8 Secrets to Boost Testosterone for Men and Women

Dr. Axe: Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here along with Jordan Rubin. Welcome to Ancient Nutrition Today. Today we are going to be talking about a topic that we’ve really never covered before in depth, Jordan. And it’s secrets to help naturally balance hormones, specifically low testosterone which is the big issue today, both in men along with […]

My Day with Street Medicine Detroit Helping Homeless People

– Hey everybody. Latisha just called me– – (laughs) What did I call you? – Oh, you can’t remember? – Stewie? – Stewie? – Stewie! No, it was Tom Cruise. – Oh yeah, Tom Cruise grandpa. – Tom Cruise grandpa. – Yes, she did. – But, y’all might wanna date him on 777-9311 hotline. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, […]

Why Spam Calls Are At An All-Time High

Attention, homeowner. We are calling you from investigation team of IRS. I’m calling in reference to your student loan. [robocall in Mandarin]. You will be taken under custody by the local police. We sincerely congratulate you on the grand prize winnings of 3.5 million U.S. dollars. We all get robocalls. They’re relentless, annoying. They’re often illegal. They’re costing […]

피부과 레이저 시술 ASMR Dermatologist Laser Treatment ASMR l Laser Sounds

Hello, Is this your first time visiting? Oh, did you make an appointment? May I ask your name? Okay. You booked a laser treatment today? We will assist you right after Doctor.Dana is done with his early appointment while you wait over the couch. Help yourself with warm tea if you feel chilly while you’re waiting. Thank you. […]

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