Meet Kaitlen Laine, P.A.-C., Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Care Provider | UW Medicine

KAITLEN LAINE: I think that the hand specialty is a unique part of orthopedics where you don’t realize how much you use your hands until something’s wrong with them. And it’s a fun part to be in, in the community and helping people regain their quality of life, whether it’s through a small elective surgery or something that […]

Thinklabs One Digital Amplified Stethoscope Unboxing and Review

Welcome to another Connevans Top Tip Video. Today we are going to open up and see what’s inside a Thinklabs One Digital Amplified Stethoscope. So lets have a look. Here’s the box. So, we have an instruction book audio patch cable a set of ear phones with some alternative ear bud tip sizes. That’s a four pole connection […]

Coronavirus Epidemic Update 27: Testing accuracy for COVID-19 (CT Scan vs. RT-PCR), California Cases

welcome to another MedCram update let’s talk about California and testing but before we do let’s just review total confirm eighty 2164 total deaths 2800 oh one total recovered thirty two thousand eight hundred and ninety seven we see more of a continuation of what we’ve been seeing in the past let’s go to the world ometer we […]

Chinese Herbal Medicine – Chinese Herbal Medicine Claims That It Can Cure Any Kind Of Disease

Chinese Herbal Medicine. One of the oldest cultures that carried out a thorough study of herbs and other plant life related to human health was ancient China. Chinese Herbal Medicine, also referred to as CHM, went through many evolutions, as the knowledge grew more and more refined. Remember that the nature of illnesses that afflict humanity change over […]

Sepsis Treatment & Vitamin C – Trials & Updates (Septic Shock)

welcome to another MedCram lecture we’re gonna talk about some really interesting developments with vitamin C in septic shock and if you’ve been following this you’ll know that there is a paper that was published in chests awhile ago by the author of Marik who looked at vitamin C and hydrocortisone and thiamine in the treatment of septic […]

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