Louise Throws Her Medicine Across The Room | Season 7 Ep. 1 | BOB’S BURGERS

[vocalizing] Oh! Look at him go. That’s so good. Wait, Louise, is that your medicine? Um, no. [gasps] You spit it out. You’re taking that medicine, Miss Missy. No, I’m not. Don’t you make me do the full-family hold-down. You wouldn’t dare. [all grunting] How could she be so sick but still so strong? Like the economy! Wah! […]

Rachael Ziska, DO, GHC-SCW Internal Medicine

I’m Rachel Ziska, I’m an Internal Medicine provider and I started with GHC in 2018. Incorporating a patient’s individual needs into a treatment plan requires a lot of communication by both a provider as well as the patient. Really trying to meet somewhere in the middle and understanding you know what might be the best for a patient’s […]