Clinicians Information – Turning Point Addiction Medicine Unit

– The referral process from a GP’s point of view, firstly involves writing a letter, which is usually addressed to the Carrington Road Turning Point Eastern Treatment Services and the patient will then be contacted to be offered an appointment to be assessed. The GP can also be expected to be contacted by a clinician just to clarify […]

How to cure diseases(in hindi) without Medicines! By Kailash Mantry!

from the past 25 years we have been researching diseases which medical science has not been able to cure my name is KAILASH MANTRY . I am a life coach and a mental health consultant. i’ve done such research on more than 50 diseases which come under the category of chronic illness medical science has no full proof […]

Psoriasis: Types, Symptoms, Causes, Pathology, and Treatment, Animation

Psoriasis is a very common inflammatory skin condition affecting about 3% of the world population. It is a CHRONIC disease that evolves in the form of RECURRENT inflammatory flare-ups followed by periods of partial or complete remission. Psoriasis can begin at any age but often develops in young adulthood. The disease may LOOK contagious, but it is NOT. […]

Ibogaine for Alcoholism Treatment Review (English Subtitles)

Hello. My name is Peter. For a long time I have been struggling with, or actually I had been struggling with alcohol problem. I was considering different types of treatment which could help me with this problem. I knew there was no point to go for 6 weeks rehab programs as they don’t work. I know people who […]

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