The Cure for Unbelief

KENNETH: Hello everybody. I’m
Kenneth Copeland. Welcome to the believers voice of
victory broadcast and welcome to Kenneth Copeland
Bible college this morning. Praise God. Thank
you Lord. Amen! Thank you and praise you for the
flow of your word and you’re so good to us and we
thank you in worship you and we, we ascribe all of the praise,
all of the glory, for every word that’s spoken in every deed
that’s done to the wonderful, glorious, matchless name of
Jesus, whose we are and whom we serve. And it’s in that name we
pray and we thank you for it. Amen. Now we’re talking about
the fundamentals of faith in our study of the faith of God. And
when we closed yesterday, and the fact this is one, two,
the third basic fundamental of faith, you cannot, it’s
impossible to receive Abraham’s faith. You can’t receive it. You
cannot receive the bless… I said it wrong. You cannot
receive the blessing of Abraham with Thomas’s faith. And
when you study this, you, you actually see the, it’s a,
it’s a, it’s a stark revelation comparing the way the world acts
and believes, and I’m sad to say the way most born again and even
Holy-Spirit-baptized Christians believe and the difference is
the same now that it was then. Teaching. You remember the sixth
chapter of the book of Mark, the Bible said, “And there,” you
know at Nazareth, “Jesus could do no mighty works.” Didn’t say,
wouldn’t, said he couldn’t. He laid his hands on a few sick
people. If you study that out, it was people with minor
ailments, because of their unbelief and he went about
teaching in their villages. That’s the cure for unbelief.
Amen. Because Romans 10:17, “Faith cometh by hearing and
hearing by the word of God.” Faith doesn’t come because of
traumatic experiences and all of that. If it did, everybody would
be a faith giant. No, no. It’s what you do in the traumatic
experience with your faith that causes you to grow spiritually,
but without the word you’re crippled. That’s like a,
that’s like a starving person physically, a person that’s
malnourished physically, trying to be an Olympic athlete. Well,
if I work out hard enough, I’ll get there. No, you won’t baby.
You’re going to have to eat and you’re going to have to eat
right or your physical body’s not going to make it. Because
you, you could just take a you, you could just take a
pencil, that thing doesn’t weigh anything. But you do this
with it enough times, you’ll be exhausted. It’ll use up all the
physical strength you have. You can use up your faith,
particularly if it’s feeble and if you’re not walking in
forgiveness, you faith is feeble. It just won’t work. You
can spend a lot of time in the word and still in unforgiveness
and your faith is feeble. Amen. I’ll tell you something else. If
you’re really having a hard time with physical strength and
you’re, you, you’re getting, you know, right amount of sleep and
you’re, you’re eating right, but you’re having a hard time
in your physical strength, something’s wrong with your joy.
Something’s wrong with your joy. The joy of the Lord is your
strength. And you don’t have to feel… Happiness and joy are
two totally different things. Amen. But you get your joy
working in just seems like you just become a happy person,
regardless of what’s going on around you. But joy- Love,
joy, second fruit of the spirit. Amen. So how do you do that? You
count it all joy when you fall into different trials and tests
and temptations. James chapter one. Amen. Ha ha ha. and those
of you that watched, uh, Dr. Avery Jackson, um, um, a
renowned, um, brain surgeon, neurosurgeon and, and watched
him on, on the broadcast. And the study has been proven. And
um, at, uh, I believe you said John Hopkins, biggest cancer
operation. Um, I think it’s biggest in the world, but I know
it’s in the United States down in Houston. They have proven the
fact that the body cannot tell the difference between a belly
laugh and a put on laugh. Amen. But you know, they have laughing
classes for people that are in a lot of pain, particularly cancer
patients. And they just say, “I know this looks crazy and funny
and weird, but this is part of your treatment. And if you’re
going to have me as a doctor, you’re going to you, you’re
going to do this.” Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. And you have to…
CONGREGATION: Ha ha ha. KENNETH: You have dance a little. You
have to dance a little. And finally that they’re not saying
this, but he was saying that finally the joy comes up in
there. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. And just laugh at the devil. Glory
to God. Praise you, Jesus. We’ve been raised up with him and
made to sit with him in heavenly places. He sits at the right
hand of God and we sit at the right hand of Jesus and God sits
in the heavens and laughs at the devil. Glory to God. We sit
with him, We can laugh with him. Hallelujah. Glory be to, Jesus.
Amen, thank you Jesus. Doesn’t the word say he’s been put under
our feet. Ha ha ha. Hallelujah. And I mean your joy will come
forth. Amen. And a Merry heart does good like a medicine.
Didn’t say a merry body. No. A merry you. Spirit joy! Thank
you, Jesus. Well, glory to God. Now then back to where we were.
“As it is written, I have made thee…” Not that I’m going to
make thee, “I’ve made the the father of many nations
before him or like him, whom he believed, even God who
quickeneth the dead and calleth those things which be not as
though they were. Now this is Abraham’s faith who against
hope, believed in hope that he might become the father of many
nations according to that which was spoken, so shall thy seed
be, and being not weak in faith he considered not his own body
now dead when he was about a hundred years old, neither yet
the deadness of Sarah’s womb. He staggered not at the promise of
God through unbelief, but was strong in faith, giving glory to
God.” Being fully persuaded that what he had promised,
being fully persuaded that the covenant he had with God.
The promised covenant, a blood covenant. That’s what fully
persuaded him. He was able also to perform. Now next week we’re
going to study that from the 17th chapter of Genesis, but if
you back up to the 15th chapter of Genesis, before his name
changed, the 17th was the changing of the name. And God
literally put his name, the H, In the middle of his name.
Abra-ham. This Hebrew’s hearing that. Amen. Amen. Now that’s
the way Abraham received the blessing of the Lord.
Deuteronomy 28. Are you with me? All right now then let’s go back
over here to John chapter 20 verse 24, “Thomas, one of the
12,” or Thomas, one of the twins “…was not with them when
Jesus came. The other disciples therefore said unto him, ‘We
have seen the Lord,’ but he said unto them, ‘Except I shall
see,'” say, “see.” “In his hands the print of the nails, put my
finger or feel, into the print of the nails, thrust my hand
into his side…” And notice he’s functioning in his soulish
man and he’s functioning his operating his will, not faith. I
will not believe. “After eight days, again, his disciples were
within and Thomas was with them. Then came Jesus, the doors being
shut and stood in the midst and said, ‘Peace be unto you.’ Then
sayeth unto Thomas, ‘Reach here your finger. Behold my hands.
Reach here your hand thrust it into my side and be not
faithless.'” Faith-Less. Now if you go back over there or are
you go to the third chapter of the book of Galatians, you
see where Abraham received his blessing by faith. Amen. Now
watch this. “Thomas answered and said unto him, ‘My Lord, my
God,’ Jesus sayeth unto him, ‘Thomas, because thou hast seen
me, thou has believed. Blessed,” Say blessed. Now he’s he, he’s
out and shaped to received the blessing. “‘Blessed are they
that have not seen and yet have believed.” Blessed you cannot
received the blessing of the Lord, which maketh rich and he
adds no sorrow with it. That’s talking about financially. You
cannot receive it by waiting till you feel it and waiting
till you see it. And that’s, I’m sad to say what most people do
and they have this idea. Well, and you can see why without
the proper teaching. And this is where your and my role come in.
This becomes our business. This is our business, this is what
we do. We teach. Notice teaching was first. Jesus, he went about
teaching. He did more teaching than anything else, preaching
and then healing because without the teaching and the preaching,
very little healing occurred. Now there were incidents and
instances where he, and I dare say there will be in your life
and mine, but they are so rare where God just started something
on his own. Gloria and I were in London many years ago and they
had already said to us before we went in there, someone said to
me, um, “Now Brother Copeland, uh, don’t, uh, don’t, don’t get,
you know, disturbed if, if the British people, uh, you know,
they’re, they’re responsive, but they’re, they’re, you
know, they’re, they’re not a demonstrative people.”
Everybody’s demonstrative over something. “These same people
that are just not demonstrative at all.” Have you ever seen
them in a soccer game? Oh yeah. They’d demonstrate brother.
Well, Christian people are the same way. If they’ve got
something to shout about. Well, um, I walked into the pulpit and
I mean, my this place was packed out. There was a best, I
remember somewhere around 8,000 to 9,000 people in there that
night. And I just walked up the pulpit like I always do. And I
just walked up there and I said, I probably said, open your
Bibles to Mark 11. But I just said, open your Bible to that,
to the scripture and I started reading the scripture and all of
a sudden they started praising God. They just started praising
God. I hadn’t even said anything yet. They just started praising
God and they started praising God. And then they started
running around the room and then the whole bunch started praising
God. They jumped to their feet and they are just screaming and
they’re hollering and they’re praising God at the top of their
voices and they’re just praising God. And it kinda calmed down
a little bit. And I started reading the scripture again
and they started in again. I actually literally got preached,
I got shouted down. I never did get to preach. Never did. I
didn’t preach a word that night and I’m standing there and
they’re standing at that pulpit and I just said to myself, “Well
Lord, you started this, finish it.” and so I just stood there.
Now there was a woman down in front, just right square in
front of me and about two rows back. She just all of a sudden
very conspicuously jumped up, just jumped just as high as she
could and spun around and like that and sat back down. I
thought, “That’s strange.” And I just went on and on and on. I
don’t even remember now how the thing closed up. Well, I do too.
I gave an invitation and bunch of people got saved. That woman,
now this is what I’m going to point out to you now. See,
she hadn’t heard anything that night. God inhabits the praise
of his people. The people that brought her there testified that
young woman had cerebral palsy. Came in a wheelchair. Now
when we pray, we enter into his presence. When we praise, he
enters into ours. She just jumped as high as she could jump
and spun around like a top. Then I understood why she did that
and why it was so, uh, why it was so noticeable to me. Cause
one thing, she’s the only one sitting down, but I didn’t know
her condition. The man at the pool of Bethesda, he hadn’t
heard Jesus preach. He didn’t even know who he was. But now
these are rare. And I’ll tell you something else about someone
and people who received their miracles in that kind of
atmosphere. It’s wonderful. Glory to God, yet still do not
know how to function on purpose in faith. And if they believe
the symptoms, all Satan has to do is put a little symptom back
in there and here come their words, “I thought I was healed.
I guess I’m not.” Oh, of course. That rat’ll steal it if he
can. but you can just take a few moments and teach that person
the power of their words and so forth. They’ll see it like that.
Well, amen. Glory to God. Yeah, I see that. I see now that
healing belongs to me. Yeah. I was healed all the time I was
in that mess. I just didn’t know anything about it. Praise God.
Isn’t that good? All right. So that was the situation here
that, um, he was moved… And let me tell you something else
about this situation. If all a person believes or maybe put it
like this, if there, they pro predominantly believe their
feelings instead of having the word final authority, then Satan
has access by way of the five physical senses and to their
inner most counsel like this. “Well, I don’t know whether it’s
God’s will to heal me or not. I just don’t know. I used to think
healing had been done away with, but I see now that’s not right.
Cause there’s people and in churches you get healed and, and
I’m, you know, I hear testimony, I, I know that’s not right. I
know he heals today. I don’t have any doubt about that
brother. But I, you know, I don’t know whether he heals me
or not. Let’s pray. And if I, if he heals me, I’ll know it’s
his will.” No, you’re, you’re, you’re in bad company. You can’t
receive it. If he’s gonna heal only one, it’s going to
be me. Yes sir. And we’re out of time. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.


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