Why antibiotics don’t cure sinusitis

Drip… drip… drip….. a caustic liquid continuously pours down the back of your throat. Along with the drip, your head hurts. It is driving you crazy………… you feel miserable – you need help. You visit your GP, a brief examination confirms, your sinus membranes are INFLAMMED. A bad bug, has moved into the air-filled cavities connecting your nasal […]

Drake Goes Trick or Treating On Halloween

[magical unicorn sounds] [Music Starts ‘Hotline Bling’ Parody] Halloween [Singing Captions on Screen] DRAKE/LILLY: Trick or Treat Boy Life! DRAKE/LILLY: Trick or Treat [Music Starts Parody] [Singing Captions on Screen] More pumpkin for you so watch how you speak [Music Starts Parody] [Singing Captions on Screen] [Music Starts Parody] Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah [this is amazing] [more […]