The Flashback – Animator vs. Animation Shorts Episode 3

The Flashback – Animator vs. Animation Shorts Episode 3

[typing] [swirl sounds coming from the computer] Alan: Nonononono!! OH NO! *High-Five* Phew… OH CRAP!! TCO: We gotta get outta here! *TCO – The Chosen One* C’mon! [cracking] TDL: It’s stuck…! *Fzzt* TCO: Aha! Both: Cya abusive animator! Alan: My computer…. TDL: YAHOO!! TCO: WE DID IT!! *high five* “So, for then on, the two wreaked havoc on the rest of the internet for eight long years…” [typing on the computer] [thinking] What…is that? [thinking] What’s that blueprint for? TDL: Hey, Vsauce. Stick Figure here. Look what I made! TCO: What is this? TDL: It’s my ViraBot 2000! [typing to enable data erase sword] (because virabot 1000 got old.) This thing can destroy anything that it touches. (Rip globe) *flashback of what happened..* Only I can be the supreme stickman here! (summons ViraBot) TCO: Yikes…! TDL: I’m gonna test it now! And I know EXACTLY who to test it on! Now to- TCO: Stop! TDL: Why? TCO: Just don’t! TDL: This is ridiculous! TCO: NO! TDL: Well, I’m just gonna- *YOINK!* TCO: NOPE! Now, how do I turn this thing off? Huh? WOAH! What are you doing? I thought we were the best evil friends! *Fighting* TDL: Now it’s my chance! TCO: NOOOOOO!!!!!!! (Globe is back Nani?) TDL: AHA! The Chosen One punches The Dark Lord to the Air,R.I.P TDL 2011-2019(???) TCO: No… *trying to zoom* Huh? Wait…ALAN? *flashback* I need to stop this!!!!!! ZOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ViraBot passing through* [bonk] [countinuosly punching] *slap hand* *body bump* TSC:Huh? *Touch thermometer symbol* Woah! *Typing* *Opens Task Manager* Alan:ViraBot? *LASER!!!!* *Zoom* *Sees Fractured part* *countinue to zoom* *Crash* TCO: Huh? *Flashback to TSC&Friends* Huh? TSC:Ahhh…Come on.. *Attempt to escape* ViraBot:HAHAHA
TSC:Oh no! TSC: HELP!!! *TCO uses laser.* TCO:HUH! Kamehameha!!!!!!!!!!!! *Flashback to TSC&Friends* ViraBot: I will finish you.
TSC: OH HELP ME GOD! *Bang!* NANI?! What the- *Appear Portal* The Chosen One: Here, I come. Alan. TSC: Wait, who are you? TCO:Let’s fight Annoying Red Spider. ViraBot 2000: >:( *Flame sound* *raising sword sound* *Dashing together,then slash* *Zoom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*(TCO leads,TSC&friends Follow) TSC:Yo! – GBY&R:Yo! Green:HUH?,- TSC:What? TCO dissappear,then TSC&Friends goes after Stick figures: It’s too bright! *Zoom* To be continued…… 👌 Hey guys, thanks for watching this episode. I hope you liked the new style that we did it was definitely a lot of fun to do and Here’s all the people that helped If you were confused at all by any of it, you may not have seen animator vs. Animation 3 so check that out right there Also, I started a Discord server. It’s a discord server that I started. Have fun make friends Suggest things to me go to the link of the description below Also, if you want to see two dudes playing video games badly telling bad jokes, check out my new channel animators vs. Game. Yay Alright, I’ll see you guys in the next video Bye


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