The Purpose of Psychiatric Medication

The Purpose of Psychiatric Medication

Antidepressants are thought to
correct a chemical imbalance in the brain that
causes depression. Let’s talk about why this theory
is flawed and about the true purpose of psychiatric
medication. [Autumn Asphodel] Hi everyone! My name is Autumn
Asphodel and I am a motivator and coach to help you get to the
root of any problem you have, face it, and overcome it. The
information I’d like to share with you today is about
psychiatric medications and the purpose they serve. This is a
continuation to my previous video about the causes of
depression, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already,
since I am continuing where I left off. Psychiatric
medications, specifically antidepressants, such as SSRIs,
SNRIs, NDRIs, and MAOIs, are thought to correct a chemical
imbalance in the brain that causes depression.
Antidepressants target the brain’s neurotransmitter
chemicals serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine.
Imbalances of these chemicals are said to cause depression.
However, this is just speculation and doesn’t
explain why these chemicals are imbalanced in the first place.
The chemical imbalance theory has never been scientifically
proven. But people still believe this idea that the
pharmaceutical industry promotes. Scientists and doctors
strongly convince us that medications are the only way to
remedy a health problem, which is simply untrue. We do not need
medication to be healthy or to overcome a challenge. Implying
that we need to take drugs to fix an illusive
chemical imbalance is not only stigmatizing, but also prevents
people from healing and getting to the root of their issue. Now
before I share the purpose of psychiatric medication, please
be aware that it isn’t my place to tell you if you should or
shouldn’t be taking medication. The choice is entirely up to
you. I am all about getting to the root of the issue and
correcting it so that you can live a happy life. That’s why I
don’t see depression and anxiety as lifelong conditions. I know
what it’s like to be chronically depressed and anxious, and I
beat it with years of therapy and dedication toward my ideal
goal of becoming happy and free of the obstacles that held me
down. If a doctor had told me that I had a chemical imbalance
and would never get better unless I took medication, I
would have felt discouraged, and I would not have pushed
myself as hard to overcome my challenges. This is why you
will never hear from me that something is impossible. Because
I strongly believe, based on my own experience, that you can
work through anything. It took me about five years of therapy
and self discovery to truly get to the root of my issues and to
learn to love myself. Of course, I still have moments of doubt,
discouragement, and even shame. But I am thankful that my former
chronic depression and anxiety are no more. Depression and
anxiety are not lifelong. It is our mind, our doctors, and
especially the pharmaceutical industry that tells us a
chemical imbalance needs to be treated with medication. Can you
understand how stigmatizing that is? Professionals declare up
front that there is something seriously wrong, that it’s a
chronic imbalance in your brain, and that drugs will help to
regulate the problem. The professional consensus is
that you are unable to heal by yourself, that you are not
strong enough, and that you will likely have to deal with
your issue, under medical supervision, for the rest
of your life. That sort of professional standard is
truly saddening. Those of us who struggle with depression and
anxiety do feel alone, like no one truly gets us, and we may
not be able to shake the feeling that we are outcasts. But,
putting yourself down doesn’t solve anything. Criticizing
yourself, believing you are mentally unstable and your brain
is imbalanced, doesn’t actually solve anything. What it does do
is encourage you to think you are unable to work through a
challenge that keeps you in the medical system. And that’s what
these pharmaceutical companies want. Because if you get better,
they cannot profit. So what is psychiatric medication best
suited for then? I view it as a bridge to get you from point A
to point B. Let’s say that you are in a low state, unable to
see any positivity or bright future ahead. Suppose you’ve
tried everything, and nothing seems to work. Then, you are
prescribed an antidepressant, and after a while you may begin
to feel better. You then get to a point where you are able to
function without the medication, so you stop taking it. I do
not recommend psychiatric drugs long-term since countless
studies have shown that over time antidepressants are
ineffective, are addictive, and can actually cause major
physical and mental health problems, including the very
thing they’re prescribed to correct, a chemical imbalance.
What we should be doing is encouraging those with
depression and anxiety to truly get to the root of their issue.
Obviously, this cannot happen overnight. And if medication can
be beneficial in the short-term as a treatment to get to that
stable place, then that’s the journey you must take.
However, lifelong dependency on pharmaceuticals should not be
the end goal. Prescription drugs are being overprescribed,
and it’s greatly impacting our health and the environment.
The root cause of depression and anxiety is not a chemical
imbalance. Medication is not a problem solver. The only true
way to find happiness is to learn to love yourself and to
accept the life you have and the choices you have made. Live
each day with positivity and gratefulness. We must not allow
regret to overwhelm us, but rather live a happy future free
of regret by facing our mistakes and learning from them. The true
cause of our issues lie deep within us. Nothing external
can fix that. Only you can fix yourself, and you have the power
to do it. Stand up for yourself and make each day count.
Approach every day as a learning experience, and you can make it
through. Thank you for sharing and supporting this information
and for making a difference in the world. Your input is
valuable, so if you have any questions or comments,
please make your voice heard. By working towards a common goal
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  • What did you think of this video?! If you want more info into why depression is not caused by a chemical imbalance and the danger of psychiatric medication, check the description for many helpful resources! 💞

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  • I've heard you talk about the meaning of life. I think knowing it can help with depression. Allow me to offer this. Life is one of a precarious group of words that are both a noun and a verb. The meaning of life is to live, it is to be alive. Oddly as it concerns human beings the full meaning of our existence cannot be fully known until our lives have ended, for only then is the story fully told. But a better question is this, what in life has meaning. If the meaning of life is to live then by definition that which has meaning must be that which makes us feel alive. However, meaning is not intrinsic. I cannot open a flower and find it's meaning but I feel it's beauty. Why? Because the meaning was not in the flower, it was inside of me. It came from me and was reflected off of the flower and back to me. A person cannot find in the world that which does not exist within themselves. You are the meaning you seek. Meaning is not something you find, it is something you become. No human has ever sought meaning, they were only searching for themselves.

  • You liked my last comment so here is another theory for you. I heard you speak of other dimensions. One of the things people always get wrong is the size variant. Atomic density is determined by the energy of the particles. Time itself is a human idea that helps us as linear beings understand the motion of atoms. The truth is that all time and space are happening simultaneously. Separated only by variances in frequency, the sugar water principal. Take a glass of water and fill it almost to the top. Now try to add a cup of sugar. Your mind tells you the glass should over flow, but it doesn't. This is because the molecules of the sugar fit in between the molecules of the water. Or if it helps, think of a radio. You know all of the stations are playing at once but you can tune in to just one. Rule: Every thing in this universe makes sense to this universe because every thing in this universe has some thing in common, quantum resonance or frequency if you like. This is what differentiates instances from one another and why time travel is highly impractical. People debate the existence of other dimensions. But let me ask you this, if there were another dimension a gazillion light years away, what could any one tell me about it? Probably not much. What if it were two feet away and no one had the slightest idea what they were looking at? Would that be much difference? What if I told you that there is only one particle in all of reality, existing in an infinite number of ways, in an infinite number of places, in an infinite number of instances. My dear, other dimensions are not only real, they are the substance of reality itself. Think about it. If energy equals mass times the speed of light, then mass must also conform to the dynamics of energy. Having; amplitude, modulatude, voltage, frequency, all of the things inherent in a wave form. What is even more exciting than that is that if time does not exist, if it is just an idea. Then we can think of the universe like a box of connecting blocks that are all the same. From those blocks I can build; a house, a car, a boat, a train, a tree, you, me, everyone. But if time does not exist then I could not have built those things if they were not already in the box. We are intelligent, so then intelligence itself is a component of existence. We could not have it if it wasn't in the box. So what this means is that all that is possesses intelligence. Just because we do not understand a thing does not mean it does not exist. The absence of proof is not proof of absence. If you would have told a cave man he had a subconscious mind he would have probably grunted and it might have meant (No fricken way!). Some thing to think about.

  • Pythos de Gothos says:

    It seems like as time goes on, more and more people are being diagnosed, and more disturbingly being prescribed a pill to take care of depression, anxiety, bi-polar, ect. There seems to be no improvement in this but instead seems to be getting worse and worse. EG: there is something seriously wrong with out societies. I personally view most of these prescriptions as Rotten infected band aids being applied over a cut. I have only seen people get WORSE under these damned drugs. Some of the comments in this video illustrate the thinking Autumn is pointing out. The other issues with SSRIs is it is ending up in our drinking water and causing issues. Anxiety, depression ect all start with OUTSIDE forces. Rotten parenting, bullying, being limited for no good reason, mental abuse, physical abuse. THIS I think is what causes the chemical imbalance. It is those issues in society that need to be dealt with. I am more than certain people's work lives are utterly screwing them up mentally, since most of their waking lives is spent dedicated to work in one way or another. Things are not improving, which these drugs are supposed to do, but instead they are getting worse..and to continue on this road that we are on, will just lead to more failure. As Autumn said, as a SHORT TERM prescription to help one repair, this is good. However, I do think that consistent use of them is the same as the over use of "safe spaces", it just causes the wound to fester.

  • Pythos de Gothos says:

    I personally try not to take any medication, not even head ache medicine. I just do not want to get dependent on them and frankly drugs these days cause more damage than help in too many cases. The side affects of some of these drugs should give one pause if people actually looked. There are of course situations where drugs are indeed necessary, but for things like colds and flus (yes flus), ect, I think one is just subjecting ones self to unnecessary chemicals in their body.

  • Psych Drugs Kill People. www.psychdrugskill.blogspot.comDoctors Kill People Mental Health is a War of Humans.
    All Doctors are Mass Murderers. All Drugs are unhealthy and are tools of murderers.Never trust a Doctor. They make a OATH to Satanic Drug Pushers to Kill People by Lethal Drugs.All American History has been Only Mass Murder and Genocides.
    America is a evil murderous empire of death.
    Antisemitism control America.
    U. S. A. actually means 'Under Satanic Authority" so the Pentagon is the Capital of American Mass Murder Machinery.

  • Dean James Littlehaven says:

    The power to over come any emotional difficulty does indeed have to come from within, True.  And yes medications have been proven to provide the stepping stones that are needed to help provide a path to a more stable mind set, True. However, they can also be used as a provisional tool to help maintain stability in long term usages. And they also been proven to stabilize chemical imbalances.  In conjunction with other medications that can aid in the stabilization of the individual that they are prescribed too. As for fixing and/or curing a chemical imbalance..? At this time there no proven medication(s) that has been created to do that as of yet. If there was I can tell you from first hand experience I'd be the first inline to get it. Because I've had a chemical imbalance since I was a kid due to a head trauma I received when I was a kid. So, I agree totally with you on that as well.

  • I watched your 4 years old video and now I'm watching this and you look so skinny! what happend? I don't have time to watch all videos, I don't know how much your DID changed but you doesn't look happy 🙁

  • I know this is a bit off topic, but I have depression and schizophrenia, could you get schizophrenia from depression with out being born with it?

  • I was depressed after marriage and it was irony because marriage should be happy but I wasn’t… with medication, it was hard to control facial muscles and my brain functioned bad… without medication i tried to think purpose, meaning and i tried to face to reality… it was not easy was worth it

  • I would like to know how these doctors know that there is a chemical imbalance in the brain. They never test the levels of neurotransmitters they just write on their prescription pad and big pharma keeps getting richer. The doses are continually increased. They have their place but for many they are no different than a placebo pill.

  • Wow Autumn. I used to watch your videos religiously back in the early days. I unfortunately haven’t watched you videos for a few years now, but decided tonight to come on and see how you’re doing. What a difference! You seem so much more relaxed and comfortable, happier and confident! I hope that this is how you feel. I’m very happy for you. Well done on making such a successful channel and for helping so many people (and thank you for helping me, it was thanks to your video that I ended up getting diagnosed with quiet BPD and got given the right help and support!) x

  • Step #1 You go to a psychiatrist because your experiencing temporary depression/ anxiety.

    Step #2 The psychiatrist puts you on an antidepressant, benzodyazapine, or mood stabilizer which unfortunately has now made everything 10X worse!

    Step#3 You are now either involuntary or voluntarily admited to a psych hospital where "They are going to get you the help you need". You leave the hospital seven days later on a plethora of dangerous RX drugs one of which is a "BENZO".

    Step#4 Initally (IE) the first two to four week the Benzo made you feel like you had things under control. Unfortunately the DRs never gave you any kind of informed consent with respect to Benzos are not supposed to be taken long term or for more then the afformentioned two to four weeks.

    Step #5 Tolerance Withdrawl from the Benzo kicks in around the 4th week and you now find yourself both mentally and physically ill beyond comprehension.

    Step#6 You are once again admitted to the psych hospital where they ultimately tell you verbatim "This is unfortunately just your condition getting worse" only now we think based on your symptomology that you now have bipolar 2 disorder. Don't worry they tell you we have a cocktail of drugs sure to make you feel better in no time at all.

    Step#7 Six months later now at home on four different RX drugs you are both physically and mentally sick beyond measure. You now fantasize about taking your life every second of every day.

    Step#8 "Seventeen Years Later" You realize you have infact been conned / played/ duped and decide to begin the long arduous disgustingly painful walk through HELL process of withdrawling from all RX drugs.

    ***The above story is my life! I'm now one year post Klonopin, Seroquel, Gabapentin, Hydrcodone, Morphine withdrawl after a grueling fifteen month taper. This journey has been a kind of HELL I wouldn't wish upon! anyone. Please research the suicide statistics with respect to coming off many of these drugs..its absolutely disgusting. July 11th is benzodyazapine awareness day..please spread the word.

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