FDA Drug Info Rounds, July 2012: Patents and Exclusivity

Captain Mary Kremzner: The Orange Book, published by the FDA and now online is the go-to source for finding out when patents and exclusivity will expire. Let’s drill a bit deeper and learn more around the popular topic of drug patents and exclusivity. Hi, I’m Captain Mary Kremzner and this is Drug Info Rounds brought to you by […]

Medicines In My Home: The Over-the-Counter Drug Facts Label

Oh, hey. Ever wonder how your mom knows what medicine to give you when you’re not feeling well? Alot of “mom” knowledge and a little-but very important thing known as the Drug Facts Label. The Drug Facts Label is on all O-T-C medicines. O-T-C stands for over-the-counter and refers to medicines you buy without a doctor’s prescription. The […]

FDA Drug Info Rounds, September 2012: Medication Errors

Captain Mary Kremzner: Since 2000 the FDA has received more than 95,000 reports of medication errors. Preventable events that may cause harm to a patient. Why do these errors happen and how can they be reduced. I’m Captain Mary Kremzner and this is Drug Info Rounds, brought to you by the pharmacists in the FDA’s Division of Drug […]

FDA Drug Info Rounds, October 2012: Distribution of Medication Guides

Captain Mary Kremzner: For some medications, pharmacists are required to provide FDA-approved medication guides every time the drug is dispensed to help ensure the safe and effective use of drug products. But what about health care professionals who administer these drugs in hospitals or dialysis centers. Are they required to fulfill the same professional obligations? Hi, I’m Captain […]