Testing of Antivirus Software in Detecting Viruses

Testing of Antivirus Software in Detecting Viruses

Welcome techyv.com channel,your solution
provider.I’m David and today i would show you how to test your anti-virus capability. First of all, you have to copy this code from the
description of the video and paste it on notepad. or any text editor and save it as
executive application. Choose about old files instead fig virus
or anything like that. Remember to type .exe at the end and as you can see the anti-virus
detected as a virus. That means ,that it’s working very well. If you received a notification like this, that means,you have to change your antivirus
and its not really good, defending your computer. Which for a while it’s scanning the system. and i’m just going to cancel is where
this is only a test. And remember to subscribe to our channel to get
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6 thoughts on “Testing of Antivirus Software in Detecting Viruses”

  • Antivirus software is one of our protection in terms of privacy. They run under a process and protect us if we’re being attacked by any malicious program. However, we still need to consider how efficient and powerful the antivirus is. If the antivirus isn’t powerful enough, it will fail. The video shown here is a checking tool. I was a little bit confused about my antivirus and I tried the step given here and fortunately, my antivirus caught it. It is the best way to choose a good antivirus. Thanks Techyv.

  • Aleksandr Mikhailovich says:

    Excellent video tutorial! Yes, antivirus is a program which helps us to identify viruses and remove them safely. A virus is a program that makes our privacy and security more vulnerable. It attacks important files and either delete them or make them unusable. This video gives me the idea that we can check if our antivirus is working actively or not. It’s a great news and I am not aware before. Your video tips and tricks helps me to do it perfectly. Your post is what exactly what I hope to see. Awesome and best of regards.

  • Janet H. McAlpine says:

    Awesome and very timing tutorial. This video tips and tricks and are very mind-blowing. The best antivirus software helps to stop computer viruses, it also addresses the myriad and difficult modern threats that we can encounter. Indeed, from the complex antivirus and anti-malware detection engines to increasing online privacy controls, safety suites are a vital part of Windows life. And just like driving a car without wearing a seatbelt, we shouldn't try to get by without using an antivirus software. Great work Techyv, and I’m sure you will get millions of subscribers and Likes for your great tips!

  • Sophia A. Price says:

    Cool video that helps me a lot! I know about antivirus, but testing an antivirus is really new to me. I have never heard about that and never think that I need to test my antivirus if it is actively working or not. But now, after watching this video, I have updated my knowledge that it is very important. So I have performed every step mentioned in the video and I am feeling great knowing that my antivirus is working perfectly. Thanks Techyv for your precious post and keep up the great effort Techyv!

  • Nina M. Ahrens says:

    Cool video that help me a lot. That is a pretty simple way to Test of Antivirus Software in Detecting Viruses. Well done Techyv keep up your good work!


    Another brilliant work from Techyv! There are many users who are not aware of checking their antivirus if it’s properly working or not. But this Techyv’s video will inspire them to check their antivirus activities. This video will give them the idea that there is no need to be a professional to check their antivirus. Just by following this video tutorial, they can do it easily. This video is very educative and informative too. I like the video and I am impressed with its simple explaining process. Thanks Techyv for your great video and clear tutorial. Keep uploading such kind of educative video on your site.

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