What Do Depression & Medications Feel Like? | Inside Intimacy

– Taking antidepressants is like more chill than taking like Flonase or like Aspirin, like honestly. – Yeah, it’s like people are so afraid of antidepressants and they fully like rip cocaine at parties. Hi, I’m Rose Surnow and I’m mentally ill, but don’t worry, I’m medicated. Today on Inside Intimacy, we talk depression. – Other than Kanye, […]

Amazing Home Remedy Cure for the Common Cold – Pirate Lifestyle TV ™ Quickie 113

I discovered the best cure for the common cold? Ahoy, I’m Capt Rob Lee and welcome to Pirate Lifestyle! Arrrrr. hehehe You may have noticed, I hope you noticed, it has been a while since I uploaded a video. Let me share why. You see, back in the end of January, with the bitter winter cold, it was […]

Fund-a-Cure: Jami & Jade

JADE: We are twins. We are identical twins for that matter. It really is just an unspeakable bond that you can’t even explain. JAMI: Sometimes freaks people out (yeah). JADE: Ultimately, it’s your best friend all the time. JADE: Growing up we were very healthy kids. We were both athletes in gymnastics and high diving, so both very […]

ADHD Medication: Chapter 34 – Addictive Behavior

The following is taken from ‘ADHD Medication – Straight Answers to Big Questions.’ (Dr. Margaret Weiss) and self medication doesn’t just include; cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana. Which is what we most commonly think of. Self medication also includes addictions to video games, computer addictions, spending hours on attention leaving tasks like chat groups. Being on the internet all the […]

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