Business Cybersecurity Tips & Tricks – Antivirus Conspiracy

You often hear flippant claims that antivirus companies create viruses and other malware. Of course they don’t! Hi I’m Tony Anscombe a security evangelist at ESET. Having worked in the IT security industry for over 20 years I think it’s a good idea to explain some security fundamentals. Well antivirus companies absolutely don’t and more importantly don’t need […]

Avast Free Antivirus v6.0.1091 – Teste Preventivo (Preventive Test)

Hello everybody! You are all so welcome to another review!   I got a request and today we are going to test an update of Avast Free Antivirus 6.0   This is the version 6.0.1091   Major improvements, according to the manufacturer of this new updated version 6,   Are as follow, various fixes and improvements in the […]

[Eng sub&中字] Norton Japan TV Commercial of Antivirus USB

Subs by evasivemaneuver, (Twitter: @wine_pimp) People have always been praying for safety people have always struggled to safeguard their privacy Today the Gods have answered thy prayers The Gods will give blessings to thee Shinto Monk: “Norton USB Memory… Shinto Monk: “…will thus be blessed to vindicate all viruses” “Guarding data seamlessly forever” Behold! the Blessed Data Backup […]

Samsung Galaxy A50-How To Perform Security Scan Antivirus Database Software Update Memory Cleaning

This is samsung galaxy A50 powered by knox Knox is an mobile security solution pre-installed in most of the samsung smart phones The important point in this smartphone is Updating for the latest software is must Normally we will not find an icon for updating The antivirus database In this video I will show you how to check […]

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