Healing a Fracture with a Fracture | Penn Medicine

(slow inspiring music) – Heather’s case is actually fairly typical of what we see in our Limb Salvage and Extremity Reconstruction Center. Young, active individual, unanticipated injury. Roller derby for Heather was a passion, and she broke her tibia. She went to a local hospital, and she had a rod placed, and from a technical perspective, everything looked […]

What is CRISPR? Penn Medicine Explains

Let’s talk about genes. No, not those, those. (rhythmic chime music) Genes determine our traits like eye color and freckles. Some genes make people more likely to get certain diseases like high cholesterol or some cancers. Whether it’s cancer, HIV, or antibiotic resistance, so much of modern medicine is influenced by people’s genes. If only there was a […]