Food As Medicine: Feedback with Melissa – Week 2 – Nov 2019

MELISSA ADAMSKI: Hi everyone and welcome to our week two feedback video for “Food as Medicine”. It’s great to see everyone jumping into the content for week two, and really enjoying our body systems approach to food as medicine. The first thing I would like to say though is thanks for all your feedback from the week one […]

Cancer Research, Biodiversity & The Future of Medicine | Alexander Kagansky

My name is Sasha Kagansky, and I work at the university of Edinburgh in research. I am also a member of Global Young Academy. What is your main research topic? The main research topic is cancer mechanisms. That’s what I try to do. I try to see how- on a molecular level- cancer cells are different from normal […]

Leadership in Medicine, 2020 and Beyond–What Will Doctors Be?

MARCIA DAY CHILDRESS: Good afternoon. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Great to see all of you here. I’m delighted to welcome you to today’s Medical Center Hour. This is also UVA’s 2019 Alpha Omega Alpha Lecture sponsored by the Medical Student Honor Society, AOA. In addition, this particular venue on this particular day, as many of you know, is part of […]

Food As Medicine: Feedback with Melissa – Week 1 – July 2019

MELISSA ADAMSKI: Hi everyone, and welcome to our feedback video for week 1 of Food as Medicine. I’m Melissa, your course mentor, and it’s great to see everyone jumping in and starting to discuss the exciting information that we have around Food as Medicine in week 1. So we’ve got a lot of engagement going on, with thousands […]

Medicine for the Greater Good | Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

A program for medical residents at John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center is bringing the doctor to the patient, working to bridge the gap between a hospital and the community.>>And actually, it wasn’t until I went out into the community, talked to a few community centers, talked to a few churches. That I’ve recognized this huge disconnect between what […]

मोटापे का अंत । Natural way to Fatloss । No Exercise, No Medicine । Motapa Kam Kare

Hello friends, I am Suman chauhan , welcome to my channel Health city I was getting many comments about the video i made about fatness Many people have doubt they are not clear about that In the live session I receive comments still not sure why people don’t notice that I get again same questions So i thought […]

Teaching Global Health | Dr. Gunisha Kaur | Weill Cornell Medicine

My family came to the United States from India about 30 years ago and I didn’t realize until many years later that we had actually come to escape political violence and that we had come as refugees I was outraged that as a survivor I didn’t know about the violence that my family had suffered I felt that […]

What Actors Actually Use When Taking Drugs In Movies

Try to act surprised: Al Pacino didn’t really snort cocaine in Scarface. Just as shootouts in movies are all staged, the countless drugs consumed on-screen over the years aren’t real. Prop masters have come up with all kinds of crazy concoctions to make cinematic contraband look as close as possible to the real thing. We’re about to narc […]

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