Top Natural Antibiotics Remedies – VitaLife Show Episode 109

Welcome to the Vitalife show I’m doctor Janine Bowring and today’s topic in the show is all about natural antibiotic now a lot a conventional antibiotics out there which you may have taken unfortunately have the negative side effects actually killing all the good flora and it’s the good flora, the probiotics which you may have heard about […]

Early Antibiotic Use May Predispose Children To Weight Gain And Asthma Later In Life

Greetings. It’s Eric Bakker here. New Zealand naturopath. I’m author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the Canxida range of products. I read an interesting article an online blog site, The Guardian. It’s a British newspaper about the early antibiotic use in children. In Finland, they did some research on a group of kids, 236 children were checked out […]

Feedback with Melissa and Christie – Week 2 – Mar 2019 – Food as Medicine

CHRISTIE BENNETT: Hello, everyone. Welcome to Week 2 of “Food is Medicine.” We’re in our weekly feedback video today. My name’s Christie, and I’m one of the course mentors. And I have with me– MELISSA ADAMSKI: Mel, your other course mentor. You might have seen me pop up in the discussion forums having a chat with some of […]

Should you take a probiotic alongside an antibiotic – maybe not

More and more people have a healthy respect for antibiotics. I am not sure it always translates into less use. But it does mean, when we do use them, “we” like to mitigate the damage they’re doing. The thinking, the antibiotic, while killing the organism that is making us sick, also decimates, all the “good” guys, living in […]

Antibiotics vs Probiotics

Greetings. It’s New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of Canxida, the dietary supplements of choice if you’ve got Candida. Thanks for tuning into my video today. Today, I’m going to talk about yeast infections, particularly of the digestive system, antibiotics, and also a bit about probiotics. I’ve had many, many cases over the […]

What is the difference between probiotics and antibiotics?

– Thanks for tuning in for this episode, hopefully in under three minutes, how you can learn how to become better emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually through better digestion of the gut. And if you don’t have time for this, hit the upper right hand corner up there, just save the video, and you can watch it later. But […]

How Do Antibiotics Work?

G’day, I’m Jesse Crowe, The Travelling Scientist, and today we’re going to be looking at Antibiotics, answering three key questions How do antibiotics work? What is the deal with antibiotic resistance? and can you drink alcohol while you’re on antibiotics? Antibiotics are a type of drug that are used to treat bacterial infections and there’s many different types […]

Why antibiotics don’t cure sinusitis

Drip… drip… drip….. a caustic liquid continuously pours down the back of your throat. Along with the drip, your head hurts. It is driving you crazy………… you feel miserable – you need help. You visit your GP, a brief examination confirms, your sinus membranes are INFLAMMED. A bad bug, has moved into the air-filled cavities connecting your nasal […]