how to cure DYSLEXIA (IN HINDI) by Kailash Mantry

murim cak last month RIA my life virtual or mental healthcare consultant on which they purchase a lousy compasses arab-american research career the same Bogata Bogata Katya yes agree ADHD autism stammering epilepsy Parkinson’s I’m a drug addict alcoholic slow learner lack of confidence marriage disproves Adam back telling it district sake the structure governor he said batata […]

This Drug-Resistant Bacteria Could Be Hiding in Your Armpits Right Now

Staphylococcus or, as it’s more widely known, staph, is one of the most common bacteria found on humans around the world. In some cases, it can pose a real threat to your body’s immune system – even proving lethal. So, if it’s so widespread, why aren’t we all getting infected? – Hi, my name is Vance Fowler. I’m […]

Eating Disorders: Why is it so Hard to Treat Them? | Ilona Kajokiene | TEDxVilnius

Translator: Galina Mitricheva Reviewer: Denise RQ Most of us like food and enjoy eating as a very pleasurable experience. But sometimes, this relationship with the food becomes an anxiety-provoking one. I would like to go deeper. And I will start from my personal memories. It happened in 1994, my very first day working as a psychologist. I, as […]

Why haven’t we cured arthritis? – Kaitlyn Sadtler and Heather J. Faust

While regaling you with daring stories from her youth, it might be hard to believe your grandmother used to be a trapeze artist. However, the bad backs, elbow pain, and creaky knees so common in older people is more than just “old age.” In fact, the source of this stiffness plagues many young people as well. The culprit […]

The Surprisingly Useful Medicines Hiding in Pee

Maybe you don’t think much about the 1-2 liters of urine you flush down the toilet every day. But when you send it swirling down the drain, you could be getting rid of liquid gold. Because there’s molecular goodness hidden in that pale yellow puddle, which has been used to treat everything from basic infections to menopause. That’s […]

How to cure DRUG addictions!!! (in hindi ) by Kailash Mantry (Life Coach )

DRUG ADDICT My name is CA kailash manrty. I am a life coach and mental health consultant. From 25 years, we are researching on more than 50 disease where we treat them without medicine such as stammering, epilepsy, drug addict, alcoholic, schizophrenia, OCD, Alzheimer, Parkinson, ADHD, autism, migraine, arthritis. Today we will talk about drug addict. The first […]

Why Stimulants Help ADHD

[♪ INTRO ] Odds are, you’ve heard of Ritalin or Adderall. They’re both members of the class of drugs called stimulants, and they’re often prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, better known as ADHD. But stimulants and hyperactivity seem like a weird match. If someone can’t sit still, why would you give them more energy? Like with […]

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