Bill Duke On The Day He Stopped Taking Drugs

Bill Duke, Actor/Filmmaker/Author: True story and very few people knew this ever happened. I’m sitting at my monitor one day and the assistant says “Do you know who is standing behind you?” I said “What are you talking about?” “Gordon Parks.” I said “Get out of here, I’m working. Stop playing.” He said “No, Gordon Parks is standing […]

Why This American Pilot Became A Drug Smuggler

Adler Berriman Seal’s grave marker is adorned with an airplane and a cross, the first quite fitting for the pilot and the latter a questionable addition to some. It’s inscription of “a rebel adventurer, the likes of whom in previous days made America great” would likely enrage others. Why are there such strong emotions surrounding this man born […]

John Harvey Kellogg – Corn Cereals and Crazy Medicine

Stroll down the cereal aisle at any grocery store and you’ll find a myriad of choices for starting your day. Healthy and unhealthy, packed with sugar or packed with bran, we’re not wanting for options. The idea of a breakfast cereal industry is one that’s taken for granted in today’s modern world, but it’s a surprisingly recent idea […]

The Biggest Drug Kingpin & Gangster ever: Frank Matthews -the Real American Gangster

Frank had more money than the MOB Matthews was the number 1 He would have ruled the United States He’s literally fallen off the face of the earth A lot of people looked up to Frank, for probably all the wrong reasons. In my opinion, Frank Matthews was a much larger drug-dealer than Frank Lucas. In 1971, Frank […]

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