The Rise of Fentanyl: Drug Addiction On The I-95 – Two Years On

# Oh, say can you see…? # Get him on the ground. HE GROANS Get him on the ground. Sir! It is the number one public health challenge of our time. Sir! Pulse. MAN CONTINUES TO GROAN It’s not a poor people thing any more, it’s not a inner-city ghetto drug any more, it’s everywhere. It’s hard to […]

r/entitledparents | “I DEMAND You Stop Taking Your Medication!”

Em threatened to call the police on me for „faking a disease“ At the time this happened I was 14 (am 16 now) Important: I have a bone condition (hip dysplasia, thigh bones slightly shifted) which causes me to walk with my feet turned slightly inwards. I always try to walk normally, but when I’m tired or exhausted, […]

Technology Assures Deaf Student Learns Surgery at UC Davis School of Medicine

You want me to take the omentum off the transverse colin? thats what you do, right. [MUSIC]>>DR WISNER: The students spend some time on surgical teams and some of that is time spent in the operating room, some of it is time spent on rounds.>>DR KHATRI: But it is a unique educational environment. because you have a person […]

Being part of an ambitious Parkinson’s cure trial – BBC Stories

This is one of the world’s most ambitious medical trials. Searching for a cure for Parkinson’s. We’re asking people to have an experimental device inserted into their heads and we’re asking people to have an experimental drug. We could genuinely make people worse than they are before they started. Only half the volunteers get the real drug and […]