Gary Slutkin: Let’s treat violence like a contagious disease

I’m a physician trained in infectious diseases, and following my training, I moved to Somalia from San Francisco. And my goodbye greeting from the chief of infectious diseases at San Francisco General was, “Gary, this is the biggest mistake you’ll ever make.” But I landed in a refugee situation that had a million refugees in 40 camps, and […]

A new class of drug that could prevent depression and PTSD | Rebecca Brachman

So the first antidepressants were made from, of all things, rocket fuel, left over after World War II. Which is fitting, seeing as today, one in five soldiers develop depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder or both. But it’s not just soldiers that are at high risk for these diseases. It’s firefighters, ER doctors, cancer patients, aid workers, refugees […]

Soon We’ll Cure Diseases With a Cell, Not a Pill | Siddhartha Mukherjee | TED Talks

I want to talk to you about the future of medicine. But before I do that, I want to talk a little bit about the past. Now, throughout much of the recent history of medicine, we’ve thought about illness and treatment in terms of a profoundly simple model. In fact, the model is so simple that you could […]

Can we cure genetic diseases by rewriting DNA? | David R. Liu

The most important gift your mother and father ever gave you was the two sets of three billion letters of DNA that make up your genome. But like anything with three billion components, that gift is fragile. Sunlight, smoking, unhealthy eating, even spontaneous mistakes made by your cells, all cause changes to your genome. The most common kind […]

A “living drug” that could change the way we treat cancer | Carl June

So this is the first time I’ve told this story in public, the personal aspects of it. Yogi Berra was a world-famous baseball player who said, “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Researchers had been, for more than a century, studying the immune system as a way to fight cancer, and cancer vaccines […]

Daniel Kraft: Medicine’s future? There’s an app for that

A couple of years ago, when I was attending the TED conference in Long Beach, I met Harriet. We’d actually met online before — not the way you’re thinking. We were introduced because we both knew Linda Avey, one of the founders of the first online personal genomic companies. And because we shared our genetic information with Linda, […]

Eric Topol: The wireless future of medicine

Does anybody know when the stethoscope was invented? Any guesses? 1816. And what I can say is, in 2016, doctors aren’t going to be walking around with stethoscopes. There’s a whole lot better technology coming, and that’s part of the change in medicine. What has changed our society has been wireless devices. But the future are digital medical […]

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