Tatiana Schlossberg Wants to Help You Feel Less Anxious About Climate Change

Tatiana Schlossberg Wants to Help You Feel Less Anxious About Climate Change

-I think sometimes people are afraid to even read
about climate change because it’s overwhelming,
it’s depressing. Your book made me feel a little more optimistic
and hopeful about it. Was that the goal you had? And how do you set up
to achieve that? -Yes, so before I started
writing about climate change, I never wanted to read about it,
because it made me so anxious. But I felt, like, you know,
once I learned more about it, it’s not that the problem became any less serious or less scary, but I felt like
I really understood it. And so what I wanted to do
with this book was to, you know, bring people along in that
journey of learning about it and hopefully becoming
slightly less anxious along the way.
but, uh, yeah, I — You know, it is —
It is serious and scary, but it’s also really interesting
and so I — That’s why I wanted to write
the book. -And you make it personal
in that you also go about researching your own impact
on climate change. How did you find
your way into that and were you surprised
by what you found? -Yeah, so I had felt like
reading about climate change, as I’m sure a lot of people do, that the scale didn’t
really make sense. Like it was, you know, you
need to change your light bulb or we need 100% renewable energy
in a year. and so I wanted to kind of bring it down to the scale
of our own lives and, you know,
have it make sense there and so I thought there must be
something in between that. So, I wrote about the Internet and food and fashion and fuel as kind of a way to do that. and, you know, like I said,
I wanted it to be a guide of — You know, it’s not me
lecturing anybody ’cause I’m definitely
not better than anybody else. I love ice cream.
[ Laughter ] But, uh… But, yeah, just, you know,
to help everybody understand how we’re all involved
in this problem. -You tracked your
electrical output and then also did it
for your friends. how did your friends feel when
you came over to their house to both research
and then let them know how they were negatively
affecting the climate? -Yeah. So, something people don’t actually really like
is when you come over and unplug all their appliances
and then replug them back in. -[ Laughs ]
-A lot of resetting of clocks. [ Laughter ]
But, yeah. I was really surprised
to find things like, you know, your cable box
uses a ton of energy even when it’s not on. or, you know,
lots of other things that, you know, have,
like, a light on them or, you know,
are turned on by a remote, they’re drawing power
all the time, and it’s something
we don’t think about, but it adds up to quite
a lot of electricity, and it’s just one of the ways
that, you know, we are consuming electricity
and resources without even thinking about it. -You write about how your own education in this
has left you — or should say “led you” to taking your civic duty
very seriously, especially here
in New York City. You are very proud to report energy that’s being wasted.
-Yes. I’m a passionate rule follower. [ Laughter ]
Always have been. It’s why I never won laser tag.
[ Laughter ] But I — [ Chuckles ] -But they did give out — they said at the end
of laser tag, every time you lost, they said,
“best rule follower.” -Yes, “best rule follower.” “She always walked.
Never ran. Just like we told her.”
[ Laughter ] But something
that I loved to do is, so in New York City,
it’s illegal to have your doors open
and your air-conditioning on for a store. So, I will take
the long way home, and I will report all
of the businesses… [ Laughter ]
…to 311 and then, you know,
feeling very proud of myself, like, finding the address
and writing it all in my phone, and exactly what
my complaint is. -And you call it?
-You have to do it online. -Okay. So, you go online.
-Yeah, so I do it online. And then I will get an e-mail,
like, five months later that they went and checked it
out and there was no problem. [ Laughter ]
So it’s just, like, in the moment,
it feels so important and then it never
turns into anything, but I haven’t learned
the lesson yet that it’s a waste of my time. -And is it possible that
when they’re checking five months later
the seasons have changed? -It is — Yeah.
-Yeah. It’s usually, you know — By the time they get there
in December, the air-conditioning’s not on. But, you know,
there’s always hope. -[ Laughs ] You talk about
air-conditioning and paternalism in a very interesting way
in the book. Can you explain a little bit
by what you mean by that and how it’s a different way
of looking at it? -Yeah, so I think
one of the issues around climate change has
always been — or should be — something that should
be a bigger part of the conversation
is inequality. And so what I wrote
about in the book with regard to air-conditioning
is that the countries that are the least responsible
for climate change, like, India and Bangladesh are
getting really hot at the — it’s at the same moment that
more and more people there are able to afford air-conditioning. So it’s very easy — But air-conditioning
has chemicals that, if they’re released
into the atmosphere, have a very powerful
global warming impact, and they use
a ton of electricity. And so it’s very easy
for me to sit here, you know, in New York or watching, you know,
stores blast air-conditioning, say, “Well, actually, you know, we can’t have any more
air-conditioning in India because of climate change.” So, I think there’s a dynamic
to that that I think is — It is paternalistic,
you know, for us in the West who are the most responsible,
to kind of be, you know, depriving other people
of the lifestyle that we’ve marketed
to the rest of the world. and, so I think we have to be
very conscious of how to, you know, transition justly
to a better environment. -And so I think one of
the things anybody watching — obviously, everybody
should read the book — but what is something
we can all do? What is something that you
can put your hands around and say,
this would be a helpful step? -So, the most important thing
to do is to vote and to — [ Chuckles ]
[ Cheers and applause ] And, you know,
politicians saying that they believe
in climate change — as if it’s something
to believe in — is not really enough anymore. You know, they have to be
supporting the right policies and we have to hold them
accountable. And the second most
important thing to do is to talk about climate change
with your friends and family, because the more people
talk about it, the more willing
they are to support policies to mitigate climate change
and to consider it a risk. And the third thing is,
you know, a lot of — a lot of what my book is about, is the power that
corporations have and their responsibility that they have to
do things better. So, an example is,
like, you know, making a single pair of jeans can use up to 2,900
gallons of water but it shouldn’t be up
to me, the consumer, to figure out, you know,
if I’m standing in the store which pair of jeans
use less water. All of the companies should
be doing a better job, and we don’t have to buy ones
from the companies that aren’t at the very least
telling us what they do. So, those are the three
biggest things. -Well, that’s wonderful. and thank you so much
for being here. I really appreciate your time.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you for having me.
-Congrats on the book. Tatiana Schlossberg, everybody.


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  • I wouldn't say that the West is more responsible.. that's just incorrect. Western companies are still packaging things in plastic containers, they are the primary source of plastic waste. Indians have created biodegradable utensils while the west is still working with plastic. Most people in India, in villages and cities, are using solar panels for their electricity more than Americans. Check your bias!

  • Tatiana is presenting her book at the Harvard Book Store, in Cambridge Mass on Sept 10th at 7pm. Tickets are free. I'm going! Water and jeans? I need to learn more about THAT!

  • BecomeStemceldonor WatchCowspiracy says:

    The 5 Best measures you can take:

    1. Have no children
    2. Get solar panels on your house
    3. Eat vegan (vegetarian is better than vegan but vegan is best)
    4. Vote for politicians that have good plans to fight the climate crisis
    5. Fly less often

  • Still beating around the bushes, not a word about the elephant in the room. None of these solutions are sustainable unless we make a complete change to hydrogen fuel. Production is ready to deliver, why none of you are stimulating demand?

  • Argh! Sentences that start with “I felt like” or “I feel like” should be limited to describing emotions – not information, knowledge or beliefs!!! Big pet peeve that this chick just triggered. Apart from that a good interview!

  • If we were using the SUN for energy we could cool the earth AND not worry about the cost and harm from the production and use of power.

  • Earth has been in a warming phase since the cataclysm that caused the rapid end to the last ice age. Are we contributing? Yes. Can we fix our part? Yes. Can we reverse global warming? No.

  • She sounds like a shitty person, but at the same time, she is.

    BTW I used 10,000,000,000 kW of megajoules to write this. … And yes, you have to waste even more power to prove me wrong. I'm also A fish!!!

  • "The most important thing to do is to vote". Instead of using precious time to address climate change, Trump is accelerating climate change exponentially, because MONEY. That rancid tub of lard will be dead in 5 years so he doesn't give a rat's ass, as long as he makes the pile of loot that he told us he made before, so that we don't laugh when his will is read. That is literally all he cares about. And golf…

  • Holden Caulfield says:

    Happy your back Seth., you were missed & I'm so over the moon to have something to laugh about. Hope you had a great time now Stop taking time oFFFF! ; )

  • The Founders frowned upon dynastic policy shapers, but she would give them 2nd thoughts on that as she presents as an unpretentious, informed and thoughtful young woman.

  • I'm voting for Bernie, wearing used clothes and don't even have AC but Nature is literally collapsing in front of our eyes, so I'm doing it all with a stiff drink in one hand while the other waves goodbye👋

  • There is an important source of energy waste that is easily visible to everyone but that few have noticed. Look up into the sky at night and notice that you can see all the clouds. This is due to badly designed and badly aimed outdoor lighting. It's been estimated by the International Dark Sky Association that 35% of all outdoor light is beamed needlessly into the sky. This is $3 billion dollars worth of wasted energy! Bad lighting has other negative effects, like producing visibility-reducing glare, thereby less security and safety; clutter, meaning an ugly nighttime environment; and many animals and plants react negatively to it. See https://www.darksky.org/light-pollution/energy-waste/ for details. So to help stave off global warming, one important thing we can do is to stop wasting energy by lighting up the sky. Use properly designed lighting and aim it so that it doesn't overshoot your property.


  • Leaving electrical items on "Standby" can add over $100 per year to your energy bills. Our Energy Companies show your Carbon Footprint..how much energy is average per person per household. Also our Govt subsidised Electric Companies to provide us with Free low energy light bulbs & power boards that turn your electrical items off when you aren't using them.. plus if you own your home, subsidised Solar Panels and extra Electricity can be sold BACK to the Energy Companies….

  • Made me smile when she says the most important thing to do is vote that is just so true. Green Power Prince Edward island and soon the world! Lol

  • what drives me nuts ilately when i see people in their car waiting (for 20 min or so ) and do not turn off the car while waiting … makes me anxious that people actually are that ignorant

  • Because I'm sure t'rump idiots read the science, reviewed the studies, and then decided that it was all a hoax. Heck – I bet t'rump hasn't even read a single report. But as long as it's still cold in NYC during the winter…it's all a hoax! What an idiot! 😃😆😅😂

  • The Happy Camper says:

    Seth is sure getting some interesting guests … Justice Sotomayer and Tatianna on the same night!
    It’s a nice change from the entertainment guests.
    Very cool that Seth is just as comfortable chatting with a comedian as he is with a Supreme Court justice!

  • accelerator is ON, VERY BIG PROBLEM METHANE IS A BIG BOMB , every day coming 200.000 new polluters to this planet. Nobody will stop this and oil is used more and more. So take your health insurance cards, possessions, money, credit cards, language skills, diplomas and fancy titles. In 10 till 12 years you can burn it with the rest of this planet

  • Wonderful and charming, though she forgot to mention an ice free arctic in 2019 or 2020 guarantees an abrupt spike in temperatures, followed by more Super Storms, wildfires, droughts, famine, then riots and collapse and finally Extinction when skilled labor stops maintaining 1600 nuclear plants including 450 generating stations and toxic facilities all around the world already leaking, destroying habitats, our rivers and oceans. Meanwhile, Plankton biomass is down 50%. That means our primary oxygen machine is broken and our backup oxygen machine, the Amazon, is being mowed flat by Brazil's Bolsonaro. Meanwhile, vertebrate biomass is down 60%, insect populations are down 50% to 90% depending on region, and fisheries are crashing. You have months, not years to let alone decades. Buy wine while it's still less than $500 per bottle. Mead2020 (0rg) if you expect to see 2024.

  • DonJuanDeLaVerga says:

    It's not like the USA is responsible for most of the things that are bad for climate. It's like a catholic priest telling me child fucking is bad…

  • it doesnt exist. they just want to tax the air by charging a lot of 'green tariffs'.

    if it was real there would be no PRIVATE JETS and there would be no one serving plastic KETCHUP POTS or PLASTIC FORKS and there would be no SUPER YACHTS and there would be no SPACE TOURISM. there wold be no larger FIRST CLASS SEATS on any transport. people would not FLOODLIGHT their grand homes.

    dont be a moron. the cavemen had none of the above,
    and still had an ice age.

  • the last of the lemmings says:

    There's no such thing as climate change!
    We have motors that run of magnets.
    We have clean energy we just aren't allowed to use it!

  • No credentials, no degree? Just read a book? What the hell?
    The real problem is the American dream is actually validation using materialism.
    She is wrong, a LED light uses 5 ma at 1.5 volts. Thats .015 watts at 10 cents per kilowatt thats like a millicent. The real problem is the fancy crap women insist on buying like huge houses, Ford Explorers, etc…. Fashion where women buy a new wardrobe like every other month. Knock it off ladies and the planet will be fine.

  • And yet no mention of diet and the impact of consuming animal protein — even when Seth asks her at 5:08 what an individual can do. A fast-food burger uses 1300 gallons of water. I think it's a safe assumption that in a single year, the average American carnivore will be purchasing more fast-food burgers than jeans and consequently will have a greater negative impact on the climate and environment because of a diet that includes animal protein. Also (theoretically, at least) a pair of jeans can be upcycled into another item or be recycled/re-used during its life span. Not true for single-use hamburgers and other farmed-animal food products. Odd that Scholsserg should single out jeans when leather is the most polluting material used in the fashion industry when you take into account water and air pollution, waste, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and land usage. In addition, plastics, formaldehydes, lacquers, and butanes are also used in the tanning of leather.

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