Pulsus Paradoxus Video [Stanford Medicine 25]

welcome to the Stanford 25 video on pulsus paradoxus pulsus paradoxus is defined as a systolic pressure drop greater than 10 with inspiration normally during inspiration the decrease in inch a thoracic pressure will cause an increase in blood flow to the right side of the heart leading to an increase in pressure transmitted to the right ventricular […]

Approach to the Dermatology Exam (Stanford Medicine 25)

[Music] hi i’m dr. justin cohen clinic chief of medical dermatology at Stanford medicine today we’ll be talking about a general approach to the dermatological nation to describe skin lesions first we have to learn the language of dermatology it’s the common language that we share to describe skin lesions and this is something we call morphology which […]

Approach to Hip Region Pain Physical Exam – Stanford Medicine 25

my name is dr. ball deep Singh and I’m an internist here at Stanford and today we’re going to talk about the physical exam and the differential diagnosis as it relates to pain in the hip region next we’re going to ask the patient where the pain is using the finger rule asking the patient to use their […]