Prescription Drug Abuse Public Service Announcement – Miami

The death toll from prescription painkillers has tripled in the past decade. And the problem is getting worse. Over 16,000 people die every year from prescription painkiller overdoses—that’s more than the number of overdoses from heroin, cocaine, or any other illegal drug. My name is Wifredo Ferrer and I am the United States Attorney for the Southern District […]

Prevent an Overdose, Save a Life (Naloxone by Intra-Muscular Injection)

Naloxone saved my life. Because I’ve OD’d years ago and I thought my stomach was pumped out, but now I know today that it was naloxone that I was given. Narcan saves lives, it’s not just a little cliche, it’s a fact. Not only my life but I’ve seen it save the lives of others. Naloxone is also […]

Medication Treatment of OUD, including Use of Evidence-based Treatment Guidelines for OUD

NARRATOR: Okay, so, as you know these are fairly short talks. So I’m gonna move kind of quickly, but we’ll have some time for questions at the end. I’m gonna talk about the medications that are approved for treatment of opioid use disorder, and I have no financial conflicts of interest to disclose. So, as you probably know […]

Ming-Chih Kao, PhD, MD on Medications & Back Pain

Earned his doctoral degree in computational biology and biostatistics at Harvard University. After graduate school, he continued to research at NIH and earned an MD at the University of Michigan. He has an unusual experience as a primary care physician in San Francisco. There, the complexities of chronic pain, its diagnosis, and its management led him to pursue […]

Keep Your Family Safe From Unused Opioid Pain Medicines (60 Secs)

Some things in your medicine cabinet are more dangerous than others. When it comes to prescription drugs, opioid pain medicines can be addictive and even deadly. Keeping unused opioid medicines in your home is risky. Half of the people who misuse prescription pain medicines get them from a friend or family member. Over 100 Americans die every day […]

Medication & Arthritis

Hello I’m Wendy Holden and I’m a consultant rheumatologist and medical advisor to Arthritis Action. People with arthritis can sometimes manage their symptoms without any medication at all but most people will have either tried over-the-counter medicines or have been prescribed medicines to help with the pain and stiffness of arthritis at some time there are many different […]