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Top 10 Baffling Diseases We Still Don’t Have Cures For 10. Berardinelli-Seip Congenital Lipodystrophy Occurring in every one out of about 10 million births, Berardinelli-Seip congenital lipodystrophy (BSCL) is a condition marked by a severe lack of fat tissue in the body, with fats being stored in unlikely places around the body such as the liver and muscles. […]


10 Kooky Conspiracy Theories About Mainstream Medicine 10. Chemotherapy is a Conspiracy to Make People Sicker Hearing that you have cancer easily ranks among the worst news any person can get. Despite gobs of research dollars that have been spent, we’re not much closer to actually curing it. Part of this is because there are many, many different […]

What Would Happen in a World WITHOUT ANTIBIOTICS

10 Ways the World Will Change Without Antibiotics 10. Couldn’t Treat Infectious Disease Easily, the biggest problem with antibiotics losing their effectiveness, which ultimately affects the rest of the items on this list, is that we wouldn’t be able to treat bacterial infections and diseases. For example, one of the deadliest diseases that antibiotics fight is pneumonia. Before […]