and had to have been designed in
a lab. This led to the further conspiracy that the
US and Japan had a cure to the disease. The entire thing was orchestrated to distract
the Chinese from the ongoing war in Iraq. While many citizens may have believed these
theories, the Chinese government themselves were swift to crack down on those spreading
the rumors. 2. AIDS was Knowingly Transported Back to the
USA by Merck Pharmaceuticals As we mentioned, there are a lot of crazy
theories out there about AIDS. Some are convinced that it was used by evil
people for evil purposes. Some think it was man-made. Others think it was discovered, tested on
the public, and then got out of control. The accepted explanation is that it was originally
a simian immunodeficiency virus, and that it made it’s way to people, originally while
in Africa. Some theorists believe in a completely different
“truth.” They believe they have transcripts of the
truth (that were supposedly cut from the official version), from an interview with scientists
who worked for Merck Pharmaceuticals, talking about how AIDS really came to be. Allegedly, these scientists were talking about
working to come up with polio vaccine by using monkeys. But the monkeys kept dying in transit. These supposed transcripts show that Merck
knowingly brought monkeys that had the disease back into the US for testing, helping it break
out and become the horror it is today. However, the theorists actually go further
than this. The transcript makes it sound like the researchers
were using monkeys with the virus as part of their research for a polio vaccine. They may have been irresponsible after the
fact for bringing them into the country, but the theorist has a completely different take. He believes that the researchers were actually
using the monkeys to create AIDS, and were confessing at last to the truth of their horrendous
deed — while laughing about it. In actuality, even if this transcript were
true, it doesn’t prove that these men created AIDS, or that it was man-made at all. It really only proves what we’ve known all
along: conspiracy theorists are freaking nuts. 1. Bird and Swine Flu were Overhyped on Purpose
to Gauge the Public’s Reaction Many people would agree that the media is
often irresponsible in their over-sensationalizing of deadly disease. Every new thing, whether it’s Ebola, SARS,
bird flu, or swine flu, is the latest virus that’s going to totally kill us all. It’s a great way to make attention grabbing
headlines. Many of us are now skeptical of the latest
threat. We generally just try to maintain good health
habits, knowing that it’s the best we can do. However, some people are convinced that when
something like bird flu or swine flu are being hyped, it’s actually a government game of
psychological warfare they’re playing on their own people. The world governments, the Illuminati, and
the other powers that be are supposedly constantly fabricating deadly epidemic scares out of
almost nothing for the purpose of increasing their control. Once people get scared of the disease, they
will then produce a vaccine. People will be terrified into going and taking
it en masse. This vaccine will then slowly give people
lots of other diseases over time. This will ensure population control. It will also make big money for the pharmaceutical
industry, who basically makes a killing selling the vaccines. According to the theorist who pushes these
theories, vaccines never work. At all. Ever. They’re also extremely dangerous and designed
by the secret powers that be to hurt people and maintain control. While some anti-vaxxers are simply convinced
that there’s a small chance vaccinations can cause autism and the government doesn’t
want you to know, this particular theorist takes a much stronger stance. As far as he is concerned, there’s no such
thing as a good vaccination, and there never will be.


100 thoughts on “Top 10 CONSPIRACY Theories About MEDICINE”

  • Avarage Commenter says:

    Noone I know believe that doctors are behind any of these conpsiracies like you said but the owner of companies and sometimes not even them but those making billions from the opioid abuse in the US. I suggest you research about purdue pharma and them knowing about the dangers of opioids before they released it. Also netflix has some interesting documentaries about drugs.

  • yah dislike because conspiracy theorist are crazy but we already have plenty of conspiracy theory that came to be true one was chem trails easy proof on that

  • Cancer Care Parcel says:

    I just don’t understand why these conspiracy theories are still going. I had breast cancer. I am now cured. Only through conventional medicine!! Please have a look at this article on the great Cancer conspiracy and let me know what you think after reading it

  • William Thomas Ramey says:

    Blanket statement: conspiracy theorists are hyper-cynical, deluded idiots who wouldn't know the scientific method if it drop kicked them in the taint!

  • Never underestimate the ignorance of the public at large. If people bothered to learn (or had the opportunity to learn) the basics of science the the skill of critical thinking, the conspiracy theorists would have a much harder sell.

  • Helenki Louise says:

    @Top Tenz Simon, the term conspiracy theory, as you are probably aware, was an invention of the CIA to discredit those that challenged the official version of the John F. Kennedy assassination. If you don't know about this, it is easily verifiable by a Google search. What do I think? I think it is specious to brand someone that challenges the status quo and thinks outside of the box. Rather than call the people you're talking about "conspiracy theorists" imagine the impact of your words if the same people were called "those who adhere to this idea," etc. Your use of derogatory, inflammatory rhetoric puzzles me.

  • This video is BS!! Lies to cover the lies!! Cancers don't act in Many different ways either! Lol Chemotherapy kills!!

  • I normally call bull on conspiracy theories. No. 8 gave me pause for thought though. I know for a fact that the UK experimented on Haemophiliacs without their knowledge. Thousands contracted HIV, HBV or HCV, quite often all 3. This was uncovered through court cases in the US, UK, France, Italy and Japan.

  • Andri Adipura says:

    I miss the old time when doctors were in the front line fighting capitalism, imperialism, colonialism. Tjipto Mangunkusumo, George Habash, Ernesto "Che" Guevara. I guess Bashar Al-Assad is the last of the kind. Now doctors are more like the pharmaceutical sales.

  • I’ve always thought they used Africa Africa as test site look at the map why is central Africa more effected to the north, White people are evil

  • I don't understand this at all. I know my dead loved ones couldn't have been saved, doctors and nurses did everything they could. but if I believed all these conspiracies, i'd be bitter and vengeful that they let them die. It's much healthier to just come to peace with this stuff…

  • Michael Donovan says:

    It was a while before the SARS theory "began in earnest."  I'm going to begin a conspiracy theory in Ernest:  Ernest, or "Ernie" from "Sesame Street" is orange in order to get America's children to accept orange people and elect them to high political office when are grown.

  • The FACT that doctors are not interested or are contractually incapable of curing you is just that…a fact. It is illegal for a doctor to treat you with anything but a drug (provided by the highest bidder) and is the reason drugs are created to treat symptoms and a disease is fabricated as an excuse for the creation of the drug. This all drives the Big Pharm machine, a machine that has every conceivable tool at it's disposal to squash any hindrance to its advancement .

  • People are so stupid

    That ADA thing is totally true though. The US government even puts it in our drinking water so we’ll go to the dentist more.

  • Esoteric Emissary says:

    Indeed, Aids was created to destroy black & gay populations. 7) is more of a conspiracy concerning big pharma itself, although some serial killers do become doctors. Doctors who were quietly curing caner mysteriously disappear, I see these kind of headlines all the time. In most cases Doctors are not to blame. They are forced to follow all sorts of regulations. Big Pharma on the other hand is out to make money.

  • #8 Could be true, but maybe not the USA #7 is probably true in some parts of the American Medical community #6 likely true in part #3 possible but unlikely #1 interresting but unlikely to be wholly true.

  • I spent the first 5 years as a qualified Registered nurse as a scrub nurse in an operating theatre. The other 25 years as an anaesthetic nurse. I can honestly say i've scrubbed up for Trauma orthopaedic surgeons (thats emergency bone surgery for busted bones in either a bad fall or road traffic accident). Ive known consultant surgeons who have been up half the night worrying about the best way to treat on of their (poorest) patients to prevent them loosing a leg because of infection. All the doctors I've worked with have their patients best interests at heart. I've worked in both the private sector and the NHS (public hospitals in the UK where patients don't pay as it's paid for in income taxes so that the richest or poorest patient gets a first class standard of care, there's nothing about money mentioned between the dr and patient) The same consultants work private health care on their days off from the NHS, and to work privately in the UK they must work in the NHS. Patients are treated exactly the same in both hospitals and sectors! Here money docent get you better care. It's as it should be. As for cancer there are over 206 different types of cancer, some are easier to treat than others.

  • I'm totally baffled at why this list completely ignored the vaccines-cause-autism poop load. I fully expected it to be #1

  • I'm always amazed at the conspiracy theories trying to state that the NWO/Illuminati/Reptilians/whatever that rule us are poisoning us for purposes of population control…even though the overwhelming majority of our lawmakers in the US are anti-abortion. Wouldn't a NWO/Illuminati/reptilian government that is actively trying to drug and poison us to keep down the population also be simultaneously handing out birth control freely and not vehemently legislating against abortion?

  • Emily seattle Rain Goddess says:

    What's funny about this is:
    All of the "Conspiracy Theorist" point of views explained make way more sense than the "sane" POV… Hmmmmm…

  • this is too anti conspiracy theorist to be taken seriously
    some of these do have facts to back up a theory but your basically writing it off as a bunch of loonies
    also you make it sound like doctors are movie villains who have meetings and plans with an agenda

  • I was given antidepressants by my doctor but I just knew I wasn’t depressed. Thankgod I didn’t take them because it was early pregnancy hormones that made feel so bad, now my daughter is a very healthy 13 yr old.

  • The VA is big on using psych meds as chemical straitjackets. While it only treats a tiny fraction of the US population, it trains the majority of physicians and other providers. I've been through the VA, and they had me literally walking into walls. I stay out now.

  • The last thing "modern medicine" cured was polio. I'm sure some Pharma exec is still sitting in his office pissed about all the money they're NOT making from polio.

  • You guys can shut this channel down now. The world is full of fluoridated skeptics already. Funny how they think the government is what us “theorists” are worried about. If you blindly go by what your indoctrinated doctor says, most likely you will end up dead faster. But don’t take it from me. Go eat some more gluten and gmo corn chips, wash it down with some of that hormone disrupting “milk”, take all your medicine and listen to this guy or any other “news” program. It’ll allow you to be comfortable in this scary world knowing that we are the crazy ones.

  • You could probably end and fix all this nonsense if you had healthcare like we here in Canada have instead of your for profit system. Access to health care (a basic human need) should not be designed around making corporations richer.

  • Chemotherapy make kill cancer but it also eats your brain. My dad is not the same person even he can acknowledge that. he swears his IQ also dropped

  • How about this one. In order for a medical device to be FDA-approved the blueprints of it must be comparable to an almost equal to one that has already been FDA approved. wait are you saying that FDA approved medical devices must be based off of failed FDA approved medical devices in order for them to be FDA-approved!?!?!

    Don't believe me? look it up.

    Or how about this one. The FDA can be bought off by big pharmacy to approve a drug that they know not to be safe. Wait are you saying the FDA will put a drug out there that they know is not safe or they don't have enough research to say is safe? They can put these drugs out there and give them a black box warning?!?!

    Don't believe me ask the pharmacist or better yet all that paperwork they staple to your bag of meds at the pharmacy, open it up and see if there's a black box warning in any of them…

  • Cannabis is a treatment and or cure or a plethora of diseases both chronic and non chronic.
    Big pharmacy spins upwards of millions of dollars fighting campaigns that wants to legalize the medical usage of cannabis in the United States. Oh but that's just a conspiracy theory my bad

  • Michael Finnicum says:

    How about 7 year olds on ritilan 1982 Harvard, Ma. Not allowed too smoke pot, it apparently is worse than adderall ( a methamphetamine).

  • Truths mixed with the ludicrous to make it all seem like rubbish… muddied waters, red herrings, and crazy labels… There is a bit of truth or deliberate untruth in all rumours, gossip, jokes, lies and deceptions… and the wise consider all the information before they make a decision. We all have biases and prejudices and acknowledgements of that for the reasons why we believe or don't believe things is the truth… other wise one must consider are they really physic even though they don't believe in being psychic?

    How about the conspiracy theory that governments make all things that can harm them into a nutter conspiracy theory category, and using ridicule and mockery, get away their stuff. Like UFO reporting by pilots being career suicide, like alternatives to cancer treatments by qualified doctors being career suicide. Like alternative energy sources, like cold fusion, being considered crazy and career suicide. Like bald headed guys with youtube channels mocking others for a past time, as being sanctioned by the government to promote ridicule as part of the popular culture?

  • Thanks to the ADA, my dentist's office was punished for Medicaid fraud and lying to disabled patients, causing them (including me) severe pain and loss of teeth. I reported their butts after I had to go to Pittsburgh, PA to a dental school there.

  • Back around 2010 a bill was proposed in the U.S. Senate to require prescriptions for vitamins, aspirin and even old fashion apothecary treatments. Big pharma openly supported the bill, which did not pass.

  • Jaylene McKnight says:

    boy I've never heard a video that was so full of crap in my life! this is just another video to calm people down and heard the Sheep Slaughter. chemotherapy will kill you it killed my father. I was a gold miner and exposed to Mercury at an early age and throughout my life also had Mercury fillings in my teeth and I have lost every single tooth that had Mercury and then they just broke off and now I have a it's eating away at my bone in my Jawbone. also as a minor in the rivers I was exposed to many things including a parasite, try going to the doctor with a parasitic infection which they just seem to not believe exist. you will be neglected abused called delusional crazy or a drug addict. you will find yourself in a place that you couldn't comprehend could exist but it does and it's real this video is to calm down the true realities and the real evil that's in this world. you have eyes so let you see oh, you have ears so let you hear, you have the mouth so let you speak do not be led to slaughter!

  • I don't know why I even looked at some of the comments… so many dumb people… if you believe any of those, you need to just go to wikipedia and like educate yourself…. really… go read the news now and then! Read a book!

  • Joshua Sweetvale says:

    4:00 To be fair, America has had a looong history of doing fucky things with BioChem experiments. From Tuskgee to LSD, from virus-bombing San Fran to the C.I.A. drug trade.

  • Joshua Sweetvale says:

    5:50 Yeah no, that's… pretty accurate. Antidepressants to treat misery and opioids to treat any kind of pain. And the prescription institutions get GIANT bribes.

  • Sick people=more money spent on medicine/treatment. Side effects from medicine/treatment=more medicine/treatment for those side effects, which=more money.
    It's that simple. I'd say at least a few of these are more than theories, but that's just my belief.

  • jennifer house says:

    I hate to inform you but it has been proven that big pharma has been pushing opiates to get people addicted or skis me pushing doctors to push opiates to get people addicted they know how dangerous it is they know how addictive is and it doesn't matter to them they are paying doctors big payout to get people strung out

  • A known fact is big pharma companies are jacking up the costs of drugs just to make more money off of sick people. Doctors are paid so-called "money for scientific research" which means nothing else than they should prefer the products of just THIS company prior to others. In reality, people mostly don't have any kind of scientific/doctor background
    so they have to take the doctors word for it. There are millions and millions of $ in the pharmaceutical industry. Many drugs are just withheld in order to protect their own product that would have been obsolete. It's a multi-billion $ business and everyone just wants a piece of the cake. The losers of this game are ordinary people that had the unfortunate fate of becoming sick.
    A lot of products can be obtained from mother nature herself but there is NO interest in this from the big pharma conglomerates. For every thing we find in nature that could cure or ease a disease there is money running out of the pockets of these criminals.

  • Chemo is poison but it’s meant to be if it wasn’t as virulent and fucked your body up so much it wouldn’t be effective at all

  • The anti-vaxxer's top spokesperson and advocate is a washed-up former nude model and softcore porn star, who has a long history of drug / alcohol abuse and emotional issues.   She wants big pharma and th gubbamint to be responsible for her son's autism, instead of owning up to losing in the genetic dice game and / or her own past life choices.

  • holly ballantyne says:

    Did you get a sponsor for this video. So obviously biased. I am disappointed in you Simon 👎👎👎👎👎😏

  • Dem vaccines r killin' r white yuth! It was made by tha' devil and Obama in hell!!!
    Reed Hillary's e-males it's rite dare in black and white, go ask Alex Jones he dune a video bout it!

    Meanwhile back in the 1st world, get your kids thee proper vaccinations including HPV. Unfortunately others are not as fortunate as you so count your blessings.

  • skeetskeet scoot says:

    " conspiracy theorists are freaking nuts" yeah well they said chemtrails were real, and now the govt admits that. So theres that….

  • JCBs Sailing Into the Sunset says:

    People only make fun of conspiracy theorists because they themselves realize that their entire world veiw is based on their trust of the complete strangers in charge that constantly lie and get caught in horrible immoral scandals….the same leaders who coined the term "conspiracy theorist" to discredit those who figure out their cons….whos the loon?

  • Jennifer Hayden says:

    See, I knew dentists/ADA scared me for some reason I didn't know until just now!
    In all seriousness, I don't understand how people can believe some of these theories.

  • Allen Jenkins says:

    The best comment on AIDS, from former Queensland (Australia) State Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, "You don't catch AIDS, you let someone give it to you.".

  • Allen Jenkins says:

    You missed the biggest dental conspiracy of the lot – FLUORIDE! I'm surprised the tinfoil hat brigade hasn't called you out on this.

  • Jerry Salamon says:

    Big Pharma doesn't want to kill you, they want you to be just sick enough to control you and have you come back for more! No# 5 Chem trails keep doctors busy and put Billions into Big Pharma's pockets! Healthy people don't need medicine!

  • Freedom IN Truth says:

    That’s right. There’s absolutely nothing wrong. No need to ask any questions about what you are given. you should definitely not worry about that pesky nagging feeling in the back of your mind that something is amiss. You can completely trust your government and big pharmaceutical companies, they have your best interest at heart 🙂

  • Chemo did cure my mom's cancer and also did cause lifelong side effects. I have to say with out chemo she wouldn't have survived her cancer and so the side effects are worth it.

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