The Exorcist Claiming To Cure The Sick Of Their Demons: The Murky Truth Of Modern Exorcisms

The Exorcist Claiming To Cure The Sick Of Their Demons: The Murky Truth Of Modern Exorcisms

I’m on a mission to explore
the bizarre, potentially dangerous, practice of exorcisms. I’ll be following Padre Manuel, an Argentine priest, who claims to
fight demons and cure young people of their
psychological issues. He is famous for his extreme and
violent exorcisms, and his viral video of a 22-year-old
woman called Laura made him an international superstar. The demon battling priest is now a
regular fixture on TV gossip shows, where he chats with celebrities and
promotes his school for exorcists. But the power of the church in
Argentina are worried that the Padre’s good versus evil
routine might attract vulnerable teens I’d expect to see
in the care of mental health professionals. Intrigued by his vanity, and
curious of his motives, I decided to investigate. I was heading to a poor suburb
of Buenos Aires, to attend the exorcisms of a
woman named Natalia. Despite being a nonbeliever, I was nervous about meeting the
Padre and witnessing his explosive methods up close.
And I wasn’t sure how he’d react to my sceptical line
of questioning. Natalia believes she’d been cursed
after trying to communicate with her ancestors. Evil spirits were
controlling her mind and it was up to the Padre
to save her. SHE SCREAMS As the Padre passed me the bells, I couldn’t believe I was about to
take part in the exorcism, even if I wasn’t sure it had
really helped Natalia. SHE CONTINUES SCREAMING After 45 minutes, Natalia’s exorcism
was finally over. My part in the ceremony had left me
feeling uncomfortable. While all the talk had been of
demons and angels, to me it looked more like she’d had
some kind of violent seizure. It was as disturbing
as anything paranormal. I now had a sense of how the
Padre worked. The bells had staved off
the demons for now and Natalia was able to kiss a
holy relic. And be kissed by one. But what really scared me was that
Natalia, and many others like her, were in the hands of a man who
believes in vampires. I wondered how people got in touch
with the Padre. Paula, his young assistant,
organises his consultations. I thought she could shed some light on how the Padre attracts
new business. I found out from Paula that the
following week the Padre would be meeting the family of a
17-year-old girl named Candela. I went back to the church to meet
her and her mum, before the consultation, and find
out why someone so young was drawn to the Padre’s
old world rituals. The scars on Candela’s wrists
reminded me of the tragic reality beneath the surface of the Padre’s
paranormal domain. And I got the sense that it was
desperation, rather than belief, that brought her to his church. After speaking with
Candela’s family, the family decided exorcism was the
best course of action and Paula booked her in
for next week. What really worried me was the
thought of Candela, already in a suicidal state, being
subjected to his violent methods. It made me wonder how many other
teenagers were shunning medical advice in favour of quick
fix promises. During the meeting, I noticed that
Paula got very emotional when hearing Candela’s story, which
made me curious about her own journey to the Padre. She revealed something to me that I
couldn’t believe I hadn’t already realised. After the initial shock of realising
Paula was the subject of the viral Laura video, I began to
think more about her life, how much time she devoted to
the church and the Padre, far away from the rest of society
and even her own family. With no social life to speak of, it seemed to me that working for the
Padre was everything to her. A few days after hearing
Paula’s story, I headed to the hospital to speak to
her former doctor, to see what he thought about her dramatic recovery. She had granted permission for the
doctor to speak to me, but I was frustrated to find Paula
and the Padre had called ahead to retract it, so we could only talk
in general terms. Though we had no evidence that Paula
was under any pressure to stay with the Padre, I now understood why
they may have chosen to restrict my meeting
with Dr Garin. Whilst I don’t think the doctor was
suggesting that the Padre was actually breaking any laws, and
I had seen no evidence of that, Dr Garin was clearly someone highly
critical of those offering young,
impressionable patients exorcism as a viable alternative to
medical treatment. Dr Garin wasn’t the only one
sceptical of paranormal practices. One of the Padre’s most vocal
critics was Alejandro Borgo, who directs the Argentine arm of
the Centre for Inquiry. They famously clashed several
times on TV chat shows. I arranged to meet Alejandro, in his
flat in downtown Buenos Aires, to see if he could help me
understand more about the practice of exorcism. Scepticism is an adjective, you say. I will not believe in that thing
until I have evidence. There are some cases of young people
supposedly possessed by Satan, they didn’t allow him to
take any food… ..any drink, anything,
and people died. They died. They died. They were not
treated by modern medicine. And is that happening with modern
exorcists now? Now it is happening. Now it is happening. The last programme we were together, he was presenting objects to
protect against evil. “What do you think, Alejandro
Borgo?” And then I took the vinegar bottle
and I say, “Hey, ladies, “this is for salad.”
And he got very, very, very upset. He said that his entire belief
system was a dressing for a salad. That’s why he was upset. Shouting, and shouting,
and shouting, and shouting, and shouting again, again,
over again, over again, can make her enter into a
confusing state, you know? Like a trance. Like she feels
mandatory to shout, or express something.
Repeatedly, all the time. HE SHOUTS INCOMPREHENSIBLY Why? I think he’s a liar. I cannot prove it. What is his motivation? Why doesn’t he just get a job? Money. Money. His motivation is money. He is giving a course now
on exorcisms. It’s free? No. He has his fees. He’s shameless. He has no shame. Although I could find no evidence
that anyone had died as a result of exorcisms anywhere, Alejandro had opened my eyes to the
financial side of the Padre’s church’s operations. I’d also stumbled across an unnamed
video uploaded to Paula’s Facebook account of a visibly disgruntled
Padre angrily waving a ragged donation note worth just
30p at the camera. I thought it was time to attend a
class at the Padre’s famous exorcism school to see for myself what his
attendees were paying for. While the students gathered
in the church, I decided to duck backstage and chat
with the visiting teacher for a sneak preview
of tonight’s class. I left Gustavo to prepare
for the class, and joined the other students. I hope to learn more about the
Padre’s methods, but the class was mostly about
ghosts and UFOs. Exorcisms were hardly mentioned, and I found the talk
general and evasive. The paying students didn’t
seem to mind. After I wanted to ask the Padre more
about the school, but he refused to talk to me. I felt he was beginning to
sense my scepticism. I returned the next day. I really wanted to find out how much
people in this deprived area were actually paying the church. The Padre was still avoiding me, but I persuaded one churchgoer who I
met in the parish shop to talk to me outside, away
from prying eyes. Paula’s explanation about the
church’s finances left me surprised. After the shop sales,
exorcism classes and donations, she said the Padre and his staff
were left with nothing. A week had passed since my first
visit to the church and it was now time for
Candela’s exorcism. I felt uncomfortable about the idea
of seeing such a vulnerable 17-year-old girl
go through this. And I wondered if she really
understood what she was in for. The exorcism didn’t seem to be
working this time, but the Padre had no intentions
Candela reacted strongly to the hypnotic chants of the Padre, who never showed a flicker of doubt. I felt unconvinced by the spectacle and was dying to
challenge the Padre, but since he was now more or less
off-limits to me, my only option was to speak
to his staff. I wanted to get to know the Padre
better and ask him about his beliefs and methods, but they couldn’t
get near him. Whenever I suggested a one-on-one
meeting, he refused, despite keeping up his media
appearances elsewhere. Perhaps he thought I was undermining
him by asking so many questions. I couldn’t believe the control the
Padre had over his unpaid staff, who seemed to be scared of him. But in his current mood I knew today
wasn’t the day to seek him out. More than three weeks had passed
since Candela’s exorcism, so I headed to her family home to
see her she was doing. She was suicidal when I
last saw her, and I really hoped the exorcism had
helped her in some way. Candela’s family had given
up on doctors, and the Padre had clearly convinced
them he had healing powers. To me she seemed happier, I just
worried it might be temporary as Dr Garin had warned. It was our final day of filming, and my last chance to put some
difficult questions to the Padre. Hundreds of people from across
Argentina had gathered for his big monthly ritual. Everyone
seemed more on edge than usual. And the Padre and Paula were
nowhere to be seen. So I went to find out what
was going on backstage. That’s when I had a
strange encounter with another key member of the
exorcism team, Padre Jorge Ot. The ritual was about to begin, and I
still couldn’t find the Padre. I was told he was upstairs
with Paula. After asking one of the church’s
volunteers to give her a call, it became clear that
my previous requests for an interview had angered her. While waiting to speak with
the Padre, I came across a fellow journalist
from tabloid newspaper, Cronica. I recognised him as the reporter in
the viral video of Paula’s exorcism. I was intrigued to see why
he was back. The haunting music from the film The
Exorcist played to warm up the patient crowd. I still hadn’t seen the
Padre all evening, and was beginning to wonder if he’d
even show up. Dave, Paula called us. SHOUTING IN SPANISH OK. This guy… Yeah. PADRE: Goodbye. I’d spent weeks watching this man in
his battle to free the young minds of Argentina. But what had begun as
an investigation into the spiritual realm had quickly
come to an unceremonious end. His entourage had blocked our access
and I was left wondering why the tabloid journalist had
invented such an accusation. The deeper I looked, the more I
worried that teenagers in particular were looking
up to this kind of powerful religious figure instead
of seeking professional advice, potentially risking their
long-term mental health. And yet, having spent time with
Paula, Natalia and Candela, I couldn’t deny that they all seemed
happier after their exorcisms. I only wondered how long it
would last.


100 thoughts on “The Exorcist Claiming To Cure The Sick Of Their Demons: The Murky Truth Of Modern Exorcisms”

  • Angelo Espada says:

    Catholics priests.. 😄😄😄 what a joke..they are morons. .a false church. Hocus pocus…attires and bling bling. All you need are persons who accepted Christ and has the Holy Spirit to do a deliverance(exocism) and they are done..😁

  • Again the same old tricks by the same old guys having for ultimate goal to make Catholic Church looks ridiculous . Oups, sorry it must be the money…the few pennies those people give to Padre would be better if in the pocket of bbc3…(Louis d’Aiglun).

  • Closed-minded atheists spewing their ignorance and own misconceptions and clothing it as superior knowledge.

    It’s not Catholics who are possessed, but those who cure.

    Possessed are those who played with the dark side with tarot cards, calling evil spirits etc.
    Catholic Church comes in and helps victims only.

  • RetroGamer89😎 says:

    This is disgusting he's ringing bells and touching her and kissing her and he's not even related to her the dirty priest

  • You guys wanna see real excosism go to your local mosque and say to the sheik perform ruqya on me and ask them to film u. Re watch it again and see if u have a demon inside u

  • you are an atheist looking to disprove something Godly.
    what the heck ending did you THINK you were gonna get..??

    atheists only see the one dimension of satan's world. the dimension right in front of their noses.

    they are clueless about the Spiritual dimension..
    and write off any positives that could be used as evidence in support..

    and yeah.. it takes an atheist to think that a whopping dose of God is a bad thing.
    I mean.. it might cause them to NOT have anal sex..
    or NOT get into drugs.. booze. all types of addiction..
    NOT become a prostitute..
    NOT do all the nasty evil things the Godless do..

    the fact the atheist doesn't clue into how far his balance is out of skew..??
    leads me to think yon skeptic has at least one demon in him I'd say.

    I call atheists like Andrew .. filler people.
    the Lord uses them in His plan..
    but they don't have any future.

  • Is padre Manuel an official diocesen exorcist of the Catholic Church?
    If so, the patient will have been examined by a team of medical professionals before the Padre moves in
    It didn't explain what denomination he is
    I don't think, by his methods that he is church approved

  • Queen Kuntress says:

    The thing is, as someone who battles with eating disorders, its very common to personalize your mental illnesses as entities. You can actually become attached to your corrupted mind. That wasn't "demons" that where screaming out – that was her subconscious. There had been times where I screamed out in so much agony, yelling "Leave me alone" to my own mind. I wasn't possessed, I was just very unwell with metal health issues. I think it's disgusting instead of getting professional help that this scam artist is preying off sick minds. What is going to happen when she relapses? An eating disorder doesnt just magically vanish after some old prick yells at you for half an hour.

  • Mirela Irina Petre says:

    To be religious is one things.To be stupid, ignorant, idiot, it's another thing. I studied a lot the history of religions, but i also study medicine. This kind of " priest" is a shame ,a narcisist. He s taking advantage by those poor, idiot fellows! What a shame!

  • 1 Corinthians 7:1-5 King James Version (KJV)

    7 Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman.

    2 Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.

    3 Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband.

    4 The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife.

    5 Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.

    King James Version (KJV)

  • Richard Hegyes says:

    This is real but the same demons in the persons are the same demons in the person and religious system casting it out satan is casting out satan. He makes it appear that they disappeared to perpetuate the lies. Also the interviewer is also governed by the same demons because he doesn’t believe. The only answer for anything is Jesus. You must be born again ask Jesus how

  • The world has more disbelivers that people laugh…but the sad truth is that Satan is able blot the minds of millions of innocent souls….God help us in the name of our Dear Lord JESUS CHRIST…AMEN…

  • TunisianFanOf military says:

    Tʜᴇ Gʀᴇᴀᴛᴇsᴛ Tʀɪᴄᴋ ᴛʜᴇ Dᴇᴠɪʟ Eᴠᴇʀ Pᴜʟʟᴇᴅ Wᴀs Cᴏɴᴠɪɴᴄɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴇ Wᴏʀʟᴅ Hᴇ Dɪᴅɴ’ᴛ Exɪsᴛ

  • Why dont you ask what demons plan is ,why forced vaccinations,is it a portal for them to enter us when vaccinated

  • Roman Engelbrecht says:

    this guys a total fake but he is genuinely making a difference to these mentally ill peoples lives, so idk hes bad but then again he does good by pretending to be good but hes being bad cuz hes not all that good mhmm??

  • Daniel Cisneros says:

    Let me get this straight after the exorcism is over there's post a blow them with their badd breath to give them a blessing , A bunch of charlatans, Everything they're doing is really not biblical they're making up stuff like the Bells and the blowing of the breath doesn't make any sense read your Bible People

  • This Andrew Gold????? is a Demonic worshiper and anti-christian so nothing he has to say is relevant. His family and friends are the same way. He went there to denounce the Priest and Catholic Church, not to learn about exorcisms. Just look at his Satanic nose and fill in the rest of his last name.

  • Angelic Inspirations says:

    Those who do not have a relationship with Christ due to unbelief! Maybe the interviewer may find this verse helpful…John 12:40 King James Version (KJV)

    40 He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart

  • jesus is love and saviour says:

    Plz stay away this churchs
    Its totally demonics
    Demons enter your body
    Jesus name is power full .

  • cecilia palermo says:

    Psychiatry Is A Scam .
    We live in an evil system, the world is run by a satanic cult . Satanic brainwashing and demoniacal possession is, alas, a dark nasty reality. I doubt about this exorcisme thing, but I never doubt about the power of Love . Is Authentic Uncondiscional Love What Shall Heal The Earth And All Of Us .

  • cecilia palermo says:

    😂🤣😂😂 el padre Acuña es un tarado!! Se encama con la secretaria! Que estricto para guardar secretos, el padre Manuel 😂👌

  • Exorcism is a great tool all people can be possessed they generally label themselves as sick I’ll they don’t know the demons cause this! It is true I have seen this great healing tool thanks Jesus God for your mighty healing hallelujah

  • Jordan LeClair says:

    The ancient egyptians postulated to the people, that we are born with seven souls. The integration, and training of these beings, is our doing, as we all have a will. The eye sees, as the hand confronts. We are creatures of vision, we seek the light, as the dark confronts our fears. We look to the horizon, and when we get steeped in our disorder, we fail. The shadow was created by God, just as we are. There is more than one reality (past, present, future), but we seek it as one whole. There are also many galaxies that we cannot see. The shadow is real, and shadow people, i.e. demons, are real. Muslims say that we are each born with an angel, and a djinn. Nowadays, we can capture them, because of CCTV everywhere. It's very interesting, the tribes from the middle East believe that the djinn are a lot like us. They have religion, families, some are good, some are evil. There's an undeniable interdimensional reality, and humans seem to not be able to understand this. If you have ever played with a Ouija board, you may understand this doorway people seem to talk about, when we invite them. Similarly, our prayers have a reality as well. Creation is amazing!

  • oh please a priest cant do nothingn for u! Come to christ and turn from the devils of the catholic church! Only jesus forgives sin ! not a priest! Come Out Of Her My People

  • This is called deliverance you will not understand these things unless you are born again by repenting of your Sins and allowing Jesus in He is the way truth and lif e

  • Dogma is a big problem. People never waken their consciousness to who and what they really are and their true capabilities. Keeping them down and asleep and not awake to life for what it really is. Religious dogma.

  • Dwight 小平果 LOL says:

    I'm Christian and even I don't really believe in exorcism. I think this guy is a con man. Just my opinion but I think it's a scam lol

  • That priest is very arrogant and was displaying behavior that is not that of a religious or God fearing man. It seems as though he doing this for his own agenda, not really in God's name. His relationship with Paula is questionable, especially after the pictures of them on holiday together.

  • The greatest lie ever told was..that the devil doesn't exist… because if you knew he did.. everyone would be in their Bible's praying everyday for their souls.

  • Spiritual Anarchist says:

    The movie, the exorcist truly is óne of the most " influencing movies 'ever Before  the movie hardly anyone knew about Demonic possessions ,'  By now possessed people seem to grow like fungus on a. damp wall. Either the movie 'is  proof of how easy people can  fool themselves  Or, the movie was a tool for demons to possess people… It's one or the other.'

  • The Devil himself rarely possesses a person but he does oversee a possession from a distance. He gives orders to the devils, which can be any one of the seven princes of Hell, that then assign a demon or demons, because it’s usually more than one, to possess the victim. If the demon fails then Satan punishes it in unimaginable ways and then it is assigned to another victim. The Devil doesn’t waste his time with what he considers, ‘inferior humans.’ People must stop saying that a victim is possessed by The Devil/Satan himself- it is very rare that he does. Demons do the dirty work.

  • God would never sanction this . He's trying to fight demons with engraved images on objects. Everything about this stinks.

  • You can't just base all modern exorcism on one guy out in the world. I could base all modern journalism on people like you. That would not be fair. Actually it probably would be today……

  • Sean McConeghy says:

    Exorcism, demons, and demonology are real. That doesn't mean that all of those who claim to be experts or practitioners in the field are engaging in the work properly. That the class has people who have not received Holy Orders strikes me as odd, because only the ordained may perform exorcisms, and then only when granted the authority to do so.

  • There is definatly a need for this…satan and his demons knows that the end is near so they dont have much time left to rid God of the faithful ones…he will do what it take to do so and I'm what ever means he has…so yes I feel people need a cleansing of their soul…

  • The Red Snatter says:

    This so called reporter tried hard to make a scandal and the people seen right through it. i don't believe in exorcisms but if it helps people when meds do not then maybe there is something to it. Belief creates but yeah gutter press got exposed for what they are. He had no intentions of making it about spirituality! and maybe the useless psychologists are pissed because they are losing business, i bet none of them no the ingredients of the meds they dish out or how they supposedly work or don't work in the brain..

  • I suspect that there are real cases of possession, real demonic activities, and valid exorcisms. But that is why the Catholic Church seems to adhere strictly to certain criteria and why medical doctors must be involved. The guy in this video, though, just does not seem legitimate. I think that the journalist did a great job. He was respectful throughout the story – but the "bishop" was having none of it. Frauds are everywhere, even in the clergy.

  • Gabriela Almeira says:

    Es un asco ese famoso padre, falso, basura me cae re mal. Es de las tantas mentiras de los estúpidos religiosos


  • Exorcism is real, you have the victims themselves talking about their expiriences. The deniers, think they know better?

  • RedPill Wakeup says:

    You can tell this guy has never worshipped Christ or read a Bible learning about the Holy Spirit. It's not the padre doing the healing my friend, it's the same power that Jesus used to perform many miracles. The power of the Holy Spirit that rose Jesus from the grave. Jesus, The Father, and Holy Spirit are all equals and make up the trinity my friend. Learn smthn, demon possession is a very real thing. Why do people do witchcraft and perform rituals? Because they are really worshipping real entities, just entities from the dark side which will eventually torment them and demons want possession of your soul for eternity…and they also pass down from generation to generation.

  • Nando Valenzuela says:

    The padre is hitting paola from front back n side to side lol clearly you can tell they are doing the hokey pokey

  • He kept saying the Priests violent methods. He needs to realize that the violence comes from Satan… That is if these are actual possessions.

  • He is a false teacher those people need deliverance by our Lord Jesus Christ, he said the most important this is the battle but Jesus commanded his disciples to preach the Gospel to all living creatures. If that woman in the beginning was possesed by a demon and was delivered then alright but has she heard the Gospel? Is she saved tho? There is no Holy relic just a Holy God

  • allison muszynski says:

    When he drank the bottled holy water'😅😅

    Edit: and the Excorcist soundtrack playing in the background at the church sksksksks

  • allison muszynski says:

    In the Catholic Church you have to have 4 signs before they perform an exorcism:
    1. Speaking tongues or unknown languages
    2. Extreme super human strength
    3. Bad reaction to Religious items
    4. Some type of paranormal knowledge (ie. Knowing where a hidden object was placed or knowing something about someone in the room that they couldnt have known. Like repeating the last words their dying mother said to them.)

    Not just a history of anorexia and rolling around the ground screaming. At least the Catholic church has some standards 😅

  • Kiki florine Tchouante says:

    Yes! I love my Catholic Church. There will always be servants of satan who trying to tell liars. Jesus Christ can heal through exorcism and a Good Priest. Demons are Real brothers and sisters. God bless you all 💞!

  • Kiki florine Tchouante says:

    You’re a foolish blind person if you’re thinking these are false.
    Exorcism is real and God heals people through Good priests in the Catholic Church.
    If you think you are heathy therefore you’re very sick or possess by evil spirit.

  • Actually I would like to state something Realy imprtwnt . Just because he’s a catholic”””” . That’s not the reason he can exorcise people . It’s the word of god that drives the denons out . Not the man him self . Anyone of us could stamp and drive out any spirit as long as it’s the true word of god . The bible . You are driving the spirit out with . And of course your faith is strong in Jesus as well . There are many people dilivering people I. Jesus name that are not catholic priests . The word of god is the power not the Man . Jesus said we can do so much more than we actually realise with the power of the Holy Spirit and of course that we believe with bond faith in the father . The son and the Holy Spirit. That is all we need . 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. Amen

  • I used to cutt.. I slit my hand.. N hated myself cuz ppl from school when i was n 10th grade would pick on me verbally n phisiclly… I tried ending my life so many times.. N idk it's been years n i still sometimes feel like cutting n i struggle with deep beck depression n i am traumatized from my younger years.. N have really bad anxiety.. Should i get something like her or how do i see someone like him n San antonio tx??

  • Its the name of jesus thats all we need dont read into this people follow the word of the lord be transformed by blood of christ and walk by the spirit and not by the flesh demons love to play and trick us jesus spoke and demons came out no mucking around like this

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