The Making of F-Secure SENSE

The Making of F-Secure SENSE

So what is SENSE? So fundamentally F-Secure SENSE is a piece of hardware and two different software solutions. If we start with the hardware: it’s a physical object that you take to your home and connect to your existing router. And by doing that you create a new secure network for your home. Then there’s a piece of software that lives in your devices that leave your home. So whether you’re at home or on the go, you’re always protected. SENSE was built because there was a need for it. We closely followed the threat landscape and we started to see the internet of things was coming already a few years ago. Well to me this internet of things mostly means the ease of use of these devices connecting and talking to each other. So yeah there’s a lot of IP connected devices, you have PlayStations, you have toasters, you have water cookers, PCs, laptops, phones.. The fundamental problem with all these devices is that A) there’s so many of them and B) they were not designed in a way where you could could install security software on them. In the past we used to have all sorts of electronic devices, but now they start to talk with each other. So basically I can check the outdoor and indoor temperature in our summer house, and before we drive there there I can turn on the heating inside the building. But I think people also need to realize that there are some potential concerns and risks as well. For example what if your smart TV was spying on you, what if it was able to record every conversation you were having in your living room? People don’t understand security if it’s an abstract thing, if it’s like an application on your laptop or something like that. When we have a physical device in your home then security becomes more plausible and more tangible. So the product actually uses different different technologies to observe the outside world and the connected devices and learn about the threats. So much like we humans use our senses to check and learn about the outside world. The protection technology itself it’s quite different. Compared to the traditional antivirus products, the ultralight, as its name implies, it’s very fast and lightweight. And it was very important for us to build it in a such way that the overall user experience is such that typical users they hardly notice that they are under constant protection. It’s a pretty powerful device. And it takes all the expertise we’ve had on data security for the past 25-30 years. So we have a pretty good idea on how you should secure your network. It’s beautiful. Super easy to use. Solid protection technology. And there’s awesome people behind it. When you buy this product now, in a year’s time it will have evolved. We’ve done new things to it. But this is really the start, we don’t want to do this alone, we want to do this together with you. Let us know what’s good in the product, what’s bad in the product, how we could make the product even better for you.


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