PRP Treatment for Hair Loss WORTH IT!? Experiences, Reults, Price

what’s going on everybody its Matt from the hair transplant channel here and in this video I’m gonna talk about PRP this is a platelet-rich plasma therapy which cures hair loss how effective is it I’m gonna tell you in a moment in the first part I’m gonna talk about what can you expect like after two three […]

What is an equivalent? | Lab values and concentrations | Health & Medicine | Khan Academy

I went to Wikipedia, and I decided to pick up the definition for an equivalent there. And I actually didn’t find it too useful, but there are some things that I wanted to point out. So it says, “The equivalent is formally defined as the amount of a substance which will either react or supply with one mole […]

Introduction to lab values and normal ranges | Health & Medicine | Khan Academy

So I have a slip of paper. Let’s go through these lab values. I actually put down a number of values down that we’re going to pretend for a moment are my labs. And you can see the range, and the units next to them. So let’s go through it piece by piece. And actually, while I do […]