Cartel Boss Retaliates with Murder (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Part 3/7)

ERICA HILL: Two more Americans dead as a result of the violence in Mexico. Those victims gunned down this week by drug cartel killers. MALE REPORTER: We’ve done a lot of stories about polygamy and a lot of stories about Mexican drug cartel violence. But we never imagined the two topics would mesh like this in a very […]

Border Patrol With China’s Toughest Drug Squad | Part 1

We’re told China’s off the boil – well here’s a trade that’s going absolute gang-busters. “She’s successfully brought drugs across the border before and this is the second time she’s done it”. The drug trade – flooding in to propel China’s party scene and chasing all that new money. Methamphetamine, ecstasy, heroin – tons of it, as drug […]

Uh oh..SIHA is afraid of injection. [The Return of Superman/2018.09.09]

What do you think this place is, Siha? It’s a salon where people cut hair. (Getting shocked) How do you know so well? Have you ever changed your hairstyle, Siha? (Shaking his head) Siha always had a head full of hair since birth. Taegyu began cutting his hair himself. He has maintained a bowl cut for four years. […]

Drug Pricing | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

All right, I have a secret. Okay? Tonight, I promise… I’m not gonna beef  with any foreign government. Okay? Instead, I want to talk about something  that’s killing people in my own country. Drug pricing. In America, prescription drug prices are skyrocketing, and politicians on both sides of the aisle have made drug pricing an urgent priority. America […]

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