The Cure For Hearing Loss | Part 2 – Stem Cell Therapy


41 thoughts on “The Cure For Hearing Loss | Part 2 – Stem Cell Therapy”

  • I don't know why you don't respond to my comment about Real Ear Measures? Is it because you can't say anything about the VA? I understand why you won't reply about my Phonak comment, you sell them. I just wanted some help.

  • Thank you for the videos. My concern for hearing aids is that it seems like if you take the frequencies that have been damaged and then amplify them with hearing aids that you would be causing further damage to your hearing. That would mean that your hearing get worse at a faster rate.

  • Akhil Mallavarapu says:

    Hey – I'm a young adult going through hearing loss in both ears. Just want to say that your channel's been invaluable in helping me navigate this condition and assess my treatment options. Keep doing what you're doing! Much love from Canada.

  • Idalia Miller says:

    Hello Doctor, what is your thoughts about Lumomed? Do you think that laser would make a difference? Do you heard about this?
    Thank you for all your videos! 🙂

  • hi do you have the research or the lecturer of cure hearing loss, like their website, I really interested in that part

  • IF stem cell research is successful and it can be used on hearing loss patients, would it be for people who have noise induced hearing loss

  • Cynthia Andre says:

    What are ways to stimulate the auditory nerve and brain, especially for those of us with mild hearing loss?

  • Alexander Armstrong says:

    Hey doctor cliff Is there a possible way to have a bran new cochlea from a donater and have a bran new cochlea all together???

  • Shardool Gokhale says:

    I'm 14 right now and I am partially deaf on my left and close to totally deaf on the right side. I had hearing loss since I was born. Right now I am wearing a phonak bolero Q70 m13. I'm waiting for new advancement for hearing and looking forward to using stem cells, otherwise I will need to get a cochlear implant which I'm not looking too much so much. But thank you for keeping us all informed about the lately advancements.

  • hi doctor I am Dr Urvashi from UAE.My son is diagnosed with B/L sensorinueral hearing loss of 60 db and also autism now 17 yrs old so far we havent been able to improve his hearing as he cant wear aids,also we r not sure weather autism is cause or effect of hearing problem kindly guide further

  • I want a video about the latest treatment for sensory neural hearing loss … iam a 19 and I have it with tinnitus

  • Hello, I am Lata and I am from India. My son has Usher's, with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss with retinitis pigmentosa. Speech discrimination is zero for him and he still has some vision left. In what way will be benefit from stem cell therapy?

  • Shawn Peterson says:

    I went shooting and my hearing protection came off, and the next week I went to a concert at red rocks and my right ear has been hurting ever since. I went to an audiologist and he said there was hearing loss but he said it would come back. I can still hear but it hurts to listen to music sometimes. Any suggestions :/

  • You could do a video on the recent clinical trials being done by frequency therapeutics. Would be great to get your take on it.

  • I have some reservations with his opinion, the new treatments working effectively mean he is out of a job. There is a ton of promising results out there but not much being reported here.

  • walid Aboulloul says:

    I had sudden deafness with tinnutis (both ears) and it changed my life tried everything nothing works stress worsens the tinnitus so stay calm there is nothing to be done. Thanks for tjos vedio bro. God Bless.

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