Proper medication disposal

♪♪ Nearly 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and more than half take two, according to a recent study by the Mayo Clinic and Olmstead Medical Center. Researchers say the most commonly prescribed drugs are antibiotics, antidepressants and painkilling opioids. With that many pharmaceuticals filling medicine cabinets, it’s important to keep them out of […]

Dehydration – 5 Best Effective Natural Cures For Dehydration | Natural Treat For Immediate Relief

dehydration occurs when the body loses a lot of fluid this can greatly affect the overall health as every cell in our body requires water along with oxygen to function optimally those who are prone to dehydration are generally the old and infirm young children as well as people living at higher altitude dehydration can be caused by […]

Turmeric or Medications? Is Turmeric Good for You? (English / Chinese Captions)

thank you there’s a lot of information as you can see I can I’m trying to kind of rush through it but it’s important that everybody’s on the same page and I’m really hoping that you continue drinking and drinking as much as you can so turmeric, how many of you are on turmeric? yeah! okay, we have […]

SoluStab – Water medication

When a group of animals needs treatment, drinking water medication is a responsible and convenient option provided the drinking water, the system and the products are of good quality. This video will explain best practices of using water medication. Water medication products should dissolve quickly and completely. Secondly, the solution has to be stable for at least 12 […]

Weird Dehydration Warning Signs and Natural Treatments

Hey guys. Dr. Josh Axe here, welcome to Facebook Live and YouTube Live here at Ancient Medicine Today. I’ve got a great program today. We’re going to be talking about dehydration, and I think you would be shocked to find out that most of you watching right now are actually dehydrated. It is causing some surprise symptoms that […]

What’s inside of blood? | Lab values and concentrations | Health & Medicine | Khan Academy

Let’s say that I go to the doctor’s office, and I hate when this happens, but I, once in a while, have to have my blood drawn. And the reason I hate it is that I’m kind of a chicken when it comes to getting my blood drawn. I don’t like needles. But of course, I do as […]

Intro to Drinking Water Treatment | DelftX on edX | Course About Video

SPEAKER 1: The Netherlands, sometimes better known as Holland, where the Dutch live, work and study. Holland, a country with many rivers and lakes, which obviously means a lot of water. Water for transport, water for sailing. The Dutch are very familiar with water. Naturally, water is also needed worldwide for drinking. Preferably, healthy water. This is the […]

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