The Worst Commercials Ever Made! (Protegent)

The Worst Commercials Ever Made! (Protegent)

Uh oh, um, I think I ran out of Mirror’s Edge and Portal 2 data. What should I do? Hmm…. Okay, um, how about we look at the best game of all time? *Memory ensues* (Retarded voice) Yeah, there we go! The greatest game that has ever been made. Seriously though Google, why did you do this? *Mario music* Hello everybody, my name is Daniel T and welcome to Daniel T Gaming and today’s topic… …Is going to be a topic I haven’t picked up on in literally months. It’s been months! Last time I talked about it was back in 2016, And that is: scams that basically don’t do anything to your computer, or do something bad to your computer. Last time I talked about Wincleaner and today, we’ll be talking about Protegent. Which is basically an anti-virus software that also has data recovery which all this is obviously fake. Now the one thing that Protegent is mostly known for is them ripping off a character from the show Super Why which is a show that I remember watching growing up. And this is also made famous things to Vinesauce, the same person who also made the Grand Dad meme. Now, we’re going to be looking at all three of the videos that Protegent made to advertise it. So with that said, let’s dive right into the cringe! *dodop dorop* *Tap* *Bleep* OOPS Okay, the first thing I want to say is, what did he say? What was that swear word he said? *FUCK* OOPS *FUCK* *FUCK* *Mememan.exe has stopped responding* My system crahsed! Also, another thing that I want to say is that your BSoD, Won’t have an exclamation mark and a big yellow text that says “WARNING”. Your screen would never do that. But again, this is just a scam commercial. So why would I even care? (Mememan) *BLEEP* OOPS my system crashed, I lost my data, but I had an anti-virus! *Weird laugh* I like how TAME he is! I like how tame and calm he is for losing all this data on his computer! I like how calm the man is! *Demonic creature warps from hell* (Super mememan) ANTI VIRUS IS NOT ENOUGH! UM… UH… Are you okay dude? I don’t think your eyes are supposed to be like that *Chuckles* In fact, Looking at it. I-I think they’re staring into my soul… Oh god… OH GOD! (Super mememan) You need Protegent, world’s only anti-virus with data recovery software! THINK BEYOND ANTI-VIRUS, THINK PROTEGENT! OH YEAH! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH! THAT AIN’T A RIPOFF OF SUPER WHY! WHAT’S HAPPENING! N-N-N-NO! THAT IS A TOTALLY NEW CHARACTER! THIS IS NOT A RIPOFF! So surprisingly enough this was the only commercial that protegent made that was 3D animated the rest of them are 2D animated and they’re poorly animated so that said let’s dive right into more cringe! Okay, I really want to know where this school takes place in like as you can see about this window It has a nice view to it. (It looks like Africa, but everyone has a different skin tone, EVERYONE) look at dem animation, 10/10 head rotation *Laughs* Okay, okay. Um. One thing I want to say is these are just pictures of people kissing. These are just people kissing. How is this any bad? ( I mean, this kid is not a perv.) Like, that-that’s a normal thing that humans would do when they’re in a relationship. How is this bad? Okay, I gotta say this right now. This kid really has little standards for leaving that on the screen Okay for some reason her head likes to change size no matter what…. Okay, so this is basically an advertisement talking about how you can be safe from looking at adult photographic pictures or content like that. However! The urls on here are mostly just virus ones,(Why?) like it says like the word virus and all these urls, and I’m pretty sure these are like anti virus links. But if it’s an adult photographic website it wouldn’t have the word virus in it. No, it wouldn’t whatsoever. Teacher: You know what? Today while going through browsing history of a computer, I saw some (18+) video
links. Daniel: Oh! OH! Hold up! How could someone think that a normal picture of people kissing is considered something that only 18+ people would see? Teacher: Can you believe it? Second Teacher: Oh. Do you know who was the student who watched it? First Teacher: No! Second Teacher: But we need to stop this kind of activity. Daniel: OK, I just want to stop right now and say that like I know this is a bad commercial but, the accent in this commercial is amazing. I just gotta say right now I really like this accent. First Teacher: I know, but I don’t know how to do it! Parents trust us so much for student safety and their proper bringing! Daniel: Umm… I wouldn’t say that if I were you. I know a lot of schools that parents don’t trust when it comes to children’s safety.
-But we are not able to do anything! Well, you could just tell them about it. You could just tell him to stop or you could just delete the history :::You have encountered the Protegent mascot.::: Do you know me?
–No! Who are you?
–I’m Proto. Okay the weird thing I want to say is that in the last commercial his voice was more low-pitched How come all of a sudden his voice changed in this commercial? I just heard your problems, and I have a single solution to all your problems What?
— Yes you need ProteJUNK (I meant jent, Protejent)
–Wait, wait, wait, wait. is it Pro’tegent or or Protogent? 360 to be installed in all your computers Oh, apparently, that, apparently Protegent leaked a screen cap of The Emoji Movie. Apparently we get a free screen cap of ThE eMoJi MoViE right there Also the thing is, this is a “possibie” like a text bubble as you can see by this area here trying to go to where the person’s talking at. However here. It’s really nothing It’s just wall, and uh I don’t know what that isn’t a bunch of a bunch of books like there’s nothing there that’s saying it.
— …protects you from virus and internet threats. With Protegent Total security It protects you from data theft with (18+ content)locker and data leakage prevention. It gets OKIE I really want to know what that kid is watching I’m pretty sure that’s gonna turn into a meme someday (Guess what, I posted it into /r/indianpeoplefacebook ~N/ME) (guess what, nobody cares, r/ihavereddit) unethical activities by monitoring computer activity and Sending the complete activity log on the assigned email Id (He Said ACTIVITY Alot) Seriously? try Protegent 360 and experience yourself *laughter* n’hay (catching breath and saying ok) I think I’m good Okay Okay I Think I’m Good Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa? Whoa hold up um as you could tell throughout this video the computer operating systems that they’re using is windows 7 Over here on the guy and the guy that is looking at a dull photographic contents computer. It’s windows XP (The Demon Is OUT) HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAH Look At- Look At The Guy’s Face! It looks like a pervert Rahul come here with me, what you’re doing is wrong And you can Legally be punished for this, wait wait wait wait You could legally be punished for looking at pictures of a couple kissing On that key saying after watching icarly. I think I should be in jail or Juvie right now I’m sorry teacher, please don’t tell it to anyone. I promise I’ll never repeat this in my life Okay, thank you Proto you have saved me from going into the wrong direction. Thank you proto You helped me keeping parents Trust on us IT’S TIME TO STOP All right, it’s one more commercial to go and it’s probably the worst commercial I’m going to see in my life. It’s basically the Protegent rap.( OHHECKNO) Oh God, this is gonna be the worst three minutes of my life. So with that said, let’s dive right in to the cringe! Again! Again they’re changing his voice for some reason. They’ve changed his voice in all three videos! Could you please make up your mind on what voice you’re going to give this character that is just a Super Why ripoff? Ooookay, uh What is going on here? Okay, so apparently his arms, legs, and hands can change to any size he wants no matter what. And also, why is there shadow under his head? Like, why is there a shadow over his neck? Um, what is that? Okay, um, you think someone is going to trust your program to remove Viruses, Trojans, and Malware when you have poor animation skills and a character that is, again, a Super Why ripoff? Oh, yeah, this is definitely a trustworthy program I’m definitely gonna be using this. Okay, that was-that was a long gap of silence. “I’m pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-Proto” Um, no no no no that’s not the right lyrics, it’s I’m Proto, Proto, Proto, Proto Wait, what? Okay, this is the one part that truuuly made me mad. How is someone going to trust you on keeping your credit card identity or debit card identity-or whatever identity-safe for shopping? Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, no one’s gonna trust you on that mate, and I’m just basically stating the obvious Okay, you seriously need to work on your rap skills, mate. Oh my God. The moonwalk animation… Michael Jackson will be shivering in his grave right now Wait, you’re saying that I cannot go into Facebook or play games using this program? Wow, what a ripoff. (Sped up for convenience) Okay that guy is truly depressed. In the picture, that guy really truly looks depressed. “While they surf”? Really dude? Really? “While they surf”? Does anybody use the phrase “surfing on the internet” anymore? Does anybody actually use that phrase? Okay, finally it’s over. Oh my God, those were terrible, truly terrible, commercials. I could now understand why this thing even turned into a meme. So what do you think about the commercials? Did you like them or did you hate him? Tell me in the comments And if you have any other suggestions for what you want me to talk about next and if you have any fanart you want to submit to me, you can submit about via Twitter, discord, or in the comment section below Via – ##DanielTGaming. And if you did enjoy this video, hit the like button and the subscribe button and the notification bell to be notified whenever I upload a video. Anyways, thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you in the next video. But before I go, A lot of y’all tell me that I talk too fast in my outro (true) The thing is I like to say it fast because I want to make the video a bit shorter-no, a lot shorter. I don’t want to waste anybody’s time just by saying a simple outro. But anyways um, thank you all so much for watching see you next video. Bye


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