Royce Da 5’9” Talks Eminem Vs. Nick Cannon & Drugs In Hip-Hop | For The Record

Rob Markman: What’s up, Geniuses. Welcome back to For The Record. I’m your host Rob Markman. Now, today’s guest, to me, is an enigma, is a rarity in hip hop, came into the game about 20 years ago, and when he came into the game, he was considered an elite lyricist, a deadly lyricist. And, somehow, about 20 […]

Queen Naija “Medicine” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Some females out there might actually turn into savages like, just out here curving niggas left and right. And being a player. Like do what guys do. Kinda like hit, quit. You know? I mean I feel like it’s just double standards, man. Like, “Oh why you doing this? You not supposed to be doing this. You’re a […]