Buried Treasure: Antibiotics and Other Life-Saving Drugs from the Ocean

The ocean’s are our last great frontier for medical work and that’s why we’re investing now. We work in infectious diseases particularly with drug-resistant pathogens like Mersa and more recently we began working in neurodegenerative diseases, looking at possible treatments of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and so on. Most of our work involves microscopic organisms. Our sampling involves traveling […]

Managing Parkinson’s disease with medications | Nervous system diseases | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

– [Voiceover] So our friend here has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and we need to figure out what kind of medications we can give him to help manage the symptoms that he’s experiencing. Now you might have noticed there that I said manage instead of treat, and you might reasonably be thinking well wouldn’t you want […]


I am CA. Kailash Mantry. I am a life coach and mental health consultancy. Since the last 25 years, we have researched more than 50 diseasesandcured without medicinelike a Migraine, Epilepsy, Depression, Insomnia, Schizophrenia, Arthritis, Alzheimer,Parkinson, Drug Addict, Alcoholic like such disease there is no treatment in medical science, and this disease is 100% curable without medicine. Today […]