How to turn off Norton temporarily and to turn off Norton notifications

Hi, welcome to Norton support. This video helps you to learn how to turn off Norton temporarily and how to turn off Norton notifications. Norton products are designed to keep your computer safe but sometimes it might stop you from installing legitimate programs and applications if it doesn’t recognize them. In this case you can temporarily disable Norton. […]

#AskDrBob: Vaping, Multiple Sclerosis, Blepharitis

– Hello everybody. This is Dr. Bob DeMaria from Westlake, Ohio and Naples, Florida. Tremendous questions, I’ll get right down to it. Q: “Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on this; effective, safe treatment of blepharitis.” A: Which is inflammation going along with the eye. So, very interesting. We’ve had patients in the past that have had […]

Inactive Ingredients in Medication and their Side Effects

What is in your medication? Pills and capsules contain not only the active drug but also a cocktail of other inactive ingredients. These ingredients are not intended to have a therapeutic effect but are an important part of oral medications that are added to aid with drug stability, taste, appearance and tamper resistance. In this research study we […]

How to Reinstall McAfee Antivirus (Official Dell Tech Support)

Need to reinstall your antivirus protection? Don’t worry it’s a very easy process! Open any browser, and go to the McAfee login page through Dell by using the link in the description. Look for the Dell logo in the upper right hand corner to ensure you are on the proper page. Enter your email and McAfee password and […]

中醫按摩-5: Cupping massage (Project of Chinese Medical Treatment and Healthcare)

Cupping Popularization Project of Chinese Folk Medical Treatment and Healthcare Cupping The treatments of 20 common diseases Hello, everyone, Today I’m going to introduce the cupping therapy for you. Cupping is a special treatment in the treasures of traditional Chinese medicine, and a valuable cultural legacy of the Chinese people. During the long historical courses, With the features […]

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