YAMIK procedure – a method for topical treatment of sinusitis

Yamik procedure, a method for topical treatment of sinusitis The physician performs simultaneous bilateral anesthesia and anemisation of the nasal and nasal pharyngeal mucous membranes using insulation. Since the procedure will not take more than 10 minutes maximum three milliliters of the solution is required for an adequate level of anesthesia The therapeutic approach selected by the physician […]

साइनस का इलाज – Homeopathic Medicine For Sinus | Sinusitis Treatment | Stuffy Nose | Blocked Nose

Hello everyone, I am Dr.Ritu jain I am an homeopathic consultant today am going to share about sinus is a pain which is also called sinusitis or sinus infection meaning of sinus is inflammation of the sinuses what are sinuses sinuses are the small cavities called nasal passages present on the face the nasal passages are those from […]