Chiropractic Doesn’t Cure Anything

Can chiropractors cure anything? That’s a question I often get. And sometimes it’s sincere and sometimes it’s a little bit in spite, but it’s the wrong question. Chiropractors can’t cure anything. Nor do they want to. Chiropractors can’t treat hardly anything. They can treat a spine. They can treat a misalignment according to their scope of practice. And […]

How does a therapist decide which medication [for PTSD] is right for which patient?

So the question is: “How do you decide what’s the best medicine for which patient?” My overarching statement about medications is that medications work for many people, they’re readily available, there are many knowledgable, prescribing physicians, psychiatrists and primary care docs in particular, who know the literature and know that these medications work. The two medications that have […]

Heart’s Medicine – Doctor’s Oath: The Movie (Cutscenes; Game Subtitles)

Heart’s Medicine – Doctor’s Oath: The Movie Hi, honey. How are you feeling today? Not feeling real talkative? Maybe we’ll just listen to some music. Come on, darling… You have to eat, Allison! Oh, honey. You should’ve been graduating by now… The Girls’ Place Months Earlier Dr. Allison Heart, looks like you graduated with full honors. Yes, who […]

Antibiotic resistance: how can genomics research solve this prressing 21st Century problem?

Steven: Antibiotic resistance is a major threat to human health and also animal health. The research we do at i3 and with our collaborative partner New South Wales Department of Primary Industries takes a one-health approach to the study of antibiotic resistance. The problems that we are working on here in Australia are global problems. They are problems, […]

Outsmarting Bacteria: Confronting Antibiotic Resistance

Hello. I’m Norman Swan. Welcome to this program on antibiotic resistance and infection control. Antimicrobial resistance is a public-health threat of enormous importance, and the serious and real risk is by 2030 we’ll be back in a pre-antibiotic era. If you think that’s just scaremongering, watch on. Let me introduce our panel to you. John Bell is Vice […]

Mucinex…Absolutely Worthless? Or MIRACLE Cold Cure? Tips and Tricks.

hey do you have a horrible cold and you want to pay 15 bucks for something that barely helps? Try Mucinex. I’m Dr. Bradley Fossier and I created Post Script because I was tired of my patients getting horrible information on the Internet I was kind of joking in the intro about mucinex but kind of not mucinex […]

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