PACCARB 11th Public Mtg, Day 1 Pt 4: PANEL 3: Antibiotics, Therapeutics, & Alternatives

>>Lonnie King: So, for our next panel, we’re going to continue to focus on innovation and also antibiotics therapeutics and alternatives. So, we have four panelists, and thank you for being with us. So, we’re going to start the discussion with Discovery of Veterinary Spectrum Specific Agents and the Need for Innovation in Animal Health. We’re very pleased […]

PACCARB Meeting Part 12: One Health & Antibiotic Resistance

>>Jay’s comments as an introduction are very good. So we appreciate it. But let’s get started, I will take nine minutes to give an introduction to this topic. Probably a little different way to look at it but coalesces your ideas how to think about that and then drill down into more specific strategies as well bring our […]

Minnesota One Health Antibiotic Stewardship Collaborative

Antibiotics are not used in just humans. They’re used in animals as well. And in Minnesota, professionals in human health, animal health and environmental health are all coming together. And we’re realizing that it’s important to address all of this because we’re all in this together. And if we take care of the Earth and our animals and […]

Global One Health: Antibiotic resistance, how does it work?

‘Antibiotic resistance’ ‘How does it work? ‘ My name is Marjon de Vos and I’m researching antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria become immune to antibiotics. Antibiotics are prescribed against bacterial infections. When bacteria are antibiotic-resistant, they have become immune… and the antibiotics will no longer cure or prevent an infection. Luckily, we have few problems in […]

PACCARB 9th Public Meeting Part 3: Vet Antibiotic Prescribing Behavior & Plant Disease & Control

>>Michael Apley: This morning we have one member, Dr. Scott, with some travel issues, so we are going to have him join us via phone. And we will start out with Dr. Morley, and along with Dr. Fowler — they’re going to discuss more on prescriber behavior, but this time about private practitioners. Dr. Morley is on the […]

Antibiotic Awareness (for patients)

Antibiotics are a class of medications that either kill bacteria or stop them from multiplying and making copies of themselves. So either way they help treat bacterial infections. It’s important to use antibiotics when we know that we’re dealing with a bacterial infection. So for example strep throat. We know that that’s caused by a particular kind of […]