Healing a Fracture with a Fracture | Penn Medicine

(slow inspiring music) – Heather’s case is actually fairly typical of what we see in our Limb Salvage and Extremity Reconstruction Center. Young, active individual, unanticipated injury. Roller derby for Heather was a passion, and she broke her tibia. She went to a local hospital, and she had a rod placed, and from a technical perspective, everything looked […]

What is CRISPR? Penn Medicine Explains

Let’s talk about genes. No, not those, those. (rhythmic chime music) Genes determine our traits like eye color and freckles. Some genes make people more likely to get certain diseases like high cholesterol or some cancers. Whether it’s cancer, HIV, or antibiotic resistance, so much of modern medicine is influenced by people’s genes. If only there was a […]

The ImmunoRevolution: Now Rising at Penn Medicine

The arc of history bends to the revolutionary. To those who refuse to accept history as their destiny. These are the catalysts of a global movement to transform the human body into a disease fighting machine. Our immune systems fortified. Our immune cells retrained to hunt down and destroy deadly diseases so that we ourselves might one day […]

Imagine Life Without Cancer | Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center

(soft music) – Say yes when she asks me to dance. – Go back, get my PhD. – Sail around the world. – Not sure. But it’ll be a good day. – [Narrator] Immunotherapies that train your body’s healthy cells to seek and destroy cancer cells. – Order the lobster. – [Narrator] Advanced radiation therapies that target cancerous […]

Match Day 2019 at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine

(upbeat music) – My name is Jon Morris. I’m the associate Dean for Student Affairs at the Perelman School of Medicine and we are thrilled to welcome you to Match Day 2019! (audience applauds) – I’m feeling really excited but also I think it’s hard to know how I’m feeling. So it’s just been so much emotion and […]

Saving Lives with ECMO: The Lung Rescue Program at Penn Medicine

I woke up and I felt like I had been stabbed in the back. They told me that I had pneumonia. My lungs weren’t functioning properly, it was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. The chance of surviving was the percentage of being struck by lightning. The doctors had done pretty much everything that they could. Your life can […]

Delivering Medicine Through Lettuce, World Altering Medical Advancements

– [Voiceover] What if someone said to you that plants could help cure Type 1 diabetes or be used to create a vaccine against anthrax? Here at Penn, Professor Henry Daniell, his team and a new high-tech greenhouse are now making what seems like science fiction into a reality. – At Penn, we have developed a new concept […]