A new platform for combinatorial drug discovery to combat antibiotic resistance

Antibiotics were first discovered and deployed more than 75 years ago. But development of new antibiotics largely stalled by the 1980s, and over the past 30 years a disturbing trend has emerged. According to the World Health Organization more than a 1/4 of healthcare associated infections in long term acute settings exhibit some form of antibiotic resistance. This […]

Robert Weinberg On Cancer Prevention And Cures

Cancer is a complicated disease. Our bodies are built of 200 million, billion cells, an extraordinarily large number. And each is kept under control by one or another mechanism, but once in a while one of these cells goes renegade and starts proliferating inappropriately. And soon it has thousands and then millions and then billions of descendants that […]

Career advice from the “Edison of medicine” | MIT’s Robert Langer

I do advise my students to be broad and open-minded in their thinking when it comes to careers. I mean basically what you want is somebody to have a great career and to be happy; and so my advice to students is to don’t do what’s going to make you the most money or the most security, but […]