Fresh Wrap Ep 03: Food as Medicine: NNEdPro IANE membership pathway

MELISSA ADAMSKI: Here at Monash University we’re proud to announce that our suite of “Food as Medicine” courses is now recognised as a pathway for application to the NNedPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health’s new International Academy for Nutrition Educators, or IANE. So NNedPro has partnered with us here at Monash University, also SNEB, who are the […]

Food As Medicine: Feedback with Melissa – Week 2 – Nov 2019

MELISSA ADAMSKI: Hi everyone and welcome to our week two feedback video for “Food as Medicine”. It’s great to see everyone jumping into the content for week two, and really enjoying our body systems approach to food as medicine. The first thing I would like to say though is thanks for all your feedback from the week one […]

Heart murmur sounds (cardiac auscultation sounds)

[Lyt til hver hjerteklap, mens du føler over halspulsåren] James, nu vil jeg lytte til brystet og føle pulsen i halsen samtidigt. OK? [At identificere den første hjerterytme, følg halspulsåren mens du lytter] [mitral-klapper – femte interkostale mellemrum langs midtklavikulærlinjen] [tricuspidal-klapper – fjerde interkostale mellemrum ved brystbenets venstre kant] [pulmonal-klappen – andet interkostale mellemrum ved brystbenets venstre kant] […]

Food As Medicine: Feedback with Melissa – Week 1 – July 2019

MELISSA ADAMSKI: Hi everyone, and welcome to our feedback video for week 1 of Food as Medicine. I’m Melissa, your course mentor, and it’s great to see everyone jumping in and starting to discuss the exciting information that we have around Food as Medicine in week 1. So we’ve got a lot of engagement going on, with thousands […]

Kelly Clarkson – Medicine (José Audisio Cover) – NBC “THE VOICE” COLLABORATION

What’s up guys! This is my cover of “Medicine” by Kelly Clarkson, from her new album (it’s amazing) and Kelly is a new coach on this upcoming season of The Voice, it premieres on February 26th. It’s the biggest singing competition show on television, so make sure you guys watch it and hope you enjoy my cover.

Everything is designed for this man, even drugs

This is reference man. He’s a white, 30-year-old, male who weighs about 155 pounds. And he decides how we live. For decades, industries have considered this the standard human. And designed the world around him. Everything from air conditioning in offices, to cars, even military equipment. But there are other ways we use reference man, that aren’t so […]

My child is going for a Renal Scan (Nuclear Medicine test) in hospital

Hi, I’m Karen and today Scarlett and I are going to show you what happens, when your child needs to come to hospital for a DMSA renal scan. Hi Scarlett, I’m Shona. You’re here today so that we can show you what we do for a DMSA scan. Why would anyone need a test like this? Sometimes when […]

Gary Slutkin: Let’s treat violence like a contagious disease

I’m a physician trained in infectious diseases, and following my training, I moved to Somalia from San Francisco. And my goodbye greeting from the chief of infectious diseases at San Francisco General was, “Gary, this is the biggest mistake you’ll ever make.” But I landed in a refugee situation that had a million refugees in 40 camps, and […]

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