The bronchial tree | Advanced respiratory system physiology | Health & Medicine | Khan Academy

So here’s a little person, and I’ve drawn their face, and you can see in blue at the bottom I’ve drawn their voice box, and I’m going to show you exactly what happens when you draw a little molecule like this of oxygen and to follow it along it’s journey. So it’s going to be breathed in either […]

Home Remedy to cure Stammering/Stuttering II हकलाने का घरेलु इलाज

Welcome to Health care at Home We have a viewer Mr. Nikhil Chawla He has mailed us that he i suffering due to stammering problem Stammering means stuttering, and because of this he has a low self esteem He gets inferiority complex in office meeting and social gatherings he feels very low in confidence to attend these meetings […]

Aphthous ulcers (canker sores) – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

Aphthous ulcers, often called canker sores, are painful inflammatory lesions or spots on the inside of the mouth. Most often, people develop minor aphthous ulcers, which is where the lesions are a few millimeters across, round or oval in shape, and disappear within a week. There are also two other unusual variations, however, major aphthous ulcers and herpetiform […]

Cure “Cervical Spondylosis” with Home Remedies II घरेलु उपचार “सर्वाइकल स्पोन्डयलोसिस” का II

Welcome to health care at home Today we will talk about cervical spondylosis. Let us know first why cervical spondylosis. happen? It happens due to excessive stress on your neck muscle. Those who sit in bad posture or work on laptop without resting neck Their spinal cord is neither straight or bend or if they don’t sit in […]