“Intro to the Treatment of Pain with Opioid Medications” by Dr. Charles Berde, for OPENPediatrics

Introduction to Treatment of Pain with Opioid Medication, by Dr. Charles Berde. I’m Dr. Charles Berde, and I am Director of the Division of Pain Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital. Overview. In this lecture, we’re going to discuss some general considerations regarding clinical approach to patients with pain, regarding development of pain perception, and trade-offs with the use […]

U-M Kidney Transplant Recipient – Medication (6 of 7)

[ Silence ]>>Your immune system protects you by fighting infections and foreign bodies. Your immune system will recognize a newly transplanted organ as a foreign body and will fight against it. Medications called immunosuppressive drugs are used to prevent your body from rejecting your newly transplanted organ. You will need to take immunosuppressive medications for your lifetime. These […]

What are the major types of medications for MDD?

So, in major depressive disorder that is mild we often don’t start an antidepressant because we know that the best treatment long-term of a milder form of major depressive disorder is going to be psychotherapy, and engaging with a therapist and learning how to problem solve, and learning how to effectively deal with one’s stressors, changing lifestyle, that […]

How does a therapist decide which medication [for PTSD] is right for which patient?

So the question is: “How do you decide what’s the best medicine for which patient?” My overarching statement about medications is that medications work for many people, they’re readily available, there are many knowledgable, prescribing physicians, psychiatrists and primary care docs in particular, who know the literature and know that these medications work. The two medications that have […]

Are Medications Safe When Breastfeeding?

– So there are very few medications that are unsafe for breastfeeding. We usually have moms refer to a website called the Infant Risk Center. There are some antipsychotic medications that might not be safe, antiseizure medications but for the most part, most medications are safe. The benefit of taking the medication usually outweighs the risk of breastfeeding […]

Nursing Home Initiative on Behavioral Health & Antipsychotic Medication Reduction

{music} (Dr. Patrick Conway): Good afternoon and welcome to the introductory event for CMS’ National Initiative to Improve Behavioral Health and Reduce the Use of Antipsychotic Medications in Nursing Home Residents. I’m Dr. Patrick Conway, Chief Medical Officer for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and Director of the Office of Clinical Standards and Quality. CMS […]