Royce Da 5’9” Talks Eminem Vs. Nick Cannon & Drugs In Hip-Hop | For The Record

Rob Markman: What’s up, Geniuses. Welcome back to For The Record. I’m your host Rob Markman. Now, today’s guest, to me, is an enigma, is a rarity in hip hop, came into the game about 20 years ago, and when he came into the game, he was considered an elite lyricist, a deadly lyricist. And, somehow, about 20 […]

Martin Shkreli on Drug Price Hikes and Playing the World’s Villain

It’s Friday night in Midtown, Manhattan And I’m here to hang out with Martin Shkreli who became famous in October for raising the price of the drug That’s used to treat hiv positive patients by more than [5,000] percent The drug in question is called daraprim it used to cost 1350 per pill turing changed the cost to […]

Queen Naija “Medicine” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Some females out there might actually turn into savages like, just out here curving niggas left and right. And being a player. Like do what guys do. Kinda like hit, quit. You know? I mean I feel like it’s just double standards, man. Like, “Oh why you doing this? You not supposed to be doing this. You’re a […]

Heroes and Villains: Is hip-hop a cancer or a cure? | Lecrae | TEDxNashville

Translator: Stepan Spotar Reviewer: Denise RQ What an introduction. (Laughter) It’s good to know, man. How are we feeling, how are we doing? (Cheers) Alright. Well, today I want to talk about heroes and villains. Is hip-hop a cancer or is it a cure? In every story, there’s a protagonist. The protagonist is agonizing to make wrong things […]