Concerning Medication Side Effect! 💊 (5/21/17)

Using my phone, it’s all out of focus, like looking out into the distance, it’s out of focus I move my head everything’s blurry and it’s a little concerning Jaquie: We’re going on an adventure! Judd: Ah you’ve got freezing cold hands! (Judd) Eeew *They both laugh* Good Sunday Morning everyone! I slept in until 12:30 pm, that’s […]

My Day with Street Medicine Detroit Helping Homeless People

– Hey everybody. Latisha just called me– – (laughs) What did I call you? – Oh, you can’t remember? – Stewie? – Stewie? – Stewie! No, it was Tom Cruise. – Oh yeah, Tom Cruise grandpa. – Tom Cruise grandpa. – Yes, she did. – But, y’all might wanna date him on 777-9311 hotline. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, […]

Vitamin D Cured my Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR Reflux/ Silent Reflux)

Hey guys how are you my name is Gus and this is my first YouTube video, or Vlog, or whatever you want to call it Alright, let’s get to the point… If you have LPR I highly suggest that you go to your doctor, do some blood work, and see where you stand with your vitamins. Especially Vitamin […]


We knew ahead of time when we were being discharged from the hospital that we weren’t being discharged with a brand-new body, like… Oh, bouncing back. Just wonderful. Let’s just go on the boat or something. Like… Yeah. We knew it was gonna be kind of just like home hospital. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ […]

💉 New IV Anti-Nausea Medication: Puking All Night Long 🤢 (3/24/18)

– I am gonna go ahead and push the new medicine. (upbeat music) Good Saturday morning, everyone. I felt the need to say that ’cause I’m starting the vlog, but it is not Saturday yet, it is late Friday night. Kind of weird to start Saturday’s vlog on Friday, but I had something I wanted to show y’all. […]

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