Thinklabs One Digital Amplified Stethoscope Unboxing and Review

Welcome to another Connevans Top Tip Video.
Today we are going to open up and see what’s inside a Thinklabs One Digital Amplified Stethoscope.
So lets have a look. Here’s the box. So, we have an instruction book audio patch cable a set of ear phones with some alternative ear bud tip sizes. That’s a four pole connection
so that you can plug it into your mobile phone. One of the modes is that you can switch between
plugging it into your laptop and headphones, so that’s that switch. So let’s look inside
the actual box. And here we have it. The Thinklabs One Stethoscope. You’ll need to recharge it
before use, there’s the diaphragm of the stethoscope. Because it is an American product it comes with an EU USB charger, we’ll be substituting that and making sure that it arrives on your desk with a UK
supply. Here is the USB power supply charging cable. So, that’s what you have inside your
Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope.That’s the actual product with the diaphragm on the bottom USB charge lead set of instructions switch unit for when you’re connecting between headphones and laptop and so forth feed cable so that you can go into your mobile phone. Set of earphones and replaceable tips.


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