How does a therapist decide which medication [for PTSD] is right for which patient?

So the question is: “How do you decide what’s the best medicine for which patient?” My overarching statement about medications is that medications work for many people, they’re readily available, there are many knowledgable, prescribing physicians, psychiatrists and primary care docs in particular, who know the literature and know that these medications work. The two medications that have […]

Dr Rita Rakus – Thermage – The Treatment.flv

i’ve been very very pleased with the results i liked when i was looking mirror and i looked better to myself I love it I want to do it again the thermage skin tightening and contouring procedure represents a breakthrough in the pursuit of safe, non invasive procedure for improving aging skin thermarge is the one treatment that […]

Half Somersault Maneuver to Treat BPPV Vertigo

Normally only with head movement does fluid within the inner ear also move informing the brain that a head turn occurred. However if a crystal called an otolith gets displaced into the semicircular canal of the inner ear, BPPV dizziness occurs. Fluid movement occurs due to the crystal rather than head turns causing the brain to think movement […]

A New Pill to Cure Hangovers Is Coming, Here’s How It Works

Drinking alcohol is like borrowing happiness from tomorrow. Assuming all goes well, you and your friends have a good time, and then the next morning you’re paying that debt back in the form of a hangover. And trust me, the older you get, the steeper the interest rate. Why isn’t there some miraculous pill I could take that […]

How To Get Rid Of Fear of Needles – Fast Easy Phobia Cure. Now Get All 3 Steps Free @

At Last – You Can Cure Your Fear of Needles, Naturally… But Even Your Best Friend Might Keep This Simple New Technique A Secret! Now – Discover Why, And Start Feeling Relief In The Next 10 Minutes… Welcome, friend… Nigel Normanton here, from Yorkshire, England… You know, millions have already stopped their suffering with this unique new energy […]

How LSD and shrooms could help treat anxiety, addiction and depression

It was the most peaceful, joyous, incredible, life changing experience I’ve ever had in my life. There were scary parts, foreboding parts … I always knew there was beautiful and joy and peace on the other side of it. It was freeing, it was really freeing. This is Alana. She’s describing what she felt after she took a […]

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